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  1. I had surgery on a Thursday went to church on Sunday and work on Monday (desk job)
  2. In between my shoulder blades hurt from the gas but it was not unbearable just an achy feeling
  3. Constipation was terrible though.... get you some Colace, Milk of Magnesia and Benefiber!
  4. Surgery was April 2018 Outpatient...no pain meds Sipped water... drank coffee day after surgery I feel great! No regrets!!!
  5. J@Alabama

    Grisly Tummy

    I had surgery in April 2018. I experienced the stomach gurgles for a while. It does get better.
  6. Go for it! I had Gerd before surgery and it is gone.
  7. J@Alabama


    I took all of my pill medication the day after surgery and had no issues.
  8. J@Alabama

    The deal on coffee post op

    I had coffee the morning after surgery.
  9. J@Alabama


    My surgery was done in Birmingham, AL as an outpatient. After surgery, I spent the night in a nearby hotel and the nurse came by and checked on me and then I saw the doctor the next morning before going home. (Surgery on Thursday returned to work on Monday) I didn’t have issues with pain and never took any pain medication. Best decision ever! (Surgery April 2018, down 80lbs)
  10. I had a hysterectomy about a year and a half before gastric sleeve surgery. I am one year out from gastric sleeve surgery and have lost eighty pounds. Twenty more to go to reach my goal!
  11. Alabama Weight Loss in Birmingham AL
  12. I also had my surgery (sleeve and hernia repair) on a Thursday and went back to work on Monday. I didn’t take any pain medication. Good luck to you on your journey. (I am one year out and down eighty pounds. I would like to lose twenty more. Then plastic surgery here I come! LOL)
  13. J@Alabama

    Weight Stall Rant

    Be patient. These stalls will happen every so often during your journey. You are doing great!
  14. J@Alabama


    Colace and Benefiber. Milk of Magnesia on occasion.
  15. J@Alabama

    EGD done, still getting sleeved

    Not necessarily....I had terrible GERD and was sleeved in April 2018. I am doing great. I have only had a couple of acid flare ups. (Ate too late)