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  1. I have b12 injection every three month and my only other vitamins are chewable Flintstones complete. My blood work comes back all in normal range. Had RNY1 year 3 months ago. Hope you get it figured out
  2. Have a happy update just passed my goal of 175 which my doctor had given me Goal #2. 157. Her I come!!
  3. August 28 is my 1 year post op down 80 pounds but only loosing 2-3 pounds a month. Down to 177 from 257 size 26 plus to a normal size 14-16 large
  4. clsumrall

    Food Before and After Photos

    My husband finished all and half of my chili hamburger patty :)
  5. clsumrall

    Food Before and After Photos

    I don’t have the before picture but I do the after 11 1/2 month post op
  6. clsumrall

    Food Before and After Photos

    Love the Cafe de Monde in the French Quarter
  7. From the album: Cathrine’s 6/2019 cruise

    Cruise photos

    © 6/2019

  8. clsumrall

    Cathrine’s 6/2019 cruise

    After the cruise down 77 pounds
  9. clsumrall

    Pounds lost

    Starting weight was 275 in 2/2018
  10. clsumrall

    Pounds lost

    Starting weight 2/2018 SW 257 8/28/18 CW 179 6/18/19 First GW 175. Soon ? Second GW 155. ???
  11. clsumrall

    Updates and Before and Afters

    Before and after 8/29/18 and 6/10/19.
  12. clsumrall

    Am I done?

    I just went through a week stall and in the last 2 weeks down 7 pounds the change I made was up my hydration and up my raw and leafy greens y almost double
  13. clsumrall

    High Vitamin Levels

    I’m here in Pa and there is s much minerals and salts in n our water so was wondering where you live maybe you are dealing with some of the same issues as I do
  14. clsumrall

    High Vitamin Levels

    How many ounces of water are you able to drink a day not counting coffee
  15. clsumrall

    High Vitamin Levels

    Check if you are on well water. That will mess up your blood work
  16. Regarding veggies. Air fried asparagus is the BOMB. YOU MUST TRY IT.
  17. clsumrall

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Go to Facebook and put in his name
  18. clsumrall

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Dr v Facebook page had the link
  19. For me if the water is super cold kind of slushy it helps with my stomach
  20. clsumrall

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Dr V had this on Facebook he really hits the mark
  21. Awesome I’m going on one in June. Salmon every which way is what I’m hoping for. :)
  22. clsumrall

    Food Before and After Photos

    Here they are asparagus came out sweet very good
  23. clsumrall

    Food Before and After Photos

    Air fried chicken and asparagus hysteria with a little panko and olive oil that was misted on
  24. Frust8 sorry for all th cra** you have been throughout this experience but. Snap Out Of It !! Go back and read your early post. You have been through hell and back but you are Strong and wonderful and forever a great and fierce friend. You are loved and cared for by all of us here. Hopefully it’s time to turn the corner and life will ease up a bit. I’m 6 month and 2 days post op. Down 70 pounds from HW. Down 50 pounds SW and I still am having hard time eating as well. Nothing tastes good or land safely in the tummy but it’s helping my brain understand that I spent my previous 60 years LIVING to eat and not actually LIVING my life. Remember God has a plan and for me it taking a while to get my head in the game of life. Time to stop obsessing over food. Please feel better. We all need you around my friend.
  25. clsumrall


    Fresh ginger tea helps so much.

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