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  1. 60 pounds in six months. I'm back to the gym (not as consistently as I would like) and i figured out that too many carbs = exhaustion and brain fog. It is pretty nice to find clothes and have them look good on me. 

    1. Biddy zz 🏳️🌈

      Biddy zz 🏳️🌈

      Great update. I had a bypass, and for about 8 months I couldn’t eat any carbs (even protein bars, unless they had below 5g sugar). My carb cravings have returned with a vengeance and I am ‘fairly strict’ but have just notices (like in the last two weeks) that sweet treats make me sort of mooshy in the head! Thanks for validating that!!

  2. mmckimmey

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    I was sleeved on 6/12 and I feel much better about the whole thing. I was sleeved because of an ulcer, so I got the rules after my emergency surgery. Now I'm eating about 1/2 a cup for meals (a little more if I streach the time out) and getting in my protein. I'm not concerned about weight loss (well, it's a nice benefit, but I was perfectly healthy before surgery (except an ulcer, apparently) so I am trying new things, like watered down Gatorade. Everything agrees with me except vitamins! Can't keep them down. I do notice if I wait too long before eating I get very lightheaded. SW 199 CW 178 Ht 5'5 GW ? Favorite meal: Tuna, shredded cheese, spices and an egg mixed up and cooked like patty. Tons of protein!
  3. Not being able to eat and drink as much means I need to track my food and liquid carefully. I was so excited to be able to eat that I didn't think about tracking. I new goal is always good.

  4. On the weekend of June 9th I had some serious back pain, By monday it had spread around my ribs. Tuesday morning the pain was so bad (8/10) that I had my brother take me to the ER. I got an ambulance ride to the nearest major hospital. I had air in my diaphram and they didn't know where it was coming from, so they did an exploratory surgery and found a hole in my stomach from an ulcer. So they did a gastic sleeve so he could cut out the diseased part. I woke up missing oart of my stomach with a HUGE AND TERRIFYING list of rules. I cried. A lot. I wasn't sure I could live this way. So I'm looking for support, product recommendations, pep talks and knowing that life will go on. I didn't need to lose weight and the doctor took as litlle as he could, so I don't know how this changes things for me, but I just needed people who get what this is like.
  5. My surgeon that was on call in the hospital happened to be a bariatric surgeon. They also referred me to their NUT. The problem is 95% of the surgery is for weight loss so they told me they weren't sure how to advise me other than to follow they guidelines for weight loss. My doctor said he's only done a handful of surgeries for other than weight loss, none in the past few years! I'm just happy to be eating again and to have found this forum. It's really been a lifesaver for me. I'm grateful to be eating mushy food.
  6. I'm still around and I thought I should update. The two weeks of liquids was almost the end of me. I had some serious depression, but the closer I got to mushy foods, the better I felt. My plan calls for mushy foods from 2 weeks to 3 months. Getting to eat actual food really boosted me, even if it's only a few bites. So far everything has agreed with me! Everything is healing really well, and I got a PPI because I have major heartburn. SInce the reason for my surgery was a perforated ulcer, I figured an acid reducer was a great idea. I've lost 16 lbs, which I'm calling a bonus, since I wasn't expecting this. If anyone is having any trouble, I'm more than willing to talk about it, it's very hard.
  7. mmckimmey

    regretting my sleeve

    I know this is late, but I had this surgery very unexpectedly and that Istagram feed really gave me hope for the future. If I can do this, as a surprise emergency ulcer removal, not planned weight loss surgery, you can do it. Trust me, I have cried A LOT.