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    Milli2mini got a reaction from Frustr8 in Depression or mood changes with sleeve   
    So I did alot of research regarding mood changes like depression after sleeve. I am pretty sure I was already triple depressed and stressed. So if anything my mood has improved a bit. Can anyone relate.
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    Milli2mini reacted to Eos38 in Omg I Just Ate Cake 8 Days After Surgery   
    I'm not sure that I have any room to say anything yet. My sleeve is coming and I am in the liquid diet. I have read several posts about cheating. Its hard, if it were easy I'm not sure any of us would be here. I personally believe that food addiction is insidious, its the only form of addiction where you have to partake in your drug of choice to live. That being said...
    Control is something that you can give, but can never be given to you. Control is something that you take. In my life I have given control to food, but now I have taken it back. Its not something that is easy, I'm sure that I will stumble, but for right now I have taken back control. Sometimes I am only able to commit to minutes...for example....for the next 5 minutes I will not put something into my body that could potentially harm me, then when that 5 minutes passes I am in control for another 5. Soon that 5 minutes has become an hour, a day, a week and so on.
    This isn't judgment, as I have said all of us stumble. Its not the stumble that hurts us, its our inability to stand up and move on. As hard as some will be on you for eating cake, they can never be as hard on you as you are on yourself. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take control for the next five minutes.
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    Milli2mini reacted to Milli2mini in When does progress start   
    I was sleeved on the 7th. My stomach still looks huge.i thought it would be smaller since a large sack was removed. Got on scale 2 pounds heavier. How ???? All in doing is broth
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    Milli2mini reacted to Sprinkles1 in When does progress start   
    I was 11lbs heavier after surgery. It's all the fluids from the IV. Give your body time to heal. You're post op so progress starts now!

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    Milli2mini reacted to Orchids&Dragons in When does progress start   
    You've also got lots of swelling right now. It will take several weeks to be totally gone. I went back to work 8 days post-op and my pants were tighter than the day of surgery! Very disappointing, but not unusual. Otherwise, I hope your recovery is going well!
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    Milli2mini reacted to Greensleevie in When does progress start   
    IV fluids, gas, Water retention, hormone dump from surgery, etc..
    Patience, Grasshopper. It's not going to happen overnight. Now is the time to hide the scale and concentrate on fluids, Protein and healing. The weight loss will follow.

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    Milli2mini reacted to Matt Z in When does progress start   
    *All of the Above*

    Give yourself at least a month before swelling really goes down. But then, please understand that not everyone loses weight from the same places at the same rate. Typically arms and legs thin out first, the stomach is almost always the last to start to show reduction. Again, everyone is different. Just make sure you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing and you'll be just fine.
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    Milli2mini reacted to TakingABreak in When does progress start   
    The surgery doesn’t immediately affect the outer appearance of your stomach.
    There are a lot of factors that can affect gain after surgery such as, IV fluids, Constipation, swelling, ect. My doctor told me not even to step on the scale until my 6 week follow up. I weighted a few weeks.
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    Milli2mini got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in When does progress start   
    Thanks for your replies. I will keep you posted
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    Milli2mini got a reaction from Pearldrop in June sleevers   
    Thanks lala!
    I'm in juarez, mexico
    Surgery went well so far. Moving eases my pain, sitting still increases it. I'm staying moving dancing in fall as I walk. The nurses scratching their head laughing. But I have to take a plan ride of 5 or 6 hours. So I gotta do the most to prevent blood clots.
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    Milli2mini reacted to Pearldrop in June sleevers   
    Hello. I’m in Australia so I went to the local private hospital. It’s been good so far, I was well hydrated before the procedure and have been on drips since. I’m going home tonight. My surgeon likes to keep people a few days post to up your fluids before they send you home.
    If I keep drinking as well as I have been I will be good, now the focus is Protein. I’m one of the lucky ones, I can still drink, and enjoy, Water.
    My weight gain was due to bad food choices, overeating and neglecting my health. My nutritionist has told me to stay on liquids for another week and then purée/soft for 4 weeks. I’ve been told to stick to 1/2 cup per meal of food rich in protein.
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    Milli2mini reacted to Pearldrop in June sleevers   
    I’m on the other side now. Everything went well and I’m feeling pretty good
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    Milli2mini reacted to AyahsMom in Any June 2018 Sleevers in Here?!   
    My surgery is scheduled for June 7th too. Counting the days

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    Milli2mini got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in Favorite things you can do now that you couldn't before, or things you're looking forward to doing?   
    See my color bone again
    Shop at Akira
    Bend beter
    Hga1c of 5
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    Milli2mini got a reaction from Dointhis4me in Today is the Day!   
    Please keep us updated!
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    Milli2mini reacted to Dointhis4me in Today is the Day!   
    My story is similar to the numerous stories I read on this site. I’m 35 years old, 5’5 highest weight, 280, lowest adult weight 180, pre-op weight 278, current weight unknown (I’ll find out in a few hours).I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. Biggest one in my immediate family, biggest one in class, etc. As far as diets, you name it I’ve tried it from weight watchers, nutrisystem, phentermine , Atkins, 1200 calorie, etc. With the diets I loss and gained, loss and gained back more. The fat girl struggle is real.At this point I’m absolutely tired of being fat and yo-yo dieting. I allowed myself to get this heavy, I’m beyond disgusted and refuse to let myself get into the 3’s….
    I’ve been seriously looking into gastric sleeve for almost a year now, the thought of Mexico never crossed my mind until finding out that my insurance company does not cover these type of procedures.
    I canceled my surgery almost 2 weeks ago at the fear of potentially having an open surgery due to scar tissue from a previous abdominal surgery and had already completed 1 week of my pre-op. I ate normally after canceling and the 7lbs I lost that week weightreturned within a few days.
    I went to see my pcp last Monday 3/26th and I weighed in at 278. He, addressed my scar tissue and open surgery concerns and his reassurance is what led me to reschedule. I called immediately after leaving his office and was able to keep my initial date.
    I’m a bit nervous about is the amount of weight that I have lost and post op pain.
    I’m in the airport starting to feel a bit nervous but nevertheless confident in my decision and I’m feeling even more excited for what’s to come .
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    Milli2mini reacted to GassyGurl in Freaking out Internet is the devil   
    You will read hundreds of positive reviews here about Dr Illan. Not sure if I've ever seen a bad one,. You have to go with who you are comfortable with. If you can live with the bad review that caused you to cancel with belite, great. I didn't use Dr Illan, but he would be one of my top choices based on reviews, and my interactions with their team. Good luck!

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    Milli2mini reacted to kaleia in Secret sleevers?!   
    Has anyone had this surgery and NOT told friends or family? I got sleeved 3/8 and have told 2 best friends. They both have gotten the surgery done 3 years ago. Every time I would bring up the topic of Bariatric surgery I would get the negative comments of “thats the easy way out” and “just exercise”. I don’t wanna hear anyone’s mouth. I’m not embarrassed about the surgery at all. I just don’t have many supportive people in my family.

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