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  1. Sleevie May

    Calorie intake

    Almost 3 months out. Since 4 weeks post op I was supposed to eat 900-1000 kcal per day until I reach goal, which I followed until recently. The last week or two I’ve eaten more like 1200-1300 kcal per day and my weight loss has even gotten faster. I’ve eaten low carb high protein since the surgery and even 5 years before the surgery. I am prepared to go back to those 900-1000 kcals if needed to reach goal though. So far I’ve lost 49 lbs since my surgery 12 weeks ago. HW 251 SW 225 CW 176 GW 154 H 5’7
  2. Sleevie May


    @sillykitty No, quite the contrary, these 3-4 years in maintenance on realfood keto have been the longest time in my adult life that I’ve been able to live without binge eating. Which is why I’m sure it’s the best woe for me also now after having the sleeve.
  3. Sleevie May


    Actually I started in January 2013 with the simple Dietdoctor.com protocol. I started at 251 lbs and by October 2013 I was down to 178 lbs, (height 5'7") which I was able to maintain for 3-4 years with no major effort on my part. My high blood pressure normalized within months after startin this woe, my skin got better, my moods got better ect. I just followed the Dietdoctor's keep your carbs low and eat real food protocol. But as years got by my underlying binge eating disorder got the best of me and first I started binging on keto foods and soon even eating junk-food again and of-course I gained some weight. I found ketogains last summer and was able to lose 25 lbs in a month or two, but started binging again until I was back up at 224 lbs when I decided to have my sleeve in May this year. I'm a self pay patient and live in a European country. Now, 8 weeks post op I'm down to 187 lbs, my goal is to get to 154 lbs. Although my binge eating failed my life's so far best weight loss effort aka keto, I can't blame this on the diet. Obesity and food addiction is a complex disease. Sensible keto is a great way to eat healthy nutritious real food and my sleeve is a great tool to help me keep myself on track. 2keto dudes actually have a great podcast episode dedicated to weight loss surgery and keto, where three lovely ladies share their experience with keto and sleeve surgery: http://2ketodudes.com/show.aspx?episode=52
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    The best place for information about keto is probably Ketogains.com. They have a facebook group and a webpage with a very good macro calculator. They're very science based and won't take any BS. They don't promote macro percentages or super high fat. Instead they track their macros in grams. Essentially keeping carbs below 50 grams per day or rather 20 grams will put your body into a ketogenic state. Then you have to have your adequate protein. Not too much, not too little, actually their protein recommendation is the same as the bariatric one. If your body is already high fat you don't need to consume extra high fat. Which is also pretty much the post op bariatric diet anyway. Eat your protein first, then have some vegetables and in the case of keto, if you have room left in your post-op sleeve/pouch, you fill it with good fats, not starches. Some olive oil or butter for cooking the vegetables, meat or eggs, half an avocado, a handful of nuts or olives etc. I'm keto since 2013 and I find the true and real keto very healthful and good nutrition. The problem is, keto has become very mainstream and lots of people want to make money on it and start spreading these absurd versions of keto that won't get you closer to your goals. "Eat fat to lose fat." You really don't have to eat 85% fat to make ketones aka be ketogenic, you just have to limit your carbs, eat adequate protein and non starchy vegetables. For example my macros today, 8 weeks after having the sleeve are 21 g carbs, 94 g protein, 48 g fat, 896 kcal. 37 lbs lost so far.
  5. Sleevie May

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    I was sleeved May 23. Down 26 lbs. My starting weight was 224 lbs, height 5'7. I am on regular foods since June 23. Since then I eat about 900-1000 kcal per day and try to hit my protein goal of 90 g every day. This is not easy! I eat a lot of small meals throughout the day, including some protein shakes, but I try to start eating more real food now. I track my food with myfitnesspal and keep my carbs low, 20-40 g per day. I try to walk 10 000 steps each day. Week 1 and 2 I ate 400 kcal per day and week 3 and 4 I ate 550-700 kcal per day, all according to the instructions I was given by my dr. Overall this surgery has been a very positive event in my life. I haven't yet experienced any pain or vomiting. Just some light-headedness 1-2 weeks post op. This got better when I started to add some more salt to my food and drank more water. No constipation, I take 2 pills of magnesium each night before going to bed. I am really hopeful that the weight loss will continue and that the hunger will say asleep. Maybe I could really reach my ultimate goal weight which is 155.