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  1. My name is Whitney Williams I'm 30 years old and a past lap band patient. I had some great success with my lap band when I first had it put in. I lost a lot of weight and things were looking good then all the sudden my band slipped and I had to have surgery again to replace the band. At the time of fixing my band I was just starting out my student teaching which made it a little harder to go to regular appointments like I should have. Well now I've gained weight back and have been having a bunch of trouble with my band. It gets to tight and I have to get it adjusted or I get to sick and I can't keep stuff down. Right now I'm in the process of getting revision surgery done so I can get in better shape with my weight. I just hope this time I have a lot better luck cause keeping the band is not something that I want to do. The hardest part in this journey for me is the insurance requirements to have the revision surgery is a pain in the butt. I would think if they can show that I've been having problems with the band already insurance would be ok but you have to show other things than just the problems I was having. Right now my band has nothing so its making the weight loss a littler harder but I'm sticking in there and can't wait to start this journey again and get in a healthier life. I'm also going through this journey with my mom she is getting ready to have the sleeve surgery too. She's going to get to have her surgery first because I'm having to have back surgery on March 26,2018 so I have to put my surgery on the back burner until I heal from it. Well that's a little background into my journey I wish everyone luck on their journey.
  2. Whitney W

    Revision From Lap Band to Sleeve

    Well one week post-op from my back surgery and I’m feeling pretty good. Still sore but getting better day by day
  3. Whitney W

    Revision From Lap Band to Sleeve

    Well I’ve been so busy getting ready for the back surgery I for got to update that my back surgery was moved to the 29th I will keep everyone updated
  4. Whitney W

    Revision From Lap Band to Sleeve

    Thank you so much
  5. Whitney W

    Revision From Lap Band to Sleeve

    Thank you so much
  6. Whitney W

    Revision From Lap Band to Sleeve

    Thank you so much it’s been hard but I’ve had a very good support system
  7. Yeah that’s a good thing
  8. Just hang in there you will get there
  9. If your gaining muscle remember muscle weighs more than fat
  10. Yes it will I’m ready for both surgeries but I want to get my back better so I can start walking more
  11. They told me once I get healed up from the back I should get to schedule my Sleeve
  12. It's spinal fusion I've been living with this back pain for way to long and it gets so bad sometimes I can't get out of bed so I'm ready to get it fixed.
  13. Yea my doctor told me there are a lot more bands coming off than going on right now. He is doing a lot of revision surgeries for people.
  14. I'm going through the process I have to have back surgery so I have to wait a little longer. Also I'm going from the band to the Sleeve
  15. Whitney W

    Revision From Lap Band to Sleeve

    Thank you so much I will let her know. Also good luck on your journey as well.
  16. Having to wait is always hard but just think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there you will do great and good luck.
  17. Whitney W

    Newbie :) surgery date 5/10/18

    Congrats on getting your surgery date. I'm still working on getting mine because I have to have back surgery first. Places like this is a great place to get support. If you need anything just ask I'm having revision surgery done once I get to have it. I've had the lap band for 8 years now and have had some problems with it. All surgeries dangerous or have risk but you just have to face them head on. Hang in there you will do great.