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  1. How in the world people do this? I added stevia. Tried to hold it down. Then my stomach was sick. & just threw up! Oh my gosh horrible way to start your morning. Anyone else try this?!
  2. pikachu.abuomar

    Sugar Free Candy

    I’m addicted to sugar free hard candy? & I can’t stop. Help?!
  3. pikachu.abuomar

    Foods that make you feel full

    What foods do you like to eat that make you fee! satisfied? I need new ideas please! Recipes, snacks, Whole Foods?
  4. pikachu.abuomar

    Regain while traveling for work

    If you don’t have time to workout, watch your carb intake. Once you get in a routine with your new schedule you will get back on track.
  5. pikachu.abuomar

    Where does everyone live? (General area)

  6. pikachu.abuomar

    Foods that make you feel full

    I’m 2 years out my doctor prefers me to eat 2oz of protein every 2 hours.
  7. pikachu.abuomar

    Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

    Dr. Jarvis? I’ll have to look him up.
  8. pikachu.abuomar

    Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

    So so so bad. I’m scared for life.
  9. pikachu.abuomar

    Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

    No I did 2tbs in a shot glass and some stevia.
  10. pikachu.abuomar

    Normal not be under 200 pounds 8 months post op?

    Don’t give up. You’ve pretty much lost a 100 pounds in one year! Oh em gee! Keep it up and stay positive. One more year or less and you will be at your goal.
  11. pikachu.abuomar

    Eating more :(

    I’m not satisfied at eating 2-3 oz my doctor says to eat every 2 hours of protein. I’m scared I have stretched my stomach, because I fell off my healthy eating. How can I get back to eating small like I use and not wanting more?
  12. pikachu.abuomar

    Eating more :(

    Thank you. So you think I should stay away from things like almonds and pistachios?
  13. pikachu.abuomar

    Eating more :(

    I’m about 2 years out and I have been eating my protein like eggs and tuna, but when I get home I’m snacking on candy and junk.
  14. pikachu.abuomar

    Eating more :(

    Thank you I will be trying my bestest!
  15. Muscle milk light! 100 calories and 20 grams of protein so yummy!