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  1. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    New Episodes of Bariatric Strong

    Michael, I just started following your channel and I like what I see! I, too, am building a new life through fitness (I'm 14 months post gastric bypass) I'm currently in school to become a personal trainer and I graduate in March. I just trained my 1st client this weekend. I'd be super-interested in picking your brain about a few things if you're interested. Please pm me if that's something you might have time for. Either way, keep up the great work, power-lifting looks like a blast!
  2. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Triathlon done!!!!! Woo hoo!

    That soundz amazing! Thank you for going over the details, especially the nutrition; super helpful. I had never considered training for a triathlon but I just might do that.
  3. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Triathlon done!!!!! Woo hoo!

    Aaaaah! This is so fantastic. Very, very cool. What was your training regimen like to prepare for this? So curious about all the different types of training people are doing!
  4. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Power lifters, bodybuilders, strength trainers, OCR runners!!!

    Yes! This is what I'm looking for!!!! I'm 14 mo post op, just started school for personal training. It's a 450 hour program that is kicking my butt and I'm loving it ❤️ Well, maybe not some of the 2-a-day workouts, ha! Feeling strong today, still dropping sizes like crazy and building tons of muscle mass. I love challenging myself and seeing what my new body can do. Looking forward to teaching clients how to change their life through fitness in a body positive way regardless of where they are starting. Us pre &post op peeps need representation! Love seeing everyone's ideas! Great thread!
  5. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Butt flap - Anyone have?

    Yes, I also have this butt flap and am finding good luck reducing it with exercise. I don't mind it terribly but I'm on a muscle building track and have noticed it getting less obvious. My darling daughter "brought it to my attention" this summer by pinching it and asking me what it was🤦‍♀️😄 A variety of squats will strengthen and tone the area but don't underestimate the power of focusing on the hamstrings as well. There are so many sites to get exercise ideas but I really like muscleandstrength.com because I'm a stickler for focusing on form!
  6. Wow! It sounds like you have had some real personal growth over the last several months of this journey. I'd love to see you congratulate yourself for all that hard work. ❤️ None of it is easy but the mental toughness it takes to get through is by far more difficult than the physical. You are on the right track!
  7. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    BYPASS PEOPLE would like to see some weight loss stats???

    Hi! I'm currently 14 mo post op. Starting weight: 321 3mo post op: 246 6mo post op Currently 180. But I'm in personal trainer school, working out 8-10 times a week and packing on some muscle. Ive gone down 2 sizes without losing a single pound. Don't forget how important those other stats and progress pics are! I'm so excited for you!!!❤
  8. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Face to Face Friday!

    Heres an update... 12 months out exactly!
  9. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

    Haha, true!
  10. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

    UPDATE I'm actually wearing my suit in public. I was embarrassed the first couple of times but now, I'm good. If anyone wants to silently judge my body from afar, they can go for it. I know what it's been through and I know what it can do. That's all the confidence I need. Have an amazing summer! We ALL deserve it no matter what our bodies look like 🤗
  11. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

    Wow! These suits look great on you. I love all of them. The black one is really cool but I'm also really liking the shorts. They look cute and sporty! I might get one like that this summer, too!
  12. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

    You look amazing in that suit - GOALS for sure! Yes, that is TX, my first home and where my babies were born!
  13. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

    So fabulous, OMG! 😍
  14. Naughty Glitter Goddess

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

  15. In an effort to embrace reality and with a healthy dose of encouragement from “Shrill”, I decided I’m wearing a bikini this summer. Stretch marks, scars, loose skin and all. All of these bathing suits are at Target. I bought the red one in a smaller size. STATS: I’m 202lbs. I’m 7 months post gastric bypass and I’ve lost 119 lbs. My goal weight is 145. Yes, I plan to have plastic surgery down the road but that won’t fix my brain so I’ve been working on that for now. Don’t leave me hanging -- PLEASE POST YOUR BATHING SUIT OPTIONS FOR SUMMER!