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    Sex after the sleeve...

    No need to have him on top of you full force haha if you catch my drift. I’ve had no issues, but we do take care and choose positions wisely. Otherwise, go forth and enjoy!!! HW: 213lb (97kg) SW: 200lb (91kg) CW: 176lb (80kg) GW: 120lb (55kg) Height: 5’2 (153cm)
  2. sleevedin2018

    Where are my 5ft tall peeps at?

    *raises hand* here! I started at 213 and I’m now 176; surgery was jan 17th 2018. I didn’t set a goal weight either and my surgeon didn’t mention anything, I’m just going to keep going until I feel healthy and in a good BMI range.
  3. sleevedin2018

    Plateau during first month

    Yes! Very normal! I plateaued twice and I’m only 6ish weeks out. I was plateaued for over a week, stuck at 187lb, then suddenly dropped to 176lb. I upped my fluid and protein intake and that seemed to help. Hopefully your stall will end soon; but it’s very normal. I’ve read of many others who also stall in the first month.
  4. So I’m about 4.5 weeks post op and finished taking my 30 day course of omeprazole. My surgeon said to see how I go without it and didn’t give me another prescription. My recovery overall has been a dream. No major issues, no nausea, and was able to tolerate everything I ate. Until now. Since stopping the omeprazole, my nausea has now been constant, day and night. I can no longer tolerate proteins without regurgitating every few seconds. Even fluids trigger serious nausea. I feel like I’m constantly gagging, and I find myself avoiding eating now. I haven’t got any heart burn or anything, it’s just horrible nausea. Has anyone experienced this after stopping their PPI? Side note: I’ve been on a really high dose 4 times a day of an antibiotic (keflex) to help clear a minor infection in one of my incisions, so not sure if this is affecting it too.
  5. sleevedin2018

    Nausea question, please help [emoji30]

    Oh and also I was taking 4 tablets a day for 7 days... all on an empty stomach [emoji26] whoops
  6. sleevedin2018

    Nausea question, please help [emoji30]

    I spoke to the surgeon’s office yesterday, but they weren’t too worried about it being anything serious because they also believe the antibiotics combined with stopping the PPI may have just stuffed up my gut bacteria a bit. They’ve got me on probiotics now and will review again in a few days. The nausea is improving but it’s still there at times, just not as badly as a few days ago thankfully. I’m able to eat and drink a little better but I haven’t gone back to eating full protein meats yet... I think I’m just not mentally ready to deal with the potential nausea that may come! Otherwise all other foods/fluids have been okay. Thank you for your response!
  7. sleevedin2018


    Absolutely! For the week prior to surgery, and then about 2 weeks after, I’d have regular dreams that I was eating my pre-surgery size portion of spaghetti and taking huge bites and gulps, and then in my dream I’d suddenly remember I had the sleeve and would start freaking out. At that point I’d wake up clutching at my belly in a panic. It’s settled now though. Our minds can do crazy things with our fears!
  8. sleevedin2018

    Nausea question, please help [emoji30]

    Thanks so much for your response! Yikes, I didn’t consider a stricture, only because I can get food/liquid down, it’s just with great nausea and I haven’t yet vomited. I think I’ll call my surgeon today before my scheduled phone consult...
  9. sleevedin2018

    Nausea question, please help [emoji30]

    Thanks creek! I really think the antibiotics are definitely playing a role, and coincided with stopping the PPI. I’ve bought some live probiotic drinks and yoghurt, now if I can stomach them is another issue [emoji23]. Thankfully I have a phone consult with them later today so I’ll ask about it. Just want to feel “normal” again 🤢
  10. sleevedin2018

    Nausea question, please help [emoji30]

    Just wanting to know if others have experienced this “phenomenon”. Not keen on going back on PPIs if they’re what’s causing the rebound nausea in the first place. Thanks anyway.
  11. sleevedin2018

    Incision dent

    I have a dent in my smallest incision between my breast bone - surgeon said it was from the tool they use to move the liver out of the way. He said it’ll eventually go away. Maybe check with your surgeon.
  12. sleevedin2018

    Just 5 hot wings & I’m stuffed! I love it!!

    Not gonna lie, I’m kinda jealous you can eat 5! I can only manage 1-2 normal size wings 4 weeks out, and it takes me a good 20-30 mins to eat! They’re so freaking yum I don’t want to stop sometimes but sleeve says no lol [emoji20]. Glad to hear you’ve been doing so well seahawks! Wishing you continued ease of recovery.
  13. sleevedin2018

    Sleeve and Menstrual Cycle??

    Your post made me chuckle!! [emoji23]
  14. My surgeon is an extremely experienced one (he actually pioneered the first gastric sleeve in Australia after training in the U.S) and when I asked him about single incision, he looked me dead in the eye and said “if I ever saw one of my students doing a single incision sleeve, I would smack them upside the head” LOL. The reason being is that complications are much higher with single incision because of the restricted range of motion and lack of view of your other organs (higher potential for spleen/liver knicks, leaks, etc). He managed to do my sleeve with only 4 tiny incisions, and one is hidden in my belly button. You can always discuss this with your surgeon but I actually think your surgeon is a good one if he doesn’t do single incision.
  15. sleevedin2018

    Sleeve and Menstrual Cycle??

