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  1. J San

    Smart Scales

  2. 1 year and 10+ days post VSG. Not hating it.....
  3. J San

    July Sleeve

    Any 12ths out there? That's my 1 year surgiversery. I'll gladly be your buddy though.
  4. J San

    Hip Issues?

    Thank you for your replies. I have a call into the Dr but have yet to hear back from her. Guess she's busy. I call back tomorrow if I don't hear back by then.
  5. I did do a search but didn't find anything specifically related so......... Just about to hit 10 months and I'm having serious hip issues. Since the weight loss they've been bothering me, kind of feel like they are on the verge of dislocating but not sure as it's a new feeling. It's happened in both hips but no more than an aching pain. This past Friday when I was waking up I noticed the familiar feeling again in my left hip. When I got out of bed it was really painful to put weight on it. I had to walk on my toes on that leg and limp to keep weight off of it. When I sat it was fine but standing or walking on it was really hard. I was outside doing some work and sat on a low tool box and when I went to walk it felt better but didn't last long. Onto Saturday, the same thing but now it would come and almost go. I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast and just slightly moving the leg It kind of felt like it fell out of the socket and there was intense pain. As I moved my leg around, certain positions would relieve the pain but slightly moving it in a different way would make the pain worse. Today it was much better but out of nowhere I would move my leg and the pain would kick in. I don't know what makes it happen or go away but it sucks. I'm going to call my PCP tomorrow and ask about it but wanted to reach out and see if anyone has experienced anything like this. Also today I noticed the same pain but nowhere near as intense in my right hip. Thanks in advance for an insight!!! J
  6. J San

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    What an inspiration!!! Congrats @BlueCrush . Heal well brother!!!
  7. @oldbriannomore Your a beast brother. Look great. Hope to one day come close to looking that good. @BlueCrush Good to see and hear from you. Congrats on the plastics and gotta say looks great so far. Good to hear the pain is minimal and Happy Healing!!!!
  8. “The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” ― Paulo Coelho Got this from a newsletter I get from a YouTube channel I follow called " mind over munch" .
  9. Face PIC progression......

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