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Duodenal Switch Patients
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  1. Glamgirl

    Reached my first milestone today!

  2. Glamgirl

    Pre Op

    mine took 3 months total and I get my surgery date tomorrow!
  3. oh my i am afraid of that too... haven't had surgery yet but.. is it good to take biotin before as well to be proactive? I bought the barimelts
  4. YES! awesome !!! omg me toooo!!! I go Tuesday too for my last appointment and get my surgery date! I Cant wait!!!!!! SO happy you got approved !!! Let me know your date when you get it!!!
  5. Glamgirl

    Surgery in the AM

    Wow sorry about your veins! But at least you are through surgery and on the road to recovery! Wishing you a speedy recovery !
  6. Glamgirl

    Dislike the waiting game .....

    Yep... well i originally was going get the sleeve but we decided on the duodenal switch.... but they knew this for months now... I reminded them emailed them and called them about it. I just don't get it that they didn't check before they sent the paperwork. Anyway I straightened it all out so I hope all is good! Oh and I get to see my surgeon on Tuesday so he can give me my surgery date!!! Cant wait! I am so ready
  7. Glamgirl

    Dislike the waiting game .....

    yep thats what i was afraid of too... except mine put in for the wrong operation! LOL ya gotta stay on these people! ughhh
  8. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    gr8ful1, thank you! yes I will keep wearing it but ohhhh the struggle lol.. Im going to keep the faith!
  9. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    Been 22 days straight for me using mine and I still have trouble with it... I've tried two masks and I prefer the full mask since I feel I open my mouth sometimes... Its a constant struggle... i don't understanding the whole thing to begin with except when I read everyone's comments which is helpful. I understand I have to be compliant for 3 moths and for 22 days out of 30 and at least 4 hours a day.... and I have done JUST that lol but when can i stop using this damn thing???? Surgeon says that the duodenal switch cures most sleep apnea... but hell im still waiting only surgery date which will be soon hopefully this month! But then Do I still have to wear this thing after surgery? wont it be uncomfortable? how about in the hospital? Sorry my friends... just feeling hopeless with this thing and the last thing I want to do is screw up anything for my surgery , so I continue to use it every night toss and turn sleep about 2 hours out of the four wearing it then it comes off and I go back to sleep just fine lol what! lol any advice would be great!
  10. Glamgirl

    Dislike the waiting game .....

    good luck to you too!!!! keep us posted when you get approved!
  11. Glamgirl

    Surgery in the AM

    good luck to you ! so exciting!!!!
  12. yeah they say they found one with me too when i had my endoscopy a few weeks ago.. and yes they will fix it during surgery
  13. Glamgirl

    Dislike the waiting game .....

    LOL! Ahhh OK well you are on them then so that is good!!! ME too I was impatient too! Now I gotta wait a week to see my surgeon to get a surgery date! Ughhhhhhhhhhh
  14. Glamgirl

    Dislike the waiting game .....

    yep been a little over a week for me... but i JUST got approved!! I called there myself yesterday and found out. and you can do that if you haven't already... I bet it wont be much longer for you!
  15. MNgirl1234