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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from jms734 in 1990 RNY revision at age 73   
    Thank you for posting about your journey. I suspect my friend had a similar procedure 30 years ago but she refuses to look at a revision. I have tons of positive thoughts for you and this next part of your life! I’m 62 and my RNY is on 10/25. I can’t wait for the next part of my life to start!
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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from StratusPhr in Any 45+ year old women on here with gastric bypass experience?   
    sugar free ice pops, chicken broth helps too. There’s a clear Protein Drink that’s 20 grams of Protein i had to Water it down it’s super sweet to me. You can make your own broth with chicken and veggies too, just strain it.

    I’m better, but it wasn’t fun in the beginning. Things still don’t taste right to me but today I was so happy to finally drink a whole cup of coffee. I didn’t have to drink Decaf after I went to full liquids. I actually like Peets decaf it helped me that week I had to. Once I started eating more food I wasn’t as tired anymore, thank goodness. I would sit and just fall asleep like I had narcolepsy. 😂😂.

    You can’t drink Premier Protein? I hated whey protein though and I used to like it. I want to try it in the blender with Peanut Butter powder and half a banana. Someone know said it’s good so I’ll give it a shot.

    Every day is better. Just remember sip sip sip and keep moving. I felt almost normal by The end of the fourth week. I had 16 here for Thanksgiving, too!
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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from StratusPhr in Any 45+ year old women on here with gastric bypass experience?   
    I’m 62 and will be having bypass surgery on 10/25. I’m so happy for this next chapter to begin.
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    terigetshealthy reacted to terigetshealthy in Any 45+ year old women on here with gastric bypass experience?   
    Thank you! I’m hope I’m like you!
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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from StratusPhr in Any 45+ year old women on here with gastric bypass experience?   
    I know not sure if what I had was dumping (I’ve had the “foamies”) but I get it with leftover meats (chicken, roasted pork) I think because the meat dries. I thought I chewed enough but it sat in my chest like a brick and all of a sudden, I started burping and up the foamy mucus came. It’s nothing like regular vomiting. I now reheat with a little broth and that seems to help.
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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from oldandtired in Any 45+ year old women on here with gastric bypass experience?   
    Honestly, it was rough in the beginning — constipation and really bad gas pains (nothing from the surgery). Once I got that figured out and passed the two week mark it got better every day. And when I added more foods and being able to walk a little and not being tired all the time, it’s been a blessing. Good luck to l look forward to hearing your progress! And message me if you want. 💗
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    terigetshealthy reacted to terigetshealthy in Any 45+ year old women on here with gastric bypass experience?   
    Thank you! I’m hope I’m like you!
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    terigetshealthy reacted to shimmycoop in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    Yeah I started soft foods a couple of days earlier than my group class and I was struggling because I was trying to eat and drink. Now I know to set a 30 minute timer. It’s crazy how the food just goes down on its own and before we used to drink it down.
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    terigetshealthy reacted to shimmycoop in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    Oops this is a gastric bypass post. Sorry still a new member…
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    terigetshealthy reacted to sara.borne in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    Awesome. Yea im thinking the same, since I haven't gained anything. I hope mines over soon though lol
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    terigetshealthy reacted to Chappers in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    2 weeks roughly
    Back on track now but my size is shrinking.
    I've put in my head that as long as I don't gain I am going the right way

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    terigetshealthy reacted to EsojLabina in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    Omg 50 pound in nearly 2 months that is awesome I lost 40 pounds until now post up 1 month. I feels greats.
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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from EsojLabina in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    That’s awesome I’m so happy. I know thr first three weeks were rough. I progressed to soft/solids and I feel so much better, too!
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    terigetshealthy reacted to Lisa LoVuolo in food   
    Thank you

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    terigetshealthy reacted to huskymama in Sugar substitute   
    I’ve used Monk Fruit for years love it sometimes you can find it at costco and it’s a great price if you can!
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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from huskymama in Sugar substitute   
    I’m not a fan. I just ordered Monkfruit I heard good things about it.
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    terigetshealthy reacted to Lisa LoVuolo in food   
    I am going to try this

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    terigetshealthy got a reaction from Lisa LoVuolo in food   
    I’ll be 1 mo post op and my nutritionist said to take a teaspoon of whatever I want from the table, put it on my plate, and start with the Protein. Im sure I won’t get through it all but just being able to taste if I want to will help. I’m making a sugar free pumpkin cheesecake too and hope to be able to have a bite of that too. Im not much of a sweet eater but I do miss it at the holidays. I copied this picture that someone posted on FB and I think it will work for me.

