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  1. Hopeful_GS

    Drinking alcohol again????

    I've had a glass of wine at a happy hour or at dinner with friends. I'm a fan of chilled white wine, sav. blanc or pinot gr. Nothing sweet but I think that's personal preference. The red doesn't settle well in my stomach, feels too heavy and thick for some reason. I would totally do vodka, if I like it- but I don't so my options are pretty limited. I tried a glass of champagne on new years, the first carbonated drink I've had since my surgery (this past March) and it did not go well. I'll spare you the details but no, absolutely not- never again. lol
  2. Hopeful_GS

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    Hello all!! I had my VSG on 03/26 and aside from losing 80% of my hair- I think I’m doing average. I feel good, which is what I care the most about. I started this journey at 320, I was 297 when I weighed in at the hospital before surgery. Today I’m 211 and counting. Although slower, I’m still losing weight. I’m 6’1, so my height is definitely an advantage for weight distribution. I’ve refocused my energy and goals from losing weight to getting strong. I still drink at least one protein drink a day but am still finding it difficult to meet my 100g protein goal. I feel super blessed that I have this tool and work so hard to make smart food choices every day that now, it’s easy to pass on the junk that I know won’t fuel my body. I’m super conscious of what I eat because I have to make sure I get my protein and I feel like I can put so little into my body now, why waste valuable space with junk that isn’t going to make me feel good. I’ve also been working out 4-5 days a week to try and build muscle, Not seeking results but feeling them. So now the down side- My hair, it’s SO THIN and breaking. I had to chop it off (to my chin, now I fully have a mom bob) and it still looks so thin!! 😭 Opinionated people- I’m not sure what makes people (not good friends or family) think that it’s ok to comment on my weight. I mean at first it was flattering but now- it’s like, ok. I get it, I was fat and now I’m less fat. I get it all the time, from random people that I’ve seen in my office building, neighbors, etc. My favorite is “you’ve always had such a pretty face but I would have never thought you’d look like this!” Some of you may be rolling their eyes, I would be if I were you, but I’m serious. I don’t know how to handle this and it’s becoming overwhelming, frustrating, and overall making me angry. Tell me I’m crazy and to stop complaining. Also, Why do people think it’s ok to tell me that I don’t need to lose any more weight??? Its mainly my co-workers and a few friends who have said this to me. It’s not ok to tell someone that they need to lose, not lose, or gain weight. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Perfect bars are AMAZING, lots of protein AND superfoods. They are in the refrigerated section at Trader Joe’s, by the hummus. It tastes so good, I have a hard time believing it’s so nutritious!
  4. Not one day has passed where I’ve regretted my decision to have it. Not a even a single moment.
  5. Not one day has passed where I regretted my decision to have it. Not even a moment.
  6. Hopeful_GS

    Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

    8 grams of sugar and 5grams of protein isn’t terrible. Particularly if you are eating it as a snack on rare occasions. HW: 420 SW:320 PRE-VSG: 301 CW: 267 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  7. 4 weeks out of surgery, still in the puréed diet and was looking for something I could take on the go (to get extra protein between meals). Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter is literally the best thing I’ve eaten in MONTHS. If you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest that you do (if you’re a fan of nut butters). Anyone else tried it? HW: 420 SW:320 PRE-VSG: 301 CW: 267 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  8. Hopeful_GS

    Best Multivitamin?

    Following. I was sleeved on 03/26 and I’ve yet to find a Bariatric multivitamin that doesn’t make me want to puke. HW: 420 SW:320 PRE-VSG: 301 CW: 274 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  9. Today was my 2 week appointment as well! I just had my first puréed food- IT WAS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER EATEN!! I mean, I realize I’m biased because I haven’t had anything besides protein shakes and yogurt for the past month- but what a magical experience! 2 tbsp’s of Trader Joe’s edamame hummus!! [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] HW: 420 SW:320 PRE-VSG: 301 CW: 274 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  10. I’m sorry to hear about your Seroma!! I had to google that, sounds very painful. I’m going to the dr for my 2 week post op on Wednesday, I was planning to talk to him then about the pain. Luckily, the pain is now only present when I bend down or reach high with my left side. So that makes me think that it’s probably just muscle pain- who knows. I was stalled for a few days but finally lost a pound. Feeling super relived and ready to go on puréed food. I’m seriously craving tuna and roasted broccoli (puréed of course). I haven’t had anything other than Protein Shakes, sugar free popsicles, sugar free pudding, and fat free yogurt since March 15th!! HW: 420 SW:320 PRE-VSG: 301 CW: 274 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  11. I’m doing well, except for the pain in my left abdomen when I engage my core (even slightly, like rubbing lotion into my leg). Not sure what it is but I suspect the internal stitches are being pulled. The pain seems to go away when I apply pressure to the area or when I’m not using my left hand or bend my body to the left or down. I haven’t had fever and I’m handling liquids well. I’ve been walking a lot, tbh- I’m doing more than I should and thats probably the issue. If the pain does not get better, I’ll likely go to the ER at some point this weekend. Anyone else have the same problem?? HW: 420 SW:320 PRE-VSG: 301 CW: 276 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  12. Great, thanks for this! HW: 420 SW:320 CW: 279 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  13. My SW was the weight I was at when I started the VSG journey, including my 4 months of supervised nutrition. I lost 100 on my own. My pre-op weight was 288. HW: 420 SW:320 CW: 279 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  14. Thanks for your response. Yeah, I’m going to donate to Salvation Army but some of my stuff- i just can’t see not at least attempting to sell! HW: 420 SW:320 CW: 281 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18
  15. Hopeful_GS

    One week out.

    I’m in the exact same boat as you. Down to the day and the amount of liquid you are taking in! I’ve only lost 7lbs since surgery but I’m still holding onto a lot of water. Looking forward to the end of the week! HW: 420 SW:320 CW: 281 GW: 185 Sleeved: 03/26/18

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