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  1. Sunshineprincess

    Taking Multiple Pills Post Surgery

    I actually had acid reflux when I took my pills right before bedtime so I changed them to earlier and it wasn't a problem. As for pills you can take them all at once if that is what you are doing now. It will be fine.
  2. Sunshineprincess

    19hrs and Hurricane Florence is still here

    I'd be a nervous wreck.....even more than I was. After all that waiting I hope you get your surgery and that everything is ok in your town. Good luck :-)
  3. Sunshineprincess

    Bruising like crazy!

    I am very fair skinned and I actually have marks from bruises from my shots still at almost 4 months out. I also still have a hematoma in my tummy from one that is slowly shrinking. I would ask but like someone mentioned it might be a vitamin deficiency. I have times when I bruise a lot and they told me before that it was a deficiency but that was before surgery. After we are all wacky with our vitamins. Good luck and I'm sure it's something simple like that.
  4. Sunshineprincess

    My journey so far....

    I agree sounds normal to me and yes the stall will happen as your body adjusts to changes. Fluids were and still are hard for me to get in even at almost 4 months out so that's great you are getting them in. Keep up the hard work, it will be worth it :-)
  5. Sunshineprincess


    When I looked into it online it said weight does cause thwm not to drain properly. So you are absolutely correct :-)
  6. Sunshineprincess


    I had surgery 3 months ago and I have to say my lymphedema has went down about 50 %. Some days it is a little bigger but it has really improved. There is a thing called dry brushing that might help and I'm gonna try it.
  7. Sunshineprincess

    OK, so what's going on 6wks out

    I wouldn't worry too much about the period issues. Everything gets out of whack for a few months. I was told that and reminded it after too lol. But you can mention it to your doctor and ask just to be reassured. As for protein they do have protein waters available.....I haven't tried any yet but I think I am going to get unflavored protein because I also got sick of the shake taste and can't seem to do the one's I still have right now.
  8. Sunshineprincess

    Pizza Lovers

    Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to have to look for them, I am a pizza lover. I've been nervous about trying to make a low carb one but these look yummy :-)
  9. Sunshineprincess

    Help! Calories? Exercise?

    Hello All, So I am a little over 2 months out and just curious how much everyone eats and exercises a day? I was told I was eating too little and upped it but I only lost like 9 pounds in like 4 weeks. Idk what I'm doing wrong but I don't go back to doctors for another 3 weeks about and want to any helpful hints people can give. Thank you guys!
  10. Sunshineprincess

    Help! Calories? Exercise?

    Thanks! I am barely getting 64 ounces of fluid in daily so I will continue to try to work on that and up my exercise. I am 5'10" & currently about 452 and was 546 when I started. Down about 47 since surgery. I'll know for sure my numbers when I see the doctor at the end of this month. I just stress hat I'm doing something wrong or not enough or that surgery won't work for me ugh. Thanks I will look at my numbers and up my fluids for sure!
  11. Hello Has anyone had a weigh in and been told that not getting enough protein is hindering your weight loss somewhat? I'm doing better now but sheesh I was freaking out to not have as big a loss as I thought and I thought I was doing everything right except not enough I guess. Just curious if anyone had tricks for getting more protein that isn't shakes? Thanks
  12. Hello, I eat 3 meals a day and either 2 cups of milk or a half to a whole premier shake. Just depends if I feel like drinking milk or shake that day. It's been hard for me to get up to all my protein. I'm actually 6 weeks out and finally getting into the groove now. If I am short I will eat a light string cheese which is 6 grams. Good luck to you too.
  13. Sunshineprincess

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    I had my surgery 5/23 as well. Not sure what my weight loss is right now. It was 23 down at 2 weeks but I don't go until next week for next weigh in.....hopefully a decent loss. I'm on solid food and doing good. Glad everyone is doing well. Good luck!
  14. Sunshineprincess

    Stocking up

    Sugar free Popsicles are a must lol. Maybe a few heart healthy soups you can strain and whatever protein you have to have but I agree don't buy a bunch in case you can't tolerate it. I'd suggest testing out your protein maybe before hand too since if ya hate it now. For hospital if you have long hair remember a hair tie....it drove me crazy but I always have my hair up so I had someone bring me one. Don't over pack you really will just be walking, sipping, and sleeping. Good luck you'll do great.
  15. Sunshineprincess

