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  1. MightyBigBob

    Not complaining but......

    Ok guys, it’s been 10 months & 150 pounds lost so I’m happy thrilled even. My only complaint is I’m wanting sex all the time no really all the time. Let me explain I liked, enjoyed & wanted sex a lot before surgery but now it’s ramped up by 100% it feels like. The slightest thing then I’m trying to hide the bulge In my pants. I’m not complaining but before surgery I never had to hide anything because of the mountain of fat hiding my erections. I’ve gained “access” to about 3 inches & 5x the stamina easily. I’m a widower, currently single but I do have an ex girlfriend who is now more of a friend with benefits situation. She is loving the new me she was the one who encouraged me to have the surgery when others in my friends & family circle didn’t want me to have the surgery. However we can only get together every few weeks & hookers can be expensive (so I’ve been told). I guess what I’m asking is does your body, hormones or whatever calm down after a while.
  2. MightyBigBob

    How long till another surgery

    I am about 2 months away from surgery because of all the insurance hoops that I have to jump through so my questions is... since I have met my deductible & out of pocket how long do I have to wait to have a different surgery. I am wanting to do a vasectomy can I get it done while off the two weeks for my bypass surgery or do I have to wait longer. I really don’t have a lot of vacation time to take off & with my work schedule I would have to take off for the vasectomy as well.