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  1. PinkFreud

    Before and After Pics

    6 months post Bypass. Down approximately 105lbs since March 19th. Hooray so far!
  2. PinkFreud

    March Gastric Bypass Group

    6 months! Surgery was on March 19th, HW 291, SW 285, CW 180, GW 140.
  3. PinkFreud

    3 week stall

    Stalls are the most frustrating part of this journey but also a necessary evil so our bodies can adjust. 18lbs is a major loss in this amount of time so try not to be too mad at your body, as it just worked really hard for you. These stalls are going to happen again and again and unfortunately there is no written rule as to how long or why, but take solace in the fact that if you are following your guidelines, your body will do remarkable things for you. Best of luck!
  4. PinkFreud

    Best decision ever

    Congrats! I felt the same way in the beginning, like "what did I do?" but now that I can see the change, it is all worth it. Best of luck in the future!
  5. PinkFreud

    Having surgery while in college

    I had bypass surgery during spring break of this year. It worked out well but I would suggest taking a few extra days off. I told my professors that I was having my gallbladder removed and they were of course fine giving me the time off . Best of luck!
  6. PinkFreud


    I was advised to wait until my first follow up appointment to start strenuous exercising. So, at three weeks I was cleared and started jogging (I am currently 5 weeks post bypass).
  7. Hey, everyone! I had my surgery on 3/19 and things have been going reasonably well for me— no throwing up, bad reactions or the like. I’ve been walking my dog increasingly and I’m at about 2 miles with him. That brings me to today, it’s a beautiful 85 degree day in Virginia and I’m camping with friends. We decided (more like they decided) that a 2-mile hike would be fun so off we went. By the time we got back to the site I was dizzy, no water was going down and I was extremely nauseous. Now I’m sitting in the car cooling off but I still can’t seem to get any fluids down (I’ve tried warm water, cold water, Gatorade) and everything makes me nauseous. What can I do? Any advice is appreciated!
  8. PinkFreud

    March-April Rny-ers

    Oh, gosh! I wish that I liked coffee, that seems like it would be a great way to get protein and fluids in. And yes, Dr. Fitzer! Good luck at your first follow up appointment [emoji4] by any chance, do you know where soup fits in on the green sheet? Not chunky or anything just nicely purred broccoli and cheddar soup? That’s the only thing I can think about, haha!
  9. PinkFreud

    March-April Rny-ers

    Hey everyone! I had my surgery on Monday 3/19. I woke up nauseous and in pain regretting what I had just done. Nonetheless, I couldn’t go back so I did my best to move forward. I’m working on getting enough liquids in now, and yesterday I managed to drink 50oz! Now I need to work on the protein drinks. Just thinking about them makes me nauseous. Tomorrow however, I get to move on to unsweetened apple sauce, low-fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt and mashed potatoes.. hooray! Perhaps this will help me to meet my protein requirement. Anyways.. this is tough! I just hope that I’m tougher.
  10. Hello everyone, I am just starting out on this journey, in fact, I have my very first appointment this coming Friday 1/12/18. Now, the problem is not if I am on the fence about getting WLS, because I am sure this is what I want. The problem is that I am feeling like I do not "deserve" the surgery. I am 22, and while I have tried numerous diets in my time, I have never stuck to a diet long-term to see its full effect. When the Doctor inevitably asks me about my weight loss journey, I will have to confess that I am a habitual quitter. Have I not done my dues yet to deserve this?