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  1. iamloved

    Any MGB in March?

    Glad you’re feeling a little better and thank you Lovingleo
  2. iamloved

    Any MGB in March?

    Hello everyone I’m sorry I haven’t posted much I had my surgery March 9th and unfortunately after surgery about a leak was found and repaired immediately less 24 hours after surgery I’m covering and its taking much longer then I expected due to my leak a sequela of it I developed a abscess where the repair was so that will be drained Wednesday. Due to all of this I’m just overwhelmed. I’ve wanted to update but I’m just not up to much lately. Lovingleo
  3. iamloved

    Today is the day

    Thank you everyone I just checked in my surgery is scheduled for 7:30am Lovingleo
  4. I’m ready I think lol I treated my self to a spa day to get ready and relax, hopefully everything goes well I’ll come back and update my experience. Lovingleo
  5. iamloved

    Any MGB in March?

    I m glad you’re doing well and thank you for the well wishes I will definitely update tomorrow if I’m up to it. Lovingleo
  6. iamloved

    Any MGB in March?

    Yes my date is Friday I’m super nervous! How are you feeling? And how’s your progress? [emoji16] Lovingleo
  7. iamloved

    I made it outttttt wooohoooo

    Awesome!! Feel better soon Lovingleo
  8. iamloved

    March surgery buddy [emoji16]

    I originally planned on the sleeve but due to my GERD we decided MGB would be better Lovingleo
  9. iamloved

    March surgery buddy [emoji16]

    Thank you I’m Pennsylvania Lovingleo
  10. iamloved

    Surgery today

    Good luck to you! Lovingleo
  11. iamloved

    March surgery buddy [emoji16]

    Well Hello I’m scheduled for MGB Friday hopefully I will still be able to because the storm hit my home no power and a big tree on it so I may have to reschedule hopefully not Lovingleo
  12. I’m in New York I only have a two day liquid pre op which starts this Wednesday Lovingleo
  13. iamloved

    March 5th coming up quick!

    Yes I feel the same way I’m March 9 th and nervous and excited and time is flying Lovingleo
  14. iamloved

    March-April Rny-ers

    March 9th Lovingleo
  15. iamloved

    Surgery in the AM

    How are you hope your feeling well Lovingleo