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Gastric Bypass Patients
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    Had a RNY to repair a failed Fundolipacation. Didn’t have to go through all of the prerequisite & surgon told me to get all my info from the internet. So here I am!
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    Sewing, anything crafty, painting furniture.
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  1. toodlerue

    Afraid to Eat

    The 1st few days are rough. Consentrat on protein and liquids right now. The protein shakes can be counted as liquid. The first few weeks I only got between 700 and 900 calories day. Just don’t go on a binge. I need a bunch of crap and you will be fine.
  2. toodlerue

    Bypass gone bad

    I have no answers for you I just wanted you to know that I feel your pain in your story. I hope you find some answers soon.
  3. toodlerue

    Finally!!! 199!!!

    What a great feeling! Dance all you want!
  4. Congratulations on keeping the weight off for so long. I know what you mean about it not fixing your addiction just making it harder. What’s TRE & ZOE atm?
  5. toodlerue

    I need help

    Surgon told me to do a liquid diet for a week & then make sure I measure my food. I’m 5 years out & still measure my food to not go over 3.5 oz. It took me 2 years to meet my goal, then I put back on 15lbs but this is where my body seems happy at. I got down to my goal weight with The Fast Metabolism Diet. Check it out.
  6. Do not give up hope! My surgeon told me to get all my info from the internet! I even put myself on a 2 week pre-surgery liver shrinking diet. I got no help from him whatsoever. I worked with a nutritionist from my insurance company to figure out what I should be eating. My daughter had an amazing surgeon. we have both done amazing and kept the weight off for over five years Do not turn to drugs. The weight will come back on as soon as you stop.
  7. Follow your surgeons plan & don’t push it! You need to heal!
  8. toodlerue

    Full Food Stage

    Yes, weight all your food together to make 3oz.
  9. toodlerue

    Five Month Report

    Good for you!
  10. I’m 5+ years & I still measure my food to no more then 3.5 oz when eating at home & about 1/3 of the meal when eating out.
  11. toodlerue

    Any last suggestions?

    Wear the same thing home that you wore to the hospital. You won’t be in them for very long at a time.
  12. toodlerue

    Any last suggestions?

    Wear the same thing home that you wore to the hospital. You won’t be in them for very long at a time.
  13. toodlerue

    Paxlovid and Gastric Bypass

    My friend has NOT had any weight loss surgery.
  14. toodlerue

    Paxlovid and Gastric Bypass

    I tried to take it. I took it whole & it gave me a terrible, horrible taste in my mouth! I could only do it for 2 days. My man took it with no problems. I had another friend take it & she had the terrible, horrible taste too!
  15. toodlerue

    Weight gain s/p bypass

    I used to take that years ago for migraines. I don’t remember losing a bunch of weight when I took it. But it was a long time ago.

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