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  1. So I had the sleeve in January 2018 and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I have been feeling more hungry lately and I get more full than usual after I eat. Basically I either feel like I’m starving or like I ate too much literally all day long. And nauseated on top of that. Is this normal? I don’t feel like I’m eating larger portions so I don’t know why I’m constantly sick feeling.
  2. camopink27

    So full and nauseated

    Yes I’m having morning sickness I know that but the super full part is different. I never had that with my son. My surgeon retired in March.
  3. Just wondering how much everyone has lost 4 months out?
  4. Great advice. Thank you, I’m down 72 pounds and May 8th will be my 4 month mark. It must be all in my head because I feel like I’m not where I should be. I’m starting to see that my weight issues are truly a mental thing. I am strictly sticking to the plan and doing everything I should, just was curious where others were.
  5. Sooo I have a poop question! I was constipated after surgery for the entire time, taking colace daily and then I got strep throat about 2 weeks ago....since the strep I have had diarrhea daily for 2 weeks. Is this normal? At first I thought it was the antibiotics and strep but now I’m wondering if I’ll be stuck this way. Thanks in advance!
  6. camopink27


    So I’m about a month post op and on a regular high protein, low carb diet. I manage to hit my 60g protein goal almost daily along with my 64oz of fluid, but I eat the same things all the time: eggs, nuts, cheese, meats. Any ideas on small snack/meals that are high protein/low carb??? Also I am down 33 pounds...I thought it was good but now I feel the scale is moving slowly and it’s making me second guess my weight loss. I had surgery January 8th. TIA!
  7. I am at a 30# loss since the day of surgery. How much did you lose your first month? SW: 270 CW: 240
  8. Surgery was 2 weeks ago, I’m fine, healing great, etc. Ever since I had surgery my bowel movements have all been a maroon color. I told my surgeon he said it must be from liquids/dyes, or something I’m taking in...but it is still happening like daily. It’s kinda freaking me out. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m trying to stay calm and not freak out but it’s kind scary to think it could be blood. Advice please!
  9. camopink27

    TMI....but I wanna ask..

    Yeah he did describe the way blood would look, but I keep googling and freaking my self out. He described it as “squiggles of ketchup on a hot dog” and that’s not it the entire stool is this color so that’s what made him say something from the diet.....thanks for the reply!
  10. Why do some doctors only do a 2 week liquid diet post op, and some do 3? Like what is the difference/reasoning?
  11. camopink27


    I’m 4 days post op and I’m allowed to have puréed foods as long as I purée them to a liquid. (Straw doesn’t stand up in it) so far the only thing I have tried is refried beans, gatorade G2, premier protein and water. Please give me protein ideas!!!! I’m already sick of my protein shakes.
  12. camopink27


    So I found the caramel premier protein shake with PB2 is delicious! Just about hit all of my protein today.
  13. I’m excited and nervous!!!! Tomorrow is the big day! Any last minute advice, tips, things to bring to the hospital that I may not of thought of would be appreciated!!!!
  14. Everything is going fine, I do have ALOT of gas pains, but am walking and moving a lot. Didn’t get fluids in yesterday (day of surgery) but today I am but after I sip I get a pain right below the middle of my breasts. It’s like a cramping feeling, is this gas pain?
  15. I had the sleeve done 2 days ago and now I’m getting a minor cramp in one leg up by my knee....I’m probably overly paranoid but it’s worrying me. It comes and goes in the same spot. Still having a lot of chest pain.....hard to take in my fluids. Hot showers and my heating pad are the only things helping me...advice?
  16. camopink27

    Surgery 2 days ago

    Will do thanks
  17. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    Yeah I have been walking a lot, using gas x and a heating pad. So far the warm shower and heating pad seem to help the best. My pain meds don’t help much
  18. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    That’s good! eh I’ve had an okay day...this gas is no joke. It’s getting the best of me. I need relief! Nothing is helping.
  19. camopink27

    Just got home from the hospital

    Thanks y’all. I’m trying to do the tiny sips but I’m also trying to make sure I get all my fluids in. My doctor says sip one shot glass every 15 min to equal 4oz in an hour. Yesterday I got a measly 3 oz in because I was so groggy and nauseous.
  20. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    How’d yours go?
  21. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    Yay! Happy for you. Me too. Today is a new day for sure!!!!!!
  22. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    Yesterday was rough for me as well. Didn’t get any fluid in, lots of gas pains and nausea/dry heaving. Today is better still having gas pain, but getting some fluids in. 7 oz so far since about 7:30. Getting to go home soon also.
  23. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    I’m in preop now and my nerves are kicking in!!!!
  24. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    Luckily I get a private room! But good idea for those who share!
  25. camopink27

    Surgery tomorrow morning

    Good luck tomorrow! We’ve got this!!!

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