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    terigetshealthy reacted to blackcatsandbaddecisions in Insurance Through Postop   
    Me at 7 months

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    terigetshealthy reacted to EsojLabina in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    Yes 🙌 setting a timer ⏱ for 3:30 after each bite. I feel much better today. Not sure but my pain went away like magic. All I have now is more of sore muscles in my abdomen section. Other that still learning the since last of being full. Thank you for sharing and your advice. How are you doing postop????
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    terigetshealthy reacted to dm80 in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    Hi everyone ! Just so happy bc I’m in ONEderland! Yay! I’m so grateful that I was approved for this surgery. I had posted my date was 10/19, since then I lost 31 lbs. No regrets, should have done this sooner! Only new challenge is learning to eat verrrry slowly since I started soft foods. Love this site, I’ve learned so much from you all! 😊
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    terigetshealthy reacted to Mammysm in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    October 25th ..Sadi Surgery?was suppose to have the Sadi but unfortunately I couldn't get it done. There were too many adhesions, I knew that there was a possibility òf this happening or not happening. Ì was disappointed ofcourse. My doctor did remove alot of adhesions in the abdomen. Abdomen is quite sore and bruisec..I go back to my Dr. On Tues. the 14th and will see what he will have to say..I do however still have the sleeve, which I "think" is fine..when talking to my husband after surgery, my husband didn't quite get the information correct...and I wasn't talked to, if I was idon't remember. Anyhow thats my story of my day of surgery...2 weeks of liquid diet. For nothing...oh well I lived through it. Maybe the future will be better.
    Hope they don't want me to go to Nutritionist again and the trainer...I have all that info...just another loop hole. Donna Smith
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    terigetshealthy reacted to Astonishing Mr J in Scrambled "Egg" w/ Sausage Gravy - Puree Stage   
    Hi All

    I am a chef by profession and feel that though I am going through the same as most (currently in puree stage) I refuse to give up my desire to eat well and be creative.
    My weight loss is going great and I have been keeping the diet prescribed to me by my physician. I have, however, stretched my creative muscles to incorporate flavors I like into my day. This is one of my more successful ones. I am also trying to eat more vegetarian and vegan and this was a good place for that as I use Just egg and vegetarian sausage. If I had cashew yogurt I would have used that instead.
    208 calories / 15 carbs / 12g Protein (vegetarian) should yield 1/4 cup. If more only eat what you are prescribed.
    1 Morning Star Farm vegetarian Sausage Link
    1/2 cup Oat Milk
    1 ts Low-fat Greek Yogurt (plain)
    1/4 ts rubbed sage
    1/4 ts garlic powder
    1/4 ts dried chives (optional)
    Ground black pepper
    1 ts corn starch disolved in 1 ts of Water
    1 egg or 3Tbl. Just Egg
    Over medium heat.
    Cut up one sausage link and, in a small pan sprayed with cooking spray, sauté until lightly browned.
    Add Oat Milk, yogurt, sage, garlic powder and chives if you are using and stir until the yogurt dissolves and the gravy starts to simmer. Let it start to cook down a bit.

    Stir the cornstarch and water slurry well to make sure it is fully dissolved and add it to the gravy.
    Bring up the heat and stir till thickened to the consistency you wish. If too thick, add some water.
    Remove from the pan and put the gravy into a small food processor. Blitz until smooth and the sausage is well incorporated.
    Make your egg or egg substitute scrambled fine so it meets puree standards and serve with the gravy on top.
    Though you are using about 1/2 cup of milk and such, out leaving you with approximately 1/4 cup of sausage gravy.
    This is decadent, has the flavors you want, has a good amount of protein and meets the requirements.

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    terigetshealthy reacted to cori314 in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    I had mine done the same day!! Recovery has been pretty good for me as well. Worse part was the gas pain and disrupted sleep from sleeping on my back.
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    terigetshealthy reacted to Shrinkingvee in Any October 2021 Surgeries?   
    You are spot on with what you say, I’m 3 weeks post op and it’s been the toughest journey I’ve ever walked and I’ve been up and down throughout these 3 weeks.
    it’s not easy.
    I know it will get easier but I’ve been down every other day as apparently with fat loss your estrogen levels rise and that causes feeling down so that sucks.
    Im still finding it hard to get my Fluid intake in and in turn now today have a Migraine probably due to dehydration.
    im eating soft food and cracker crisp bread with a little cheese or chicken with avocado or yeast extract.
    Ive gone off eggs, that’s a shame.
    my sense of smell and taste seems so different, I don’t know if anyone else’s has changed?
    I’ve lost a total of 17lbs since my op and lost 16 with pre op diet.
    I feel like it’s slow this week like a quarter of a pound but I’ve been told there is a 3 week stall.
    I’m really fed up with the down days.
    Ive not gone back to work yet.
    Took another week off.
    Im really struggling today.
    I’m sorry to be so negative but when I read your insert and though you are so right, people need to know complications can arise as issues and to know you will need support.

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