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    10 months, is it over or a stall?

    I have been the slowest loser for the past 3 months. It's very slow for me now. I lose around 1 lb per month at this point. I have no idea if this is a long stall or if my body wants to stay at this weight. I have no idea. My BMI is 24 and I am wearing a size 6.
  2. NCGIRL88

    50 and Up Sleevers

    I don't think age has effected me at all. I have lost 70 lbs in less than 7 months. I started at a lower BMI too. MINDSET is everything.
  3. I thought I was the only one. I had severe energy loss and was so tired for the first five months. it has only been the last month where I am feeling more like myself. I listen to my body daily. I rest more and allow myself to slow down. Even now at 6 months post-op I have to eat my protein and be mindful to give my body the fuel it needs. I never used to take naps but now I take them whenever I can. Good luck!!!!!!
  4. AMAZING.... you should be so proud of yourself. I am exactly six months out today too.
  5. PURE INSPIRATION. You look so happy and beautiful.
  6. NCGIRL88

    Frustrated with stall

    I am 5 months post and I have stalled similar to another poster. I will lose 1-4 lbs in weight and then stall for 3-4 weeks with no loss. I have lost 58 lbs. I think the best thing to do is see this as a lifestyle and not a diet. This allows me to feel like no matter what the scale says, I am progressing in a new healthier way. My body does not lose weight each week. However, I am smaller and my clothing sizes goes down even when the scale is not showing weight loss.This has been completely different for me and it messes with your head. It worried me at first, but I see that my journey is mine alone and I can't worry or compare what others journeys are. I have no choice but to be more patient with the progress. It does work.
  7. I am just past 5 months post op. I find if I eat my protein first that I am full and I do feel the sleeve limit. If you choose to eat carbs first you will be able to eat more. I have to remind myself to be mindful eating. I take this commitment with surgery as a tool and I have to utilize the tool. For me, I do not buy the carbs so they are not in my home. I go to protein first and tell myself if I want a bite or two of something after than it's a very small amount. I rarely get to eat the other stuff because I FOCUS on protein and good carbs/vegetables and fruit first. I have zero carbonation and I still crave it. I simply won't allow myself to go there. Drink your water and this helps to keep you full. As my treat every day I have Bai water as a reward (coconut /pineapple) that is 10 calories for the entire bottle. It works for me.
  8. NCGIRL88

    Secret sleevers?

    I choose to only tell my husband, children and best friend. It was my journey and mine alone. I am three months out and maybe it is just me but I still go out to eat with friends and people all the time and no one notices how little I eat because I order smaller and eat slow and haven't draw attention to anything. I think you would be surprised. When I am offered items I no longer eat, I simply say I am not eating sugar and going light/no carbs for a while. Crazy but it has worked for me.
  9. NCGIRL88

    Is too fast good or bad?

    This is a great case of how we all are different in our weight loss journey. So impressed with you. You should be proud. I celebrate EVERY pound. This is why we simply can't compare our journey with each other. You are doing amazing!!!!
  10. NCGIRL88

    One year post op PICS

    you look amazing!
  11. NCGIRL88

    Surgery day!!!!!!

    YOU got this. I am ONE month out today and have ZERO regrets. I have lost 29 lbs and feel amazing.
  12. NCGIRL88

    Five months postop and no regrets!

    I am only almost one month out and feel the same way. I don't see anything I have lost (other than weight!) but what I have gained in my life.
  13. NCGIRL88

    Surgery Date: May 30, Any Others?