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    Hi Frustr8 I am here now lol I somehow didn't get your tag on this but just happened across the forum. I just had surgery on 5/23 & I am doing good. For those that don't know me at surgery I was 499 not sure what right now cause no weight. I'm making sure all those fluids they pumped in are out so I don't freak lol. But I agree it is hard when you don't easily see a loss. One thing I've learned to do is touch my tummy and as you lose it really does feel different even if ya don't see that. And lol I started at 546 so this is something I still do but I can wear a seat belt so I check all the time to see how much easier it is to put on now. Just little things to keep spirits up and I truly each of us can reach our goals! Good luck everyone :-)
  16. Sunshineprincess

    Surgery/recovery room timeframes

    Lol I felt the same way. But I'm sure you will be faster and do great. My surgeon is also very cautious and being a bigger person and my first surgery he is really cautious which is a good thing. All the nurses when I got upstairs mentioned how particular my doctor is lol. But anyway after all that I only stayed 2 nights total so just breathe and yes the months will fly by.
  17. Sunshineprincess

    Surgery/recovery room timeframes

    Hello, My case is rare so don't go by it because my liver was larger than expected and took longer for surgery. But I was able to speak to my family and remember it about 5 hours after surgery. I also knew going in I would prolly be put in ICU overnight but this is the special part I spent the night in the PACU to be watched carefully since the ICU was full I think. So my family was allowed to visit me briefly in there even though they are not supposed to. Anyway ik that sounds like a lot but I got through good and no issues so you will do fine. I was so terrified beforehand and it was all good. I would say keep asking questions and the more you know what is going to happen the less nervous you'd be surprise you feel on the actual day.
  18. Sunshineprincess

    when did everyone first poop?

    OK I am so ecstatic I pooped finally! So day 5 post op yay and I used a stool to prop feet up just to ease the slide lol but no meds so yay!
  19. I didn't think to ask u til someone mentioned pooping to me lol. I am just a few days out of surgery and I'll call my doctor office Tuesday to ask as well but what day or week did everyone have their first poop after the sleeve? I'm almost getting all my fluids in and gas is passing so no issue just curious. Thanks everyone for any info :-)
  20. Sunshineprincess

    when did everyone first poop?

    Thanks everyone. I am gonna call the Doctors office tmw just to see if they can tell me what to take. I am getting my fluids in and have been walking since a few hours after surgery and only occasionally take Tylenol to help if any pain. I did have pain blocker shots while in surgery so maybe those affect it too?! Either way knowing it's kinda an issue and different for everyone has eased my anxiety about it and the gas still comes a lot lol. Thanks guys and good luck MyLife2.0.....I let ya know what my doctor says.
  21. Sunshineprincess

    Protein Powder/Nausea

    Hello, Everyone recommends Premier Protein and I tried it....it is delicious. It also comes in I know Chocolate, Vanilla ,Strawberry, cookies and cream, banana cream, peaches and cream, and Carmel I think. But you might try that. It sells everywhere I believe but Sam's Club usually has the most flavors and you can get the already made shakes and get 30 grams of protein per those....I have only tried the already made ones so not sure if ya buy the powder if still tastes good. Good luck to you. I just had my surgery 5 days ago and all going well. So hope that's encouraging too :-)
  22. Sunshineprincess

    Sleeved 5/23!

    I know there were several people having surgery this week. I just wanted to say I had mine on Weds and did great. My liver was bigger than he thought so took a little longer and I stayed in the hospital about 48 hours for my blood tests to come back up. Anyway other than that everything was smooth and I was up walking a few hours after surgery. Been drinking good just pacing myself and walking a few min every hour. Slightly sore but I'm ready for the losing part too. Hope this helps anyone feeling scared cause I was terrified. Also I am a bigger patient....just under 500 so I did well and I'm sure you all will too. Good luck everyone and we can all share our weightloss successes soon! :-)
  23. Sunshineprincess

    when did everyone first poop?

    Thanks everyone I haven't taken pain meds really and getting fluids in good so I guess I will be expecting it soon lol. If not I'll call doctor on Tues. But thank you guys....calms my nerves about it.
  24. Sunshineprincess

    when did everyone first poop?

    Thanks for your response. I'll be 6 days out Tues and call that day after holiday. The hospital everyone was just waiting for gas to start and it did and they could here bowel sounds so I'm we are OK. Just not much in there to come out lol. But hopefully some further along add to this too. Good luck :-)
  25. Sunshineprincess

    when did everyone first poop?