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  1. ByronLV

    January 2019 sleevers

    Sleeve done on Jan 8th here. Down 28 lb since surgery, and 73 lb total since I started the journey around Aug 1st. Don't regret the decision at all, but have had a few challenges. Reflux started on day 2 or 3 post-op -- none prior to surgery. Started taking omeprazole OTC and has improved greatly. My surgeon just told me that I could try to stop taking it anytime I wanted, but if reflux continued just to go back on it and try again in a few weeks. The other thing I've learned is not to eat or drink anything at least 30 minutes prior to going to bed.
  2. ByronLV

    What's for dinner?

    For meat, I like the fact that if you cook a piece of fish or steak at a certain temperature, that it's cooked evenly throughout to that temperature. For chicken and steak, you need to seer it after it cooks because it looks a little pale, but the fish is great right out of the sous vide. The fish is very moist and flakey. I love the egg bites in the sous vide. If you have ever had the Starbucks egg bites, you can make them yourself and decide exactly what you want in them. You can make them up on the weekend and eat them for the week. Or, this past weekend I tried cooking them, freezing them, and then vacuum packing them for the freezer so they will be ready for the weeks when you don't have time to cook them.
  3. ByronLV

    What's for dinner?

    Enjoying cooking more sous vide this weekend. Made egg bites yesterday morning for breakfast. Made halibut and mahi mahi for dinner tonight with plenty left over for the next few days. Having some tri-color quinoa (not sous vide) on the side. Did salmon last weekend. The fish turns out so soft and moist in the sous vide.
  4. ByronLV

    January 2019

    Had my sleeve surgery on 01-08. I’m down 8 lbs since surgery and 53 lbs from HW. Day 3 post-op before I felt a little normal, but Day 4 post-op was much better. I was able to get over 95 oz of fluid and 109 g of protein. My goal from NUT is 90/90. Still taking meds for gastric spasm and PPI for now, but was able to cut BP med in half right before surgery. Expect to be off BP med by end of month. Will take advantage of working from home next week before returning to the office on 21st.
  5. ByronLV

    Surgery tomorrow!!!

    Day 3 post-op and finally feeling more human. Started on a PPI yesterday that's helped a lot with the heartburn. Was able to get my morning protein shake down without issues (11 oz in 1.75 hours). Extended my walk this morning without issue. And best of all ... I was able to take a shower ... felt fantastic. EDIT ... and officially reached the 200's for the first time in a while ... weight at surgery 305.
  6. ByronLV

    Surgery tomorrow!!!

    Ended up getting discharged a little after 10am yesterday. I got home and was completely exhausted. Walked a couple of times, but slept the majority of the time until early this morning. So now trying to figure out what I still like. Everything sweet flavored tastes like salt -- orange jello, flavored greek yogurt -- can't really stand the taste. So working on a plain vanilla shake and hot tea this morning. Haven't used any pain meds at all, but was having some burning reflux pain through the night. Hoping for improvements throughout the day as I increase intake.
  7. ByronLV

    Surgery tomorrow!!!

    Mel and Jdy how did your surgeries go? I was out of recovery and in my room by 11:45am, and then taking my first walk by 12:30pm. I’m taking water, ice, tea, and Jello without issues. Took my first pain medication by mouth this evening. Did find out ice cold water for swallowing pills is a little painful — warm water works much better for me. They indicated I should be discharged by about 10:00am provided I can get 4oz of protein shake down within 1 hour — and keep it down.
  8. ByronLV

    Surgery tomorrow!!!

    Same to both of you.
  9. ByronLV

    Surgery tomorrow!!!

    Today is my 14th day of pre-op liquid diet. Actually by now managing fairly well.
  10. ByronLV

    Surgery tomorrow!!!

    HavIng my sleeve surgery tomorrow!
  11. ByronLV

    JAN sleevers

    From the web site (haven’t found where to do it from mobile app) select the drop down near your name upper right and fill in info for surgery and then create new ticker.
  12. ByronLV

    JAN sleevers

    I’m on day 12 of all liquid diet - started on Xmas day. Down 15 lb from liquid diet as of this morning. Planning for one night in the hospital also.
  13. ByronLV

    JAN sleevers

    My surgery is scheduled for Tues 01-08 with Dr Leduc in Las Vegas at SWCC. Getting a little anxious but so ready to go!
  14. ByronLV

    January Guys

    Any other guys having surgery soon? My surgery day is rapidly approaching and I am ready to move to the next phase. Just ending my 10th day of pre-op liquid diet -- down 13 pounds in 10 days and 42 pounds since starting this journey in late July. Have been free of soda, caffeine and alcohol since Dec 1st.
  15. ByronLV

    Insurance Finally Verified...have a question

    That sounds like it would be correct. I know they are collecting my OOP just before surgery.