    I was sleeved TODAY May 30th... I had the best experience. I am still at the clinic until Friday morning and wrote my review as my first post here. I am so HAPPY I did this.
  14. This is my very first post and I need to THANK each of you for sharing your journey. I have watched and read for months each of your posts. I GAINED so much from your truth and it helped me to decide to GO FOR IT! I am here in the hospital bed and felt I had to stop just watching and finally post and share my own experience. I was sleeved 5/30/18 by the most talented doctor. I am currently a 35 BMI woman. I have had some health issues due to my weight.I had a stroke when I was pregnant with my last child. When I gain weight I suffer from high blood pressure and back problems, and numbness at night when I am trying to sleep... I am that girl... I go from a six 6 to a XXL/16 - by being a compulsive eater. I over eat when I'm happy, bored, to celebrate each day of life. I have been known to eat an entire container of vanilla bean ice cream. YIKES.... I won the largest stomach taken out award today in surgery. I was actually given a medal. No wonder I was always hungry.I knew this was the TOOL that I needed. I have been looking into gastric sleeve surgery for 2 years but more seriously this past year. I researched so many doctors and I always came back to Dr. Alvarez. I was way to scared to go to Mexico. I had heard the horror stories. I knew my insurance would not pay for the procedure and I am impatient and wanted it done right away once I made my decision. I flew to San Antonio Monday with one of my best friends for support. We were picked up by Rosy in a nice Endobariatric van to travel a mile into Mexico on Tuesday around noon. It was actually 2.5 hours from the hotel to the hospital. We drove to the new hospital prior to going to the hotel for the night.I was literally shocked at the beautiful hospital. It has only been in operation for 3 months. This hospital is by far nicer than most the hospitals back home that I have been to. We met the staff and doctor upon arriving. Everyone was friendly (spoke fluent English) and graciously welcomed us. I was with three other patients. I meet another surgery friend on the van and loved her. We talked the entire van ride and it helped calm the nerves. I paid a 1,000 deposit when I set the surgery date and gave them the balance today. Everything is covered for $8,900.00. There are no hidden cost. (there is financing I was told for patients who want to make payments) I loved his super friendly staff. They go out of their way to make you feel safe and pampered. They did the same for my best friend who came to support me. You can bring a person if you like to support you but it is not necessary. So today at 9:00am I was sleeved. I was super nervous. I prayed a lot. I was just so excited so it helped and I could not stop smiling. POST OP: .I woke up and couldn't believe I had actually had the surgery done. They give you a relaxant and it really did help. I remember nothing and drifted off to sleep. I had done the 5 day pre-op diet starting last Friday to shrink my liver. I didn't enjoy this part but it really did make me feel better after the third day. I weighed in today at 217 lbs. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I came out of surgery very tired and just wanted to sleep. I was feeling the pain but nothing too crazy. Hey, I've done natural child birth so I know pain. They put their patients into their own private large hospital suite. It's top luxury. I was so impressed with the cleanliness and modern decor. They gave me pain medication immediately, more warm blankets since I was cold and nausea medication. The nurses and doctors check on you all day. Dr. Alvarez came in personally around 8pm to check up on me again.He gave me my award necklace and answered questions. The pain was exactly what I have read about on this forum. The pain medication covered my pain and I have zero complaints. They want you to walk when you can. I walked the halls later in the day and slept most of the morning and afternoon. I am so happy I did not chicken out. I was given nothing to eat today. I felt ZERO hunger. I have a dry mouth and took anti nausea medication. I cannot recommend Dr. Alvarez enough. I honestly would recommend him to everyone considering surgery. I wanted to post for the first time and show my honest thoughts on having surgery in Mexico with Dr.A. I only wish I had done it sooner. Tomorrow they are taking us to the local Market to shop and to sightsee. Of course, I will see how I feel, but I feel confident it will be good for me to walk a bit. We also get to go to their ENDOSPA that Dr. A owns if we choose. I am getting the Swedish Massage for an hour. The cost is so affordable at $40.00 I have two meetings tomorrow. I meet with the nutritionist and the weight counselor. I will be in the hospital for another night and return back to San Antonio on Friday via their van. They is all inclusive. You pay one price for everything- $8,900. No hidden costs or trying to sell They like their patients to wait the to fly home so the hotel room is also covered for your last night here. This is like a pampered surgery. I cannot stress enough how personalized it is and how you will be treated. I called my friend tonight who has been thinking about this surgery and he immediately emailed Susan to get the process started. *truth- he has like a gazillion reviews online and everyone praised him with 5 stars. I was skeptical and thought maybe they were paid supporters. TRUST me... they are not and I am getting NOTHING by posting this. I'm so happy I did it. I never post so this is a big thing for me to do and share so I hope I have helped someone. Thank you Dr. Alvarez and team. This is life changing. 225 HW 217 Day of Surgery