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  1. Still having burning/ripping pain to the left of my belly button when I move wrong/laugh. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Came across your post. This is exactly what I’m going through. Dr said it was normal, but doesn’t happen to everyone. Has it subsided for you? I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate this. It gets unbearable when I move the wrong way.
  3. Yes! Like apple cider vinegar. Had my first bm today. 4 days and a few hours post op. Dropped right at 10lbs so far. It was an ....interesting..... bm experience.
  4. 2oz in 15 minutes. Ok that makes more sense. I thought they meant per meal. Like only have 2oz of your protein shake for breakfast. Basically just spread it out over a longer time period
  5. jmccarty

    99.2 low grade temp.

    I had a low grade fever as well the first two days. Dr said it was normal. Your body underwent a major operation. Low grade fever is your immune system doing it’s job. As long as it doesn’t get high and you keep pushing fluids, you’ll be fine.
  6. So I am confused. My plan says no more than 2-5oz of liquid at a time, but I need to get at least 64 ounces of liquids down including my 45-60 grams of protein. How do I only have 2 ounces at a time but also meet my goals? Anyone else having this confusion?
  7. Day 3 post surgery. Feeling pretty good. Having pain to the left of my belly button, about 2 inches below the big incision. Feels like a burning/searing pain when I engage my stomach muscles. Trying to take it easy. Focusing on liquids and protein. Started on full liquids this morning. The premier caramel tasted like the best thing in the world after all that broth. Question for all the post sleevers, how much do you aim to walk each day? I’m trying g to get up at least once an hour for at least 10 minutes. I live on the third floor, so walking outside right now isn’t an option.
  8. Haven’t packed my bag yet. Kinda putting it off lol. Need to do it soon. Got to be at the hospital at 8am. Surgery at 10am
  9. jmccarty

    Fighting the Negativity

    Thank you. Really. It’s so upsetting hearing those things. I just have to remind myself why I chose to do this. I want to get healthy. I want a better life. I want to be happy with what I see in the mirror.
  10. jmccarty

    Talk to me! I'm new :)

    When I had my bypass on June 28th it was the very first surgery I had ever had in life. Indeed a big deal! But you will get through it. You’ve got this! Congrats! My sleeve in 2 weeks will be my first surgery as well. My fear is of being put under. But it's gonna be so worth it!
  11. jmccarty

    Fighting the Negativity

    It's just hard to listen to. She gives "her reasons" as to why I'm heavy. Why I haven't lost weight. Hearing that makes feeling good about having surgery almost impossible. Makes me (temporarily) wonder if something is wrong with me.
  12. So, I've been very selective with whom I have told about my upcoming surgery. Just close friends and family. Most of them gave their encouragements and support. However, one work friend I told (who I thought would be sympathetic seeing as how she is very large and understands what it's like) was very much against me having surgery. Actually against VSG or other WLS in general. Something about her sister having gained all her weight back from bypass (or something to that affect). She keeps telling me I just need to get some willpower and work hard. Sends me diets and workout routines on FB. Doesn't she realize that if all it took was willpower and hard work that I would already be fit and thin; those things just haven't worked for me. How have you dealt with bad reactions/negativity you received when people found out about your choice to have VSG?
  13. jmccarty


    Have you tried adding in a protein shake/supplement? Premier Protein has 30 grams of protein in each bottle, 160-180 calories. And they taste pretty darn good too. Helps satisfy my sweet tooth as well.
  14. jmccarty

    Talk to me! I'm new :)

    My surgery is in 2.5 weeks (July 26). I'm so nervous; never had surgery before. Saw the nutritionist today. Apparently the only pre op diet I need to follow is low carb, high protein. What are some things you wish you'd known before surgery?