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  1. Chandni

    Hunger returns??

    Not at the PC but if I remember correctly top right hand you can click on your name (or my profile or something like that) and should see a "my tickers" option.
  2. Chandni

    New to this!

    I am 476 lbs and will have my surgery soon, no date yet but stuff is at the insurance. My surgeon told me that she did the surgery on people who were much heavier than me
  3. My nutritionist said it depends on the weight of the person not the gender. Basically a huge person needs more protein than a thin person. At my current size my requirements are 120g protein at least. I'd check about that again, but that's what I have learned from several sources.
  4. My surgeon doesn't require 2 weeks liquid diet. Mindful low carb, high protein eating is all she wants. I still want to exchange two meals with shakes though just to be on the safe side lol I'm in Germany, MIC Clinic Berlin
  5. That's my worry /fear too. Never been under before, never had surgery before. I'm great with everything else. But that still scares me. A friend says it's almost like going to sleep. You fall asleep and then wake up. I talked to my future surgeon about my fears and she told me that of over 450 patients they never lost one. The personnel has worked with people bigger than me (which is an achievement in itself) but it calmed me somewhat. Once I'll have my date... Ask me again lol Trust your surgery team and keep us updated!
  6. Wishing you the best for the surgery! You got this!
  7. Chandni


  8. I started a weight loss journey blog years ago. I had a long break but recently started it again to talk about weight loss surgery and my path down the road. http://biggirlonthelose.wordpress.com/ I also am on Instagram, feel free to add me there @stuffnroll - might have to change that name at some point LOL
  9. Chandni

    Am I the only one who gets annoyed by the question Why?

    I basically told everyone. First my parents and husband and best friends, and then my social media. I am not making a secret out of it, I have a blog that I share too, the writing down helps me to process what is happening and what is going on in my life now and later. But I had the one or other strange experience. Like a friend who heard surgery and got worried but when she heard what kind she was like "oh, okay" and told me that if I had done more before I wouldn't need the 'easy road' now. Since she is someone I care about I gave her a link to learn about the surgery and told her to repeat that to me after reading this, she never did. If it's people I don't know or don't care much about I just let them talk. As a fat girl for over 30 years I have learned at some point to let haters hate. Pick your battles and all that. Of course, sometimes it still gets to me, I'm not a machine, but it has gotten easier. My body, my choice. Easy peasy.
  10. I am a candidate for both too and together with the surgeon I decided that I want the bypass. I am diabetic and the bypass can have the side effect that I wouldn't need to take any additional diabetic meds anymore from the day of surgery instead of going down over time. Also with over 200 kilos we believed that the faster weight loss would be more beneficial to me. If during surgery the doctors notice that they can't do the bypass I'll get the sleeve, so while I prefer the bypass, I won't be angry with the sleeve at all.
  11. Chandni

    New pre-OP member

    Thank you, everyone, for your words and support. I keep doing all the preparations, getting my doctors' appointments, paperwork and what not together. The longer I go with that, the more my mind is imagining how it will be afterward. It feels like my mind is made up already, though there still is that tiny itty bitty corner of my mind that is like "I could still change my mind" but most of my mind won't think that'll happen. I'm actually getting excited about what the change will bring with it.
  12. Do we have more folks from Germany here? I myself am in Berlin.
  13. Shopping here too. For years I have not been able to buy anything at all, I badly sewed my own shirts and hoped my loosened up pants don't fall apart because I'd be arsed lol The oversize store here is a top size of 60, I'm about 66/68, so I can't wait to shop something from a store. I also am looking forward to showering without pain and without squeezing my body through the shower door - in the place we live we have no control over the shower cabin's design. I can't wait to tie my shoes without having to plan it for an hour and I can't also wait to think of a 10-meter re-route as a 'don't mention it' thing instead of a 'That is extra pain.' Lots of things hehe