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  1. I just had gastric bypass with dr Rodriguez in January. I would be happy to talk.
  2. Who is doing the surgery. Let me know how you are doing!
  3. If you have any other questions let me know. I will even share my number with you. I had surgery 1/12/18
  4. MM

    esophageal tube

    I did not and I don’t know anybody else that had it done that had the surgery
  5. MM

    Plastics done :)

    You look Great
  6. You are correct when you had the surgery, but since November 2017 they only do surgery hospital Angeles
  7. 2 weeks out I had nightmares, they calmed down about 4 days ago. I do have a difficult time getting all the water in and 3 days ago went for IV fluids.
  8. Have them leave the IV in until the day you leave. They take them out the night before. I also had bad headache probably due to anesthesia. Wish I would have had liquid Tylenol with me.
  9. We had a 3 1/2 flight plus 2 hours on runway due to ice. I am doing good. Difficult to get water in had it go into urgent care for IV about 10 days Home
  10. Be lite weight only uses hospital Angels now
  11. Dr Rodriguez was great. Belite
  12. Had surgery with Rodriguez on 1/12/18. He is great!
  13. I had gastric bypass. My flight was 3 1/2 hours plus 2 hour wait on runway when we got home due to ice. Get a wheelchair you will be tired. I was afraid to walk in the plane did not want to fall, but used had the hose on from the hospital and exercised ( moved my legs often)
  14. That is me I had the surgery 1/12
  15. I had mine in Mexico with Belite they are more expensive but doctors are great.
  16. Take at least 2 weeks off. If you can 3 best. You will feel weak and it is difficult to get water in.
  17. MM


    I do but my job did not include gastric bypass.