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  1. Jessbear345

    June 17 surgery date

    That’s awesome! Congratulations 🎉
  2. Jessbear345

    Medical Alert ID

    Guess I should get mine since I did the bypass then
  3. Jessbear345

    Medical Alert ID

    Just if something was to happen to me they would know as we can’t have certain medications and stuff
  4. Jessbear345

    Medical Alert ID

    I’m thinking I may get one and wear it when I go walking and travel.
  5. Jessbear345

    Everything tastes gross! Help!

    The only way I can drink water is with ice and very cold now. It’s going to be a trial and error to see what your pouch likes now. Just take your time. It took me some time before I found a new protein shake that I liked.
  6. Jessbear345

    November Surgery Peeps!

    You should look the may be one already since the month is almost finished.
  7. Jessbear345

    3rd day post op

    Agreed with FluffyChix
  8. Jessbear345

    Personal Rewards

    Try you never know lol. I'm terrified of heights too but I did it once when I was in my early teens so I figured I'd try it again Sent from my SM-J730G using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. Jessbear345

    Personal Rewards

    I said that when I got under 200 my bestfriend and I would go parasailing! I made it to onderland this week so time to get planning [emoji16] [emoji16] Sent from my SM-J730G using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. Jessbear345

    June 2018 losers bench

    That’s awesome you’re making great progress as well. I’m on the mush stage but I’m so terrified to try new things 🙈. Those NSV are the best though I no longer get out of breath just walking up the stairs at work
  11. Jessbear345

    June 2018 losers bench

    I’m RNY June 07 HW 280 CW 242 😃 I can’t wait until I can start seeing the differences even more to me there aren’t as noticeable right now.
  12. Jessbear345

    June 2018 losers bench

    How’s everyone progressing?
  13. Jessbear345

    June 2018 losers bench

    Breakfast- 1/2 bottle of Lean Body Protein shake (40g of protein per bottle) Lunch - tuna and potatoes or soup Dinner usually about the same as lunch lol As for water I’m still struggling to do even 30 oz
  14. Jessbear345

    June 2018 losers bench

    Did you do measurements? Honestly that’s the only thing that kept me semi sane when the scale wasn’t moving
  15. Jessbear345

    June 2018 losers bench

    Wahoooo!!! Congrats! I'll be happy to see it move again too. It's messing with my brain. LOL For a second there I was like please don’t tell me I went through all of this for nothing. Hang in there