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  1. Hello, I've been dreaming about this day when surgery could finally be an option for me. Ive done lots of research but I'm still unsure. I have three kids I don't want to leave behind and I'm honestly scared to death. My top choice is Dr. Illan with BariatricsPal at the moment, I'm also considering Pompeii Surgical Centre. If everyone could kindly provide their experiences with either company, I'd greatly appreciate it
  2. Im scheduled for VSG on August the 11th. I'm currently breastfeeding my 11 month old. Has anyone been in this situation? This is my third and last baby and I want to nurse him as long as possible. I was thinking I could bring a pump or hand express while I'm away just to keep up my milk production. Was anyone else successful?
  3. My weight loss has been at a halt.... But im getting back on it and will reach 100 down by my surgery anniversary date... possibly even in the 100's. Yes I will and can do it ! 

  4. Hello and Yes! I continued breastfeeding and still currently am
  5. I feel by now I should have lost more weight. I keep letting my head hunger get me... every time. If its not my head hunger then Im drinking my cals in non fat half sweet starbucks drinks. I know I need to nip this in the butt now to be successful long term. How did you all fight head hunger? Also I find myself filling a vent starbucks cup with 1/4 juice, 2 shots vodka or tequila and the rest water = 20 fl. Ill drink two of these cups in the evening.... 40 fl of liquids... counts right?? yeah probably not
  6. I’ve been so positive about getting surgery and changing my life for the better.... Then all of a sudden my fears kicked in at lightning speed. I had a nightmare recently and it was associated to a post I came across on A FB group. Ever since then my thinking about surgery has gone down hill. I’m having anxiety just thinking about the negative “what if’s”. For example- I’ll be traveling alone to get surgery in Mexico, what if that’s the last time I’ll ever get to see my sweet babies again. What if I die and they just dispose of my body, like I was never there. Can someone please talk some sense into me?! I want this more than anything. I know the risk of death or complications are low but the fears are still very real. How did everyone do this? Was it easy for you? Did you have the same fears? What made you overcome these fears? Dr.Illan, maybe you could help guild me and reassure me every will be fine?! What will happen if there is a complication? Will you do everything in your power to make sure I wake up? Thank you 🙏🏼
  7. MizzNewLife

    Any August Sleevers out there?

    Aug 11/2018 HW 326 and Current Weight 260. Could be less haven’t checked in a week plus sick with flu. But I hardly get my water, protein or exercise in. So I probably could of been less by now but I’m just to focused on other aspects of my life. Good luck to all my fellow sit sleevers. We got this!
  8. MizzNewLife

    Head Hunger is REAL!!

    Oh don’t worry I don’t drink every night! Maybe 2/3 times a week. Even then I feel it’s too much. Usually the weekend. Thank you for your concern!
  9. MizzNewLife

    Head Hunger is REAL!!

    Thanks for all your feedback and comments. I guess I just needed other people to tell me what I know in the back of my mind (basically that I’m screwing up and need to get it together) I’m going to try my best to get back on track and stop drinking empty high calorie drinks and sugars. It’s hard I though oh surgery is going to be a breeze I will lose weight and be happy! But my food struggles are still loud and clear. My binge eating still temps me. My emotions still temp me. Everything is the same just my stomach can’t hold all the food anymore.
  10. MizzNewLife

    Gastric Sleeve in TJ - Flight Back

    I had surgery on Saturday and flew home on Tuesday Hope your surgery went well with minimal pain!
  11. MizzNewLife

    Where to go?

    * UPDATE! I ended up going with Dr. Jalil Illan Fraijo @ Bariatric Pal MX Best choice I could have ever done! 6 weeks out VSG
  12. MizzNewLife

    Almost three weeks out, not losing!

