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    Thanks for your advice

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    Update Update!

    HW 270
    SW 238
    CW 182
    VSG 11/7
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    At hospital getting ready to roll... nervous.

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    That’s wonderful caramelcakes! Congratulations, and wishing you well on your surgery and new lifestyle! [emoji4]
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    Thanks for your advice

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    Hi Caramel, this surgery is a big decision. I am scheduled the day before you [emoji4]
    The post op diet is a way of life. It definitely takes commitment. But your not giving up good food, it’s really opening a whole new way to eat.
    Yes the first few weeks are rough with the liquid and purée phase, but it’s just a small stepping stone to better things!
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    Nice post

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    I agree!! Today has been the easiest so far. (I mean, not to sound like it’s a walk in the park— I could totally devour any real food that was put in front of me), but I’m really glad that I went through the struggle preop so I at least have an idea of what to expect post op.
    I also agree about the time. It’s amazing how much time I must have spent just stuffing my face aimlessly. Hopefully I can remember that and stay on track once I’m given the opportunity for a second chance.
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    caramelcakes reacted to ambiwil89 in Any MAY sleevers???   
    Hi they called me with a cancellation, so I started my pre-op liquid diet today! Surgery scheduled for May 15! Anyone have any pointers for liquid diet pre-op (woke so up hungry today lol)

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    Wanted to say hey and introduce myself!! My name is Jason, I’m 34 and live in Florida. I am having the gastric sleeve on Wednesday and I’m super excited and nervous. I was in a long term relationship and we broke up because she didn’t want me to have the surgery. I’m single, loving life, and excited for the new chapter in my life!! Love to chat with some of you all to help form a support group!! 
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    Me! I just started the process also. I'm @i.am.emilym
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    Hi all! I am new to the Bariatric program and would love to make friends and connect with new people going through the same experience! Whose got Instagram to connect with one another? IG: Ggsprevsg
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    And Beta98 I love your post,and the fact this stream is back out in public. The OP spoke to me as well as you, I have a lot,of the "I Wonders" that she did, I think,we all do. I suspect. as I get smaller, and it is starting even though i am a "slow'-losing "presurg . I say to myself once, I'm put on all,liquids, I'll speed up. Still,may not too fast, post- menopausals are pokey at that. I find myself angry that some of the men who wouldn't to give me a second glance before now are friendly, perhaps,they are only picking up,on my new confidence, but irrationally I seethe inside.😬 Maybe as more pounds leave I'll come to terms with their response, who knows? I have spent so many years being the pudgy buddy, could I actually be desirable? All,I know for certain, surgery and the further weight loss are going,on the surface, to change my appearance, can the inner "me" cope with the change? Stay tuned my friends, this could get interesting.😁 And I will not be a sleever but have a bypass but most everything else will hold true for me. Stick around, okay?
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    I am only a month out, and my loss isn't super noticeable yet but I wonder if I'll feel the same way in the future. You're a very powerful writer.
    Whenever a man speaks to me, I assume he wants my skinny friend's phone number. When someone actually expresses interest in me, I'm confused, because who could find fat me attractive? When I'm thinner, will I be angry that I wasn't good enough fat but now I'm worthy of being hit on?
    I am in the dating world, and no one outside of this website knows of my surgery (no family, no friends) so navigating dating is scary for me.
    I hope I too can find the confidence in myself!
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    I wish I could love this post a million billion trillion zillion times!!!! I *almost* have no words!!!
    You look fan-FRICKIN-tastic girl!!!!!! Whoooooooooooaaaaahhhhh! WTG. Big congrats. Celebrations are due! And I hope you feel as wonderful and confident as you look. LOVE the outfit!!!
    Fan Girl

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    Not a slot guy.....my trips consist of drinking....clubbing.....and pool parties....LOL....the drinking will have to monitored a great deal....but yeah...I should be good...hopefully
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    My surgery date is May 15. I’m very excited

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    I had my pre-op appointment today and surgery is scheduled for April 3rd. My highest weight 250 and today it's 243.

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