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  1. Hi guys ... I’m on my 5 month pre op for sleeve and didn’t loose yet the weight 😞 required by my insurance , the nutri told me today that I must loose 10 pounds or they won’t approved me . My question- does anyone had been through this ?how did overcome ? I’ve been following the meal plan ; I guess I will have to put more effort on it —just afraid I will not make it - I’ve come so far
  2. My date will be next week the 13 I’m happy but I guess also a mix of thoughts ... I guess I’m scared
  3. @jessLess Thank you for the info I’m feeling much better don’t took entire pill I broke dow I’m not allowed to take any stool softer yet and no protein shake yet only clear liquids for 2 weeks .
  4. Hi everyone just had a sleeve done on Thursday Thank God everything was success , nothing better then be home but unfortunately some discomfort on the incisions and gases My doc sent me home with oxicodone/acetomonofen 5-325 is this safe guys also the pills seems to large I’m really sacred to take them , is safe to brake a part
  5. @orchidsDragons hello dear I also took percosect at hospital but they sent me home with oxicodone/acetominofen but I broken then in half and took , thank God DIDNT need a second dose that thing burned down I’m feeling much better by the days
  6. lili@ne

    Finally Got a date

    @ladysin I thought so too, but I can eat small portions until 48 hours before the surgery after that I will only drink a bottle Gatorade the night before and and last one 3 hours before the surgery - doctor says is to mantém the sugar level
  7. Finally the 6 months pre op ended , finally got 13 pounds off , now waiting for insurance approval WP Hospital - Westchester , NY , can’t wait !!!
  8. 🙏🏼 oh yes !! prayer is always WELCOME THANK YOU !
  9. Thanks @Farfi for the advice
  10. I keep u guys posted .
  11. @greenTealael oh yes for 2 years I’ve been planing and searching about and finally decided .... yes I’m ready
  12. @greenTealael oh yes for 2 years I’ve been planing and searching about and finally decided .... yes I’m ready
  13. I know @ Matt Z To it’s not ; to be honestly ; I’ve haven’t been strictly following the diet the way I should , but I did cut the half portion when I eat during week days , I don’t drink soda during week but on Sundays BBQ’S yes I do have carbonates drinks and basically eat during it . I guess I will have to really focus ; I haven’t been able to really exercise due to my lower back problems I do walk 3 times week I try to push my self at least 40 minutes ; but due to weight my knees and ankle start to really fill the pressure , I fell most of the time bloating I will try to minimize everything .... Thank you all for the advices - 😉
  14. No kept the same weight
  15. I have 30 days until my last visit after that they will submit the paper and I assume they will delay; but I’ll do the best to loose all until the last visit ...As well as the insurance requires 6 months of process. Insurance required me to lose 5% of my weight ;
  16. Thanks @swanton_Bomb I will find a wAy; I have to be very carful .
  17. I will have my last visit with nutritionist September 20th and then they send all the paper work for insurance I have all others doctor cleared already
  18. lili@ne

    Surgery done!!

    Feel better soon!!
  19. lili@ne


    Glad to hear it!!
  20. Wishing Speed recovery for you !!
  21. Any advice on surgeons on Westchester area ? Bariatric/Sleeve
  22. lili@ne

    NY-Westchester -

    Thanks @Danny Paul Dr Philip is my surgeon , I don’t have a date yet probably and of August/September . I’m really exited , for the new me but at same time scared after the surgery what would be

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