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  1. Hello. I just had surgery last week. Spent one night in hospital and returned to home. Physically it seems to be getter better. However, emotionally I’m a mess! Ever since I get very upset almost explosive at times and then cry. And once that starts it won’t stop. I have a dr appt in a couple days and I will talk to them about it but curious if this is just me or has it happened to others. The more upset I get the more mad I get, etc. I would swear I had surgery that affected my hormones! Thanks!
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    I feel I’m doing better with the depression. I’ve gotten back into a routine and plan to go back to work next week. Still have some lows. How are you doing?
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    Thank you I appreciate your insight. At first I thought I was just being silly and was tired. But now, I don’t know it keeps getting worse. Thankfully I have not gone back to work yet as I’m under pressure all the time there. I don’t know. if I expected more so far, expected less, or if I am truly just tired from the surgery (this is the first major surgery I’ve had), mourning food or thinking I’ve made a big mistake, but I’m making myself sick I get so worked up. So yea, think I’m going to call the dr tomorrow. Thanks again.
  4. I’m having this same pain too and I’m asking at my dr appt this week. Sometimes I have without trying to eat or drink anything.