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  1. Hi KP! Yes, I can definitely help you. I will send you a DM, or message me at nikispence@humanicare.ca.
  2. My Fellow Albertans! If you are able, and need your band adjusted, I am organizing a Fill Day in Edmonton, AB on Thursday, October 10th and then in Calgary, AB on either Friday, October 11th or Saturday, October 12th. If you are interested, please contact me! If you can't make those dates, reach out to me anyways and we can talk about options. Hope I can help those Slimband / CIBO / Smartshape / other lapband bandsters that need support! Hugs, Niki
  3. Niki Spence

    Still no 2004 Bandsters here???

    I'm 11 years in.... still at goal weight. Happy Bandster here!
  4. Stella, I have a connection for people that have been banded, are at a lower BMI than what would normally qualify one for weight loss surgery, and want to convert from band to sleeve, DDS, or bypass. Message me if you want to talk!!!
  5. Niki Spence

    Lap Band Fill in Canada

    Hi Joester! I can help you! Message me and we can talk!
  6. There are a lot of banded patients in Canada that no longer have a contact to have their band adjusted (fills / defills). If you are one of them, please reach out to me - I may be able to help.
  7. Fellow Bandsters In Ontario: I am organizing a fill day in Toronto on Saturday, September 28th and in Barrie, Ontario on Sunday, September 29th. If anyone is in need of a band adjustment, please reach out to me. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
  8. Niki Spence

    Something just isn’t right

    I agree - leak, or latch of the band came undone, or a slip up to the top of the stomach.... an endoscopy would also help to see the placement of the band. A cat scan can also identify placement.
  9. Niki Spence

    Goal Weight Achieved

    Awesome! Congrats! Sent from my SM-G973W using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. Niki Spence

    Disappearing lapbanders

  11. Niki Spence

    Disappearing lapbanders

    I have had my band for 11 years.... for the first year, I was toooooo tight - throwing up all the time - lost all my weight, but had the band replaced after a year because it slipped. Ten years later, I have kept all my weight off, but there is a leak in the tubing somewhere so the saline doesn't stay in the band. I can get a fill, feel a bit of restriction, and then it fades. The scar tissue and band itself provide some restriction - enough to keep my weight stable. I am at 143 lbs - about 10 pounds higher than where I used to be a few years ago - but better than being 265. I believe that each weight loss surgery serves a purpose - one isn't necessarily "better" than the other because each person is different: some of us are volume eaters with no off-switch, others are emotional eaters, some of us have certain health concerns that would make duodenal switch or bypass a better choice than the sleeve.... It doesn't matter which surgery that you and your surgeon decide to go with, it is a difficult life-changing decision. Feel confident in your decision and stick to the guidance that your advisor gives you.
  12. Niki Spence

    Slimband - Cuts off TLBC Patients

    I have had my Slimband for 11 years and I am trying to offer my support to those that have been feeling abandoned now that the company is no longer doing the surgeries and do not have the support that they once had or promised. I am not involved in pursuing any legal action against Slimband. But I can offer guidance if you need support, fills or defills, or need/want to have it removed and are considering getting the revision from band to sleeve, bypass or duodenal switch. DM me to talk. I should disclose that I am a former Slimband employee, and worked there for about six years, and left on my own free will in 2016.
  13. Niki Spence

    Prince Albert Surgical Center, Toronto On, Canada

    Hi Dis-S... DM me, I would like to talk to you about your options on having it removed. I am sorry that this happened to you! I have had my Slimband for 11 years and I am trying to offer my support to those that have been feeling abandoned now that the company is no longer doing the surgeries and do not have the support that they once had or promised.
  14. I was banded by Slimband 11 years ago and still have my band. However, I have helped others have their band removed and have the band-to-sleeve or band-to-bypass revision surgery done and they are soooo happy. I can also help ones that just need to have their band adjusted to a proper level of restriction. DM me if you want to talk about getting fills/defills or about revision to a more effective weight loss surgery.
  15. Niki Spence

    Fill Centre Ontario Canada

    Hi beach64 and bikerbabe40 - I can help you connect with someone that does fills / defills for a very reasonably price! Please DM me for more information!
  16. Hi everyone, I can definitely help you with your fill / defill needs in Ontario.... please DM me for more information!!! Niki
  17. Niki Spence


    I can definitely help you find a fill / defill support in Ontario. Please DM me for more information!
  18. Niki Spence

    Slimband / LAPBand Fills / Defills in Ontario

    hahaha, in this instance, Sharing Is NOT Caring!!! I will DM you to chat more. We must have been banded really close to the same time! I was March 20th, 2008
  19. Niki Spence


    Julie: so when you don't fly are you still rather restricted? In other words, do you think your band is too tight on a regular basis so that it requires loosening when you fly? or is it fine but as soon as you get in the air, it is like you've been given a 1.0cc fill? I'm curious.... What do you have: the 4cc LAPBAND? Thanks for sharing!
  20. Niki Spence


    Hi ladies, my two cents: I have had my band for 10 years and never noticed any difference when traveling, and I travel often.
  21. Niki Spence

    Anyone in the Barrie, Ontario area?

    Hi everyone following on this thread! While many of these posts are years old, I wanted to let you know that there is a group of bandsters coming together in the Barrie area on November 17th, 2018 for fills (or defills if this is necessary!) If you are interested, please let me know! Warm regards, Niki
  22. Hi Bri! I had a full body lift by a great surgeon in Ajax. My scar is pencil thin and faint. Recovery was great. DM me for more info! :)
  23. We are a medical travel company that is working with one of the top weight loss surgeons in Mexico. We are looking to help someone in dire need of weight loss surgery and are giving away a free weight loss surgery and an all-expense paid trip to Mexico which includes air fare and accommodations. This person has hundreds of pounds to lose and they need this to save their life. If you or someone you know needs this surgery and would be interested in getting more information, please send me a personal message here or visit our website at www.humanicare.ca/free-weight-loss-surgery.

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