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    bigk413 reacted to Miss_Tee in Any April surgery buddies   
    That incision site was my worst enemy last night and today. Hopefully, tonight will be a better night, fingers crossed. The cups work for me cause I can get an accurate count of what and how much I'm drink. Keeps me motivated to get to the bottom of the cup.
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    bigk413 reacted to Cotton Mom in vyvanse to reduce binge eating?   
    My husband has taken vyvanse for a year or so and has lost 70 lbs. I started my first day of vyvanse today to help the bingeing I have so bad at night. I am also logging all of my meals and watching what I eat. It helps me feel more alert but I am just on the starting dose.

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    bigk413 reacted to Smith93636 in Are we allowed to share how psych evaluation go?   
    Omg after reading this I am nervous about my psych

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    bigk413 reacted to Healthy_life2 in Are we allowed to share how psych evaluation go?   
    Wow, Interesting
    So much for professionalism. Did she give you a recommendation for surgery?

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    bigk413 reacted to acuttita in Just Waiting   
    So I had my first visit with the surgeon on March 12th and I loved him. We discussed the procedure and everything that happens afterwards. My only thing is that since I am going through my insurance, United Healthcare, I have to do six months of nutrition appointments. Real bummer!! What I don’t understand is that this is a requirement of UHC but I come to find out that they don’t pay for the nutrition visits. How can they make this a requirement of the surgery and refuse to pay for it? If that’s the case, then either pay for it or allow me to do the one visit like my surgeon recommended and schedule the surgery for when I want. Well being that they don’t pay for it, I’ve decided to appeal this policy with them. I have no issue doing the visits but then pay for it. Right now I’m just waiting for their decision. Has anyone ever tried this? If so, what happened? I figured I have a 50/50 shot and the worst they can say is no so why not at least try.
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    bigk413 reacted to Minerva1113 in Vitamin after surgery   
    Hello everyone,
    I am new here and will have my surgery at the end of April.
    I am looking into Vitamins for right after the surgery (chewable). I can't find a Multivitamin that includes Iron. I found one that has B12, B1, folic acid, copper, zinc and selenium. Do you guys now of one that also has iron? Also, how did you schedule your Vitamin intake? Calcium can't go with iron, but you have to take calcium 3 times a day, right?
    Thanks in advance!!!
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    bigk413 reacted to wjgo in Another Pre Surgery Jitters Post...   
    I could barely sleep two days prior to surgery because of the anxiety of not able to do the post-op diets.

    In the surgery recovery room, I came to with a flight reaction, and they had to hold me down for 3 minutes. It's s common reaction, I watched the same thing in done other patient beside me.

    For about an hour in the recovery room, I wondered what the hell I got myself into. It subsided. The liquid diet after surgery is about 85% less difficult the pre-op.

    It'll pass. Once you are on the next stages, it should go better than pre-op

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    bigk413 reacted to Frankette in Sleeping on my side   
    They let me sleep on my side in hospital. I didnt have any drains or anything. As long as I was comfortable they didnt care how I slept. Now of course since Ive lost a ton of weight sleeping on my side is uncomfortable without my fat cushioning my ribcage.
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    bigk413 reacted to sammi123 in Sleeve incision area pain   
    Do they not give you pain meds to bring home?
    I'm so sorry. From the videos i have watched it looks so painful. Hope you feel better really soon!!
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    bigk413 reacted to KateBruin in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    If it helps ease your mind, I didn't have a hiatal hernia so mine wouldn't be too tight from a repair and we experience the same thing. Don't be nervous to ask your surgeon (or his PA/NP) if you're really worried.

    Like 2 weeks out from surgery, on a Friday night I realized I suddenly had a stitch protruding from my incision and it hurt. I knew it wasn't an emergency but 1. It was the weekend and 2. I needed someone to ease my mind so I paged the on call surgeon. I'm glad I did because 4 weeks out it's still there.

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    bigk413 reacted to Kmccor in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    My operation was on 8/21. I had a staple line leak and my BP kept dropping. I had internal bleeding, I was dehydrated and I passed out each time I stood up. It was super scary. The hospital staff was prepping me to go back into the OR when my surgeon decided on a different course of action, which was to stop the anticoagulants and let my body clot naturally and it worked! The whole first day I was in bed unable to move. Since I was unable to move, I had a gas bubble settle in my back under my ribs and the pain was second to child birth. I was given morphine and had a terrible reaction to, so that was a hard pass. I was given a pint of blood to recover what was lost internally. By day 3, I was ready to go home as long as I could tolerate my diet which felt next to impossible! Trying to get down 4oz of Protein Shake was harder than I thought.
    Now, I'm back to my FTJ as of last week and I'm down 26lb! I was given the ok to eat Cereal and soft meats yesterday. While this is great, I'm super scared that I'm going to gain weight and not lose anymore. Any suggestions?
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    bigk413 reacted to Jeaniered in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    I felt the same, didn't want to move or drink Water. Had to force myself and only walked about the house for Five minutes at a time before I was desperate to sit down. I used a hot water bottle to help with the gas. Don't know why, but it helped. When I got to about 8 days I started to feel much better. I'm 30 days today, and so much better, have been on holiday, out for a meal and can go shopping. It will get better honestly. I still get discomfort, don't like food and have no appetite, I get grumpy and tired but have dropped 3 dress sizes and am starting to feel like a new person.
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    bigk413 reacted to Pinkaranda in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    I having the same issue 4 days out and everytime i drink water i feel this horrible pain the gas wont go away making me regret this surgery [emoji20]

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    bigk413 reacted to readytorunagain in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    Sleeved on 8/28. Still having discomfort from gas amd bloating which makes the surgical and incision sites irritated. I'm up to walking 2 miles a day now. I had to take half of a pain pill last night due to over exertion. Otherwise, I have NOT been able to consume 50 oz of Water amd I'm not getting all of my Protein in. The shakes amd killing me. I'm really done with them. I've add protein to cream of wheat, ff cream of chicken and at chocolate pudding. I've even added PB2B powder to the shakes and pudding for some variety. I am still tired and it still takes forever to urinate. How's everyone else doing?
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    bigk413 reacted to littlebearsmom25 in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    I lost about 14 lbs in a week, I am not sure how that is possible and it seems very extreme. I tracked my food yesterday and I am averaging 250-450 cal a day. Mainly just Protein Shakes and also clear Protein waters. I am sure that the weight loss will regulate itself soon.

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    bigk413 reacted to Honeybee17 in My god......what have I done?   
    I had the same exact this and feelings! I did everything you did because I didn't want to feel regrets. Got home after surgery and was regretting it big time! Apparently this is completely normal! It does go away. It went away for me when I started seeing weight loss and started feeling better. My diabetes is gone! My clothes are smaller. I'm exercising. It's not all perfect, but so much better than before surgery. The post-op diet will go by. You will go through the food phases quickly. The first time you get scrambled eggs, you'll feel excited. Why? Because you've reached another level of progress and it's like a reward! Look at each new step as exactly that...a step toward progress and a reward to a new life! I promise you that the feeling of regret did pass for me and should for you too. I know it's hard, but hang in there!

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    bigk413 reacted to pikachu.abuomar in Apple Cider Vinegar Shots   
    No I did 2tbs in a shot glass and some stevia.

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    bigk413 reacted to Apple203 in Apple Cider Vinegar Shots   
    I havent been brave enough to try! I thought it was 1 T of cider vinegar, 1 T lemon, 1 cup Water?