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  1. I've only lost 11lbs and I am almost one month post op. Honestly its slightly annoying but I tell myself all sorts of things that are TRUE to make me feel better like: - My body is probably like WTF is going on? I dropped 17lbs pre op and 11lbs post op all in 4 weeks time and now my body is taking a break (Im in a two and half week stall). - I can see changes in my body and the way my clothes fit even though I am not seeing changes on the scale - Yes, I might be a slow loser but hopefully that means it won't be so hard on my body and I won't lose my alot of hair or have gallblader problems. - It would of been very hard for me to lose those 11lbs without the surgery.
  2. Hello! Sleeved 05/31. I have lost 11lbs since surgery, yes not a lot but I have been in a stall the last two weeks and I know the scale will start moving again. My body is like WTF, is happening?! with losing 17lbs pre op and 11lbs post op in a months time so I am okay with my post op progress. I feel pretty good. Two weeks post op was a turning point for me. I got my energy back and I haven't encountered any dips in my mood which I was worried about. I am tolerating most foods I have tried fairly well. I am so excited about this process and really look forward to what my life is going to look like a year out. I was just so tired of my weight holding me back!
  3. Meggs11

    one week post op weight stall

    I am so glad to read this. I am almost one month post op and I only lost in that first ten days post op and the last two weeks have been nothing. I only weigh once a week but it can still be frustrating. I know I will start losing again and that my body is probably in shock from losing so much weight since starting the pre-op. Plus I try to go off measurements and non-scale victories as well.
  4. Meggs11

    Any MAY sleevers???

    For those of you struggling with low energy are you tracking your calories and macros? I ensure I am getting 600 to 800 calories a day, my water intake is good (plus electrolytes) and my vitamins are on point. 6 days out of 7 I feel amazing and feel like I have way more energy than before (knock on wood). I definitely notice my energy is low when I am consuming less then 600 calories. Plus increasing my calories I think is what broke my stall!
  5. Meggs11

    2 weeks Post Op

    I had my surgery the same day as you and I admit I am feeling discouraged as well. According to the scale I have only dropped 6lbs. I have noticed a big difference in myself though so I am trying to not take the scale to heart. I do experience a hunger sensation as well even though I think it might be attributed to too much acid as I currently have acid reflux and when I do eat I don't really get that full sensation but I think that will come when I am on solid foods.
  6. I have a desk job with a desk that can change from sitting to standing and I returned to full days at 7 days post op and was just fine. I am 15 days post op now and feel amazing!
  7. Did anyone get acid reflux so soon after surgery? What did you take for it?
  8. Meggs11

    Week 2 no weight loss?!

    I am in this same boat now. I lost 10lbs the first week, gained 2lbs back, and have been stalled for the last 6 days. How long did it take before the weight loss started again for you guys? I am hoping that this is just the famous 3 week stall early!
  9. Meggs11

    I feel so down

    Trust me, I am very happy with 8lbs in the first week. But I have been stalled since from day 7 post op to now. I haven't read of people stalling so soon. But I am tellling myself that I am am just getting the infamous 3 week stall 2 weeks early so I won't have to go through it then. Fingers crossed! lol
  10. Meggs11

    I feel so down

    I am 15 days post op and have only lost 8lbs and I started at a higher weight than you if that makes you feel better? Plus I have been stalled for a week
  11. I have a desk job and I returned after 7 days and it was fine. I have a desk that goes from standing to sitting so I made sure to alternate often. I am 13 days post op and I feel awesome (knock on wood).
  12. Meggs11

    Any MAY sleevers???

