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  1. ByeFelicia

    Outstanding bills

    I have Fed Blue too, and my surgeon submitted that they're doing an umbilical hernia repair along with the sleeve. Once I was approved, I called Fed BCBS and they said the hernia is covered 100% along with the sleeve (minus the co-pay for the hospital stay and surgeon's fee). So this makes me a little concerned.
  2. ByeFelicia

    Premier Protein Peaches and Cream

    Amazon has the premier protein, but for some reason it's more expensive than getting it at Sam's Club.
  3. ByeFelicia

    B-12 Shots

    Did anyone talk to their surgeon about B-12 shots post-op? If so, what did he/she say?
  4. I'm scheduled for surgery on June 7th and I just got a call from the hospital about pre-registration. They asked me how long I'll be in the hospital and asked me to pre-pay. I told her that I have no idea how long I'll be in the hospital, and asked why I couldn't be billed or pay when I'm checking out. My insurance is covering the surgery, but my insurance has a nightly co-pay for any stays under 5 days (if it's over 5 days then my insurance will pay 100% of the hospital stay). Has anyone else had to pre-pay?
  5. ByeFelicia

    Chocolate muscle milk

    Premier protein isn't thick. It's about the consistency of skim milk.
  6. ByeFelicia

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    We should be surgery buddies!! What's going to be tough is saying no to food, especially since I work in an office that LOVES to eat. I'm excited for this process and ready to get it going. We're in this together and we got this!!
  7. ByeFelicia

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    I'm scheduled for June 7th as well, and start my liquid diet on May 24th as well!! It's a big change, but you're taking the first step. It'll hopefully get easier. Good luck!
  8. I've been trying to slowly do the same thing you do. The protein shake isn't filling me up, so I'm drinking A LOT of water to try to help myself feel full. I start my liquid diet in less than 10 days and I'm getting nervous because I'm in the same boat.
  9. ByeFelicia

    So frustrated

    I was in the same boat, but was already seeing a Hematologist BEFORE I decided on the VSG. My Hematologist and Surgeon are actually in close contact and ordering labs (I see the Hematologist every other month). I'm anemic and have low Vitamin D, which are both concerns for the surgery. Part of my surgical approval was that I had to be cleared by the Hematologist (surgeon's requirement). Ask your surgeon to give you a referral to see if the Hematologist can get you in earlier, since they're requiring you to see one. As far as the birth control, I went and got the IUD so I don't have to worry about it (personal choice because I can't remember to take the pill and I know 4 women who have gotten pregnant while on the Depo shot. If your OB can't get you in early, have your surgeon do a referral and the OB will get you in quickly. I know in Alabama too, some family doctors can prescribe birth control. Good luck with everything!
  10. ByeFelicia

    Premier Protein Peaches and Cream

    My Sam's Club carries the cookies and cream, peach, caramel, and chocolate flavors. There are a few Sam's Clubs here in our area, but if you go online and search "in-club" for premier protein it'll show you what flavors are in stock at the store. Hope this helps!
  11. Anyone in Alabama getting their VSG done in June?
  12. You have to be on a doctor monitored diet that doesn't work. Make 6 monthly appointments with your primary care or family doctor and they put you on a diet (my insurance wouldn't take Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.), and the diet doesn't work. You lose a "little" weight but not enough to make an impact.
  13. That stinks. Do you have to pay for a portion of the surgery (80/20 or 90/10)? I'm just glad that your new insurance will cover it. Does it have the same pre-op requirements as the previous insurance? 29 days and counting for me. I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck to you!!
  14. ByeFelicia

    Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!

    Congrats, Kate! There's a couple of us on here that are scheduled for June 7th. 30 days from now!! Hopefully the rest of May will FLY by!
  15. ByeFelicia

    Costco. Does anyone go there for pre op food?

    Sam's club has a 12 pack of premier protein for $16