    YES ME!! I experienced something very similar! Surgery day Aug.11th 2018 I was 310. Three weeks post op I was down to 292. Then bam up to 296 and bouncing between the two weights for THREE LONG WEEKS! I was so frustrated and upset. I just hit 6 weeks post op yesterday and I'm losing again. I woke up today at 286 I weigh myself every morning and I've just been so happy that I'm losing again. I hope to keep this momentum. I still have worries in the back of my mind but Im just trying to be positive. #trusttheprocess
  13. Thanks! And no worries I know I had a lot of questions before my surgery too. I found him by just searching gastric sleeve Mexico. So many options popped up but he stood out to me. So I did more research and my gut just gravitated towards him. I had an other clinic in mind also but my heart told me to stick with my first choice and I’m so glad I followed my instincts. I arrived the day before surgery stayed in a hotel. But you can also arrive day of surgery. You stay two nights at their hospital and then one night in a hotel, then you go home the following day. They have drivers to pick you up on San Diego to drive over the boarder to MX and drivers to drive you back to the airport in San Diego. (If you arrived by plane). I paid 500 deposit and then 4600 day of surgery. I had to pay an extra 500 because I had a BMI over 49. As for follow up I talked to my family doctor in my city and she is following me. She will do my blood work at 3, 6 and 12 months out? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. Also any surgeon your interested in, try to look them up on Facebook. They normally have a group dedicated to their patients and future patients. My surgeon has dr.illan BariatricPal and also this website has a group BariatricPal on Facebook. Its how I asked questions and read other people’s questions. It’s a great tool!
  14. Hey! My surgery went better then I could have ever wished for! Im about 3.5 weeks out now and i already notice so many changes with myself. I had almost no gas pains, I was just tired and slept a lot. I was expecting major pains and gas but I got next to none or maybe I just have a high pain tolerance?! I had my surgery done at BariatricPal MX with Dr.Illan. He is amazing, and so kind. I couldn't have picked a better surgeon! I have not heard of Monterrey? But BPMX is only maybe 15/20 mins away from the boarder? maybe less? If I had to do it all over again i'd still choose Dr.Illan Im actually saving money now to go back there in 2020! *fingers crossed* They also have a great plastic surgeon, who I met breifly during recovery. Whoever you decide to go with I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery! Its totally worth it!
  15. Yes I feel so silly for ever being so worried! Thank you for your kind words and support!
  16. MizzNewLife

    How often do you weigh in?

    I have a daily ritual of waking up, go to the restroom and then weigh myself. It keeps me motivated and excited to continue working towards my goals :)
  17. MizzNewLife

    Weird notice

    My feet and hands are smaller!!
  18. I make myself throw up because I still can’t control myself. I’ll be full but I’ll take one or two more bites because I hate wasting and then I’m too full it’s uncomfortable. Then I get scared I’ll stretch my tummy out, so I make myself puke. I puke just enough that I’m not overly full. Sometimes I’ll ask keep eating but spit it out instead of swallowing. I’m still early and on purée. I hope I can get this under control soon. I feel bad after and just stick to liquids for the rest of the day. Not a healthy cycle so far.
  19. MizzNewLife

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    Surgery was August 11/18 not 19 :)
  20. MizzNewLife

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    Pre Op weight - 327 / July 21/18 Surgery day weight - 310 / August 11/19 Today August 30/18 - 292 Sleeve
  21. I’m wondering is it normal to be gassy after eating. I’m on purée now and almost everything I try gives me gas. I don’t know how to make myself burp either so it’s just stuck there until I finally burp naturally. Has anyone else experienced this sensation. Is it normal? Thanks you!
  22. MizzNewLife

    3 Week Post Op

    Im just not hungry! I didn't drink or eat anything until 3PM. When I do try to have some puree I'm so full after only 3-4 little scoops on a baby spoon (baby spoon is not full) If I do eat I don't have 6 meals a day, maybe only 1 or 2. Is that normal at this stage? I'm also on a weightless stall, I've been stuck at the same weight for 4 days. I makes me not want to eat or drink anything at all. I have a hard time getting my protein in. I manage 1 premier protein a day. Tell me this is all normal? Will I get into the swing of things soon?
  23. MizzNewLife

    3 Week Post Op

    I guess it doesn’t help that I’m still breastfeeding too! Yeah I guess I just need to try harder to get in my needs. I have to change my mentality. But I also don’t want my tool to go to waste. Ugh the struggle Thanks for all your wonderful insight.
  24. MizzNewLife

    3 weeks post op

    It’s weird I never passed gas or burped much after surgery. I hardly had any gas pains! I felt like I didn’t even have surgery lol. Yeah I think I’ve been eating too fast I’m trying to slow down
  25. MizzNewLife


    Wow your so inspirational! I hope to be as successful as you! Congratulations gorgeous!