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  1. Confident&Sassy_RNY

    Eating times

    My program says 1/2 cup also for weeks 2-4. I usually can’t eat it all though. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to eat they 1/3-1/2c of food.
  2. Confident&Sassy_RNY

    Chewable Multivitamins suggestions

    My program recommends the Flinstone Complete (or equivalent store brand) also. 1 chewable twice a day.
  3. Confident&Sassy_RNY

    November RNY updates

    Mine is 60-80 grams of protein per day for life. Right now I’m doing 3 meals and 1 shake a day split up as snacks. So I’m getting 65-75 grams a day. HW 391.6 SW 347.6 (-44lbs) 11-29-17 CW 329 GW 190
  4. Confident&Sassy_RNY

    Last Pre-Op Required Visit

    Congratulations!! You’ve jumped the first hurdle. Don’t be afraid to call your insurance and ask for the status of your case file in a week or so. Did they give you an estimated timeframe? HW 391.6 SW 347.6 (-44lbs) 11-29-17 CW 329 GW 190
  5. Confident&Sassy_RNY

    Ya! First small goal has been met!

    Awesome!! HW 391.6 SW 347.6 (-44lbs) 11-29-17 CW 329 GW 190
  6. Confident&Sassy_RNY

    November RNY updates

    You should definitely mix some real food in. I had yogurt, eggs, and puréed tuna and chicken salad, along with the shakes to meet my protein goal. Just thought I’d share some things I tried. HW 391.6 SW 347.6 (-44lbs) 11-29-17 CW 330 GW 190
  7. Confident&Sassy_RNY

    November RNY updates

    I had mine on 11-29. Down 17 lbs since surgery and 61 lbs since the start of my journey. I’m feeling ok. Purée is boring but I get to move to two weeks of soft tomorrow. I went out shopping and got a little weak. Congratulations to everyone on the weight loss!! HW 391.6 SW 347.6 (-44lbs) 11-29-17 CW 330 GW 190
  8. The only way that I could sleep in the bed was by wearing my abdominal binder to bed (I requested this at the hospital) you might get a similar effect with some type of mild compression garment. It keeps your insides from moving.