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  1. Astarisborn

    Help with the math

    Thank you!
  2. Can someone help me with the math? Insurance requires me to do a 3 month diet my first appointment with a nutritionists was may 5 2nd was June 10 and third is July 8, is that it? Or will I need an appointment in august?
  3. I was given some bariatric advantage HPMR protein powder and since I’ve been drinking it, my weight has stalled. Is that normal with this drink? I only drink it for breakfast and eat healthy otherwise throughout the day. Has anyone else noticed this with protein powders?
  4. Astarisborn

    Gastric emptying study

    No, at the study they found that I didn’t have gastroparesis. The surgeon did say that if I did, the sleeve would’ve fixed it.
  5. Astarisborn

    Hard time

    Hi ya'll. I'm kinda having a hard time right now and no one around me seems to understand. I just don't feel happy with my progress. I've gotten some compliments and I notice a slight difference but I still feel like I should be losing weight much faster. I'm almost 6 months out of surgery. I had surgery may 22nd and I weighed 363, I now weigh 285 and It seems like I should be wayyy smaller than that by now. I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 weeks and I'm afraid to see him because I feel that he may be disappointed in me. I sometimes workout and then ill stop for weeks at a time. My doc told me to never count calories or weigh things because thats like a diet and they don't want me to feel like I'm on a diet. I don't overeat and everyone says I barely eat now. I don't know if I'm developing some type of body dysmorphia because I still feel the same amount of fat. I don't know what to do. Just based on y'all knowledge is 78 pounds 6 months out good?
  6. Astarisborn

    Purée stage/gulping/long to eat

    You’re already exercising? That’s amazing! I was gonna start walking at the park the 1st of June.
  7. Hey everyone I’m in the purée stage of my gastric sleeve diet and I was wondering how long should it take me to eat 2oz of chicken salad? Since I’ve had my surgery, my stomach only felt swollen for a couple of days and now I’m able to eat yogurt way faster. Apparently it takes some people a couple of hours to finish such small amounts, but not me. Is that normal? I also can gulp liquids just fine and it doesn’t give me much discomfort (maybe a few burps) is it possible my surgeon left too much stomach, or is this normal?
  8. Hi all! Im on day 5 of the pre-op liquid diet and I’ve been constipated for the last 3 days. My doctor gave instructions on what to do about constipation post-op but not pre-op. Can anyone help me? I can’t wait til Monday to call. Did any of y’all take stool softeners or milk of magnesia before the surgery? Does it affect the surgery at all if I take something?
  9. Astarisborn

    Last Appointment

    You’ll do great! Stay strong through the preop diet. You made it this far and now you’re almost to the finish line. Congratulations!!!
  10. Astarisborn

    Gastric emptying study

    Thank you so much! I’ve been so worried that it may cause a delay in me getting the surgery. I will go read the articles right now. Thanks again!
  11. Astarisborn

    Gastric emptying study

    Is that all it is? Did you have one?
  12. Hey everyone! I just had an EGD done with my surgeon and he said my stomach was full of food. The last thing I ate was at 11:45 last night and they said not to eat after 12am. The egd was at 7 something am! Have any of y’all ever had to take this step? (Gastric emptying study) and any idea on what’s it like and what it means for my sleeve surgery? Please help if you can
  13. Has anyone else gotten an approval from the insurance company without an actual approval letter? My insurance company (uhc choice plus) is telling me they’re not going to send me an approval letter (online or by mail) & that I have to get a copy from my doctor.
  14. Astarisborn

    Second approval?

    It does! Thank you so much.
  15. Astarisborn

    Uhc how long for approval!!

    They told me that they have 15 business days to approve. I was approved in 10 business days. I called them so much that they put it as high priority and sped it up.

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