    I think maybe your Nutritionist is coming from a place where they don't want you to become obsessed with calorie counting? Who knows? I am definitely trying to get my calories up in hopes that I don't destroy my metabolism either. I am two weeks post op and I average 450 to 600 a day but yesterday I got up to 700. My Nutritionist told me I should be getting at least 60 grams of protein a day and try to stay above 500 calories a day for this soon out of surgery but to get it to 1000 as soon as I can without over filling my sleeve. She said for the first couple months you should be eating/drinking a shake every 2ish hours. This is what my calories and grams of protein look like right now: 7am - 270 cal/ 30g - Morning Protein powder (120 cal, 20g ) and a cup and half of lactose free milk (150 cal, 10g) 10am - 80 cal/ 1g - Half of cup of pureed sweet potato and lentil soup Noon - 50 cal/ 8g - Half a cup of greek yogurt watered down 3pm - 160 cal/ 20g - Premier Protein Shake 6pm - 100 cal/ 3g - Tomato soup with a little greek yogurt mixed in. So that puts me at 660 calories a day and 61 grams of protein. This does not include all my water/tea. I feel like am constantly having to eat to get this high but I don't want to get fatigued or malnourished. Soon as I can start having soft foods I am hoping to get it to 800 at least.
  13. Meggs11

    Gained 4 kg in 9 days!

    Yes I am very interested in hearing this too! I totally believe this theory is correct and I would love to work my way up to 1000-1200 calories as soon as possible. Yesterday I got 650 (two weeks post op) and I feel so much better today but I can't see how I could fit much more than that as it seemed I was constantly sipping a protein shake throughout the day and I am doing fairly well with my liquids right now. What did your daily menu look like CreeKimp13 when you first started getting 1200 calories in?Insert other media
  14. I have been stalled since one week post-op and I am currently 13 days days post op. I know stalls come and go but I really wasn't expecting to have one this soon and I am feeling slightly disheartened. I think it has encouraged me to stop weighing every 2 or 3 days to weigh once a week or two. Anyone else experience a stall so soon??
  15. Meggs11

    Gained 4 kg in 9 days!

    Its most likely fluid retention or something of the sort. I gained 5lbs this morning from the last time I weighed myself 3 days ago but I know I am ovulating and I tend to bloat during that time.
  16. Meggs11

    Perspectives on Losing Fast & Slow

    See and I think 4lbs a week is amazing. I could of never done that before surgery!
  17. Meggs11

    Post op liquid diet

    I got some gourmet soups from a local grocery store that makes them homemade. I put them in the blender with some unflavored protein powder and a bit of chicken stock if they need to be thinned out. I have that for lunch and dinner or thinned greek yogurt. For my liquids I rotate solid liquids (protein shakes) and clear liquids a cup for a cup kind of thing.
  18. I made potato and broccoli soup and tomato basil. I stirred Greek yogurt into both to increase the protein. I plan on making split pea and lentil soup.
  19. I've made some homemade soups that i have for lunch and dinner along with herbal tea and my protein drinks.
  20. Meggs11

    Any MAY sleevers???

    I am Day 5 post op. Just wondering when everyone started to get there energy back?
  21. I had my vsg today at the Obesity Control center with Dr Ariel Ortiz and his team. It has been an amazing experience. I'm the fifth person I know to have had it here and we all have had nothing but great experiences.
  22. I am the day after you. Good luck! In my research it seems as feelings of regret are quite common in the first month as the post op can be quite difficult for some but after that its seems like 99% of people are quite happy they did and wish they did it sooner.
  23. Meggs11

    Two Weeks Post Op-Oh My

    Good job!
  24. Meggs11

    To tell coworkers or not?

    I am not telling my co-workers. I told my boss as I needed to get time off during a busy time of year and I told one person who is on the team I manage as I have known her for years and she know's how much I have struggled physically and mentally with my weight as she is in a somewhat similar boat, albeit a smaller boat. I don't plan on telling anyone else. I am just not close enough with them. I don't think they can relate as they are all thin. I am not even sure I will tell my close friends who I have known for 25 years.
  25. Meggs11

    Any MAY sleevers???

    I am still pre-op but I was advised not to weigh myself for at least a week post op as you are still really swollen and retaining water from undergoing surgery. So that is probably what is going on.