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  1. I'm 62 and am having my VSG on Monday May 7th. I'm glad we'll be going through this journey together! Good luck everyone!
  2. Well, I made it through my first day of the pre-op diet! I had apple & cinnamon oatmeal, raspberry jello, vegetable beef soup, Premier Protein Shake, a protein bar, VLC bar, and 69 ounces of flavored water. The only problem I'm having with it is that I spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else! I keep telling myself that it's all worth it and a small price to pay for being healthier and living a longer and happier life! I'm off to make more Jello for tomorrow! How was your first day?
  3. Neon Star

    Any MAY sleevers???

    That reminds me that I alwo bought a few tiny glass bowls that I can use in the microwave or the oven. I'm trying to cover all the bases!
  4. Neon Star

    What to bring to the operation?

    I tried Biotene and it wasn't a spray like they say...it "oozed" from the bottle and did nothing for my dry mouth. I'm glad I tried it long before I needed it in the hospital. I bought these small sponges on a stick that you can use to moisten your mouth without swallowing the water. I'll definitely have those in my bag.
  5. Neon Star

    Any MAY sleevers???

    I bought some small appetizer plates and baby spoons and forks to help me keep my portions small, along with one and two oz. containers for my post op week liquids/jello. My surgery is at 9:00 am on May 7th and I'm excited to start this new life! Hubby drove me to the hospital so we know exactly where we're going on the big day. They want me there at 7:00 am. Would you believe I got big-time butterflies as soon as we got there??
  6. Neon Star

    Puréed Food Stage

    I bought some baby food for my puree stage. My husband got a kick out of watching me make my choices and put them in the cart. "I never thought I'd be buying baby food again," he said. I laughed and said, "Well this big baby wants some variety." I also bought sugar free applesauce, lots of sugar free jello, canned fruit packed in water (to put in the Magic Bullet) and lots of Powerade. Poor man doesn't know how to cook for one and I told him there will be more for him! Getting excited...my pre-op diet starts tomorrow!
  7. Neon Star

    Keeping Food Down

    At my consent visit I was given several prescriptions, two for nausea, so I really hope they work! The physician's assistant also told me that they do put a patch behind my ear before the surgery. I start my pre-op diet tomorrow and am excited and nervous at the same time. I had an abdominal hysterectomy 21 years ago and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Since this is laproscopic surgery, I think I'll do okay.
  8. Neon Star

    Keeping Food Down

    I realize this might be in the TMI category, but is there a difference between vomiting before and after surgery? I would think it wouldn't be as "violent" because there;s not as much tissue involved and perhaps it wouldn't hurt as much. I'd like your thoughts, experiences on this so I can be prepared as I start my journey~ I absolutely HATE throwing up, especially with abdominal surgery!
  9. I love it! Thanks for the laughs you just gave me!
  10. Neon Star

    Any MAY sleevers???

    That's my day too! I start my pre-op one week diet on April 30th. I've had all my tests so I'm ready to go. I'm getting excited for the big day! I know what you mean about the process taking longer than you expected. My first visit with the doctor was October 18th and I'm so glad that surgery is right around the corner. Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. Neon Star

    Why are my neighbor's kids not wearing helmets...

    I'm really dating myself here, but I remember when helmets weren't required and saw the grisly result of what can happen. A boy was riding his bike down our street and hit one of the sewer lids that had been paved over very unevenly...the result was he flew through the air and landed in our driveway and cracked his head wide open. I had never seen so much blood and watched as the paramedics came to his aid. He survived but I doubt if he ever did that again. Things are so much different now, it's a wonder we survived childhood
  12. Hi Rocket! I'm a 62 year old female and I'm having surgery on May 7th, so I'll be learning right along with you! When is your surgery?
  13. Neon Star

    Any MAY sleevers???

    Me too! I had a COPD exacerbation a few weeks ago and I hope they don't postpone me! They are rescheduling my endoscopy and I have my consent signing visit next week. I'm SO ready to start a healthier, happier life!
  14. Neon Star

    Gastric Sleeve (VSG) AFTER 60

    I'm scheduled for May 7th. When is your surgery? I'll be praying for you too!
  15. Neon Star

    Any April surgery buddies

    I nearly spewed my coffee across the computer screen when I read your post! You should be a comedienne!