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  1. Wow! I had no idea. Just googled more info about it; definitely sounds suspicious. Thanks for the alert. Do you know of any other unflavored ones that are legitimate?
  2. Anthropose


    Anyone have their hirsutism resolve?
  3. Hey Kjan, I tried the GENEPRO, and it's working well. I mixed it into some diluted, sugar-free crystal lite, and I can't taste anything. I figured the amount of sucralose in my diluted crystal lite is unlikely to be greater than the amounts found in those sweet shakes. I'm also about to order some samplers from Unjury, as recommended by others. Did you have any problems with the protein powder becoming de-natured in your hot coffee?
  4. Anthropose


    I too am interested in this. I got sleeved 8 days ago, and there's definitely no change yet. But I also am expecting it to take months before I see an improvement in my symptoms.
  5. Hi Everyone, This is my first posting here. Just had my sleeve on July 24. I've been told to supplement my diet with protein shakes, but I've tried a number of my surgeon-approved ones and they are soooooo sweet. So sweet, in fact, that they make me gag. I drink other liquids, like broth, just fine, so this is purely a preference issue (and a hold-over from pre-surgery days). Does anyone know of any pre-made 20g+ protein shakes that are less sweet? I've currently tried every flavor option of Premier Protein, and it's getting expensive to buy packs of them only to end up wasting them.

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