    I’m only a month out, and I’m on birth control, but I ended up getting my period whilst still on the active pills, and have bled for about 10 days straight now lol. I know maybe it’s not a similar situation as yours, but my cycle has definitely been affected (mainly because I’m not absorbing the pill properly right now... let that be a warning to other pill users! Beware lol). Have you had a chat to your surgeon about it? I suspect it would be somewhat normal to have menstrual changes given the way we eat now, but perhaps checking in with the surgeon will shed some extra light on it. All the best!
  16. sleevedin2018

    11 Months Out, Gas?

    Oh good, that rules that out! Hopefully you can get some answers soon at your follow up all the best!
  17. sleevedin2018

    11 Months Out, Gas?

    I’d get it checked out by your surgeon - it’s possible it’s the start of your gallbladder giving you issues, particularly if it’s more localised to the right side. (Not meaning to worry you)
  18. sleevedin2018

    Regretting it

    There is 100% hope, you’re in the buyer’s remorse phase, but it will pass and you’ll start to feel better and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh honey I understand, I’m Mediterranean and we love our food too (that’s how I got into this mess to begin with!). You will be able to eat your traditional foods in time; all is not lost with this surgery I assure you. I’m eating tiny amounts of rice and pasta as per my nutritionist’s instructions and I’m tolerating it fine. I can’t eat a sickening amount, but what I can eat, I thoroughly enjoy. There is hope - just give yourself some time to adjust, heal, and recover. Stay hydrated as much as you can, drink and eat your proteins, and take those vitamins! [emoji846] And do consult with your surgeon for any ongoing concerning issues.
  19. sleevedin2018

    Regretting it

    You sound exactly like I did up until a few days ago when I was cleared to eat normally. I promise you it gets better and you will be able to take decent mouthfuls of water. I’m only 3.5 weeks post op and can already drink very comfortably and I’m eating normal food. I can’t gorge or eat excessively but I eat one baked chicken wing and one 1 inch piece of white fish and I’m full - happily content and full! I never imagined I would get to a place of feeling “normal” again and I cried almost every single day because I felt sick. My heart skipped every single time I ate or drank anything, my chest was heavy, I’d get “stuck” feelings constantly but it has all passed. Please hang in there - you’re still only 10 days out and very fresh! Be kind to yourself and let your body recover with time. I promise this alien-like feeling will pass and you’ll feel great again. I strongly suggest you contact your clinic and chat with the nurse there or the surgeon, they really do offer great help and reassurance. You will be just fine, it’s still early days and you’re still raw xoxo reach out if you need to chat
  20. sleevedin2018

    Just had Orientation, Feeling Discouraged

    Glad to be of help! I’ve been living off soups and purees and blended chicken/meat/etc so I have no idea what these people expect you to survive on post-op lol. Obviously a little later down the track when you’re back on regular foods, it’s important to pick protein rich foods over liquid stuff because it does move through you quicker, meaning you’ll take in more calories. But with careful intake you should be fine. Absolutely you can use precooked chicken. It’ll blend better in frozen form anyway! As long as it’s not full of unnecessary additives it’s fine.
  21. sleevedin2018

    Just had Orientation, Feeling Discouraged

    I can understand your feelings given what sounds like a stern orientation. Honestly, they make it all sound like doom and gloom, but it’s not. Is there any reason they said you can’t have your spinach blends? I would imagine that’s an amazing source of protein. Generally when they say no liquid calories, they mean things that have 0 nutritional value (Soda, sugary drinks, milkshakes etc). It’s really not all that bad; but ultimately it’s your decision to weigh up pros and cons. Wishing you all the best with this deciding process! Oh and I have drunk from straws and I’m 2.5 weeks post op. They only say not to because it can create unnecessary gassiness (I haven’t had an issue with it)
  22. I had a checkup with my PCP today and he checked my tongue which looks like I’ve been licking white paint for a month. He called it “furry tongue” and suggested I suck on some pineapple daily. Not sure what the science is behind pineapples and furry tongues, but I figure it can’t hurt to try! [emoji13]
  23. sleevedin2018

    For all of us with white tongues...

    I’ve used Nystatin for true oral thrush before, which worked great! This doctor was my third opinion (had it in hospital too) and nobody thinks it’s oral thrush. I asked if it was but they’ve said it isn’t looking like it. If it doesn’t go away in a few more days I’ll ask for some Nystatin! Thanks!
  24. sleevedin2018

    For all of us with white tongues...

    White tongues can and do signify dehydration, however, I think the “pattern” of the whiteness/how it looks helps to determine if it’s dehydration or just a “furry” tongue. Mine definitely is of the “furry” pattern/texture haha! Gross 🤢
  25. sleevedin2018

    TMI....but I wanna ask..

    Are any of your vitamins or protein drinks dyed a certain colour? My vitamins are liquid and bright orange, so you can guess that any and everything coming out of my body is also bright orange lol.