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  1. Hi. I am 7 days post op. I still don’t feel like I got the protein and liquid down yet. I am getting better bit by bit everyday but still struggling. It probably is because of lack of experience. I had an internal bleeding after sleeve surgery. I felt extreme dizziness after the surgery. My blood pressure went up and blood count kept going down, which was the sign of internal bleeding. Thankfully, my doctor was calm and he said I have to be hospitalized a few more days but not to be too alerted. Also I didn’t have to get blood transfusion in the end but I was very close. I am out of hospital for three days now. Just a bit feeling weak overall and not feel as bright as I should feel since I haven’t felt that great after the hospital. I mean I am not pessimistic about the surgery, my decision, or the future result. Just feeling a bit down because if difficulties of meeting the requirements Does anybody share similar feelings?
  2. lse5237

    any June Sleevers??

    Mine is June 5th (2 days left). I am doing my first clear liquid pre-op diet today. I am drinking premier protein for now, but I just ordered Genepro protein shakes too, as I heard that PP can get nauseating post-op from research. Good luck everyone!
  3. I am having surgery in 2 days and today is my first day of pre-op diet (clear liquid diet). My doctor never told me that I have to be on pre-op diet routine. So I am surprised to see all the posts!