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    Had a RNY to repair a failed Fundolipacation. Didn’t have to go through all of the prerequisite & surgon told me to get all my info from the internet. So here I am!
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  1. toodlerue

    Energy post-surgery

    I was tired the 1st few weeks but that is to be expected after what my body just went through plus not eating very much those weeks too. But after my body adjusted to all of it I had more energy then I knew what to do with! Everyone is gonna be different & don’t NOT get the surgery because of what anyone says. Just make sure to follow your Drs instructions, you will find those very a lot too!
  2. toodlerue

    Portion size

    At almost 5 years out I still measure my food at home. I never go over 4 oz because it makes me too full. If I venture over 3.5 for too long I start putting on weight. I find that doing 5 3 oz meals a day is best for my weight control. This is also my surgeon’s instructions.
  3. toodlerue

    Meds and water

    This is a great question! Are crackers enough? I always take my meds about 30 min after I eat but I don’t have to worry about eating when I take them. I would definitely call your Dr to see what they suggest & then let us know what they say!
  4. toodlerue

    What is a mini bypass?

    Thanks for all of the information! My surgeon said he didn’t bring up as much intestine but he didn’t call it a mini bypass.
  5. I see people on here talk about a mini bypass. What is the difference between a mini bypass & a Roux n y (bypass)?
  6. I couldn’t drink protein shakes after my bypass because they felt like they filled my tiny stomach up. I was told that they really weren’t beneficial since they were liquid they pretty much went right through the stomach anyway. I use the patch vitamins every night. I’m over 4 years out & the only thing I have had trouble with is my iron but I have a history of anemia so it’s not really from the by pass.
  7. toodlerue

    UTI treatment

    I have been taking the Uqora line of products. They have D-mannose in them. Both my urologist & naturopath recommend that I take that. I keep having asymptomatic EColi. They won’t treat it because I have no symptoms & it is antibiotic resistant. If they do treat it I have to be in the hospital & get a pic line because I am allergic to so many antibiotics. Uqora has a Facebook group. They are very helpful, you should check it out.
  8. toodlerue

    Foods you cannot eat

    I had my bypass over 4 years ago. It really just depends on the day. One day I can eat candy corn & the next day it makes me sick. The only food that has given me any problem is almond milk. I have tried it 3 different times & it has made me sick. I do have problems if I eat too much. When I dump it’s throwing up or I don’t feel well for a couple hours. Just like pregnancy, everyone is different & my experience won’t be the same as anyone else’s.
  9. toodlerue


    Are you still measuring your food when you eat so that you aren’t eating more then the recommended ounces? I’m over 4 years out & I still measure my food at home. I try to stay around 3.5oz for a meal. I do have a snack of cheese, celery and peanut butter or fruit each day a couple times a day.
  10. toodlerue

    Goal change!

    I love that goal! You got get it!
  11. toodlerue

    Surgery Scheduled

    That is a lot of sugar for oatmeal! I use Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus in my oatmeal. It doesn’t have any sugar & I’m only getting sugar from the fruit I’m adding. I would put 1/4C of sugar on my Rice Krispy cereal so I am shocked that I don’t want it on my oatmeal! There are copy cat PC Cinnamon Plus recipes on Pinterest So I just make my own. You also can buy unflavored protein from a nutrition store & add it to your food during the 1st couple of months. Good luck with your surgery !
  12. toodlerue

    Spatial awareness

    Could be. You might have to wear steel toed boots for a while😹
  13. toodlerue

    Shoulder pain

    That awful pain is from the gas that was used to plump you up so the surgeon could see what they were doing in your abdomen. In my experience (I have had at least 7 surgeries with the gas) is that nothing helps. Some surgeons are better at getting all the gas out & some of us are more sensitive to the pain. The only thing that I have ever found helpful is Tens unit (Google that). Pain meds, muscle relaxers, heat, ice & gabapentin don’t help mine at all & mine lasts for 3 weeks. Good luck!
  14. toodlerue

    Nausea 8 Weeks Post-op

    At around 4 years out I started to experience nausea almost daily. I always have Zofran, Dramamine & the ever so delittlefull compazine suppository’s at he ready. My surgeon did his own EDG & didn’t find anything wrong with my shot glass size stomach that he made for me so 🤷‍♀️
  15. How much food are you eating? I can only eat 3-3.5oz at a time. If I eat 4oz I will get bloated & nauseous. I’m over 4 years out & I still weight my food at home. try a stool softener every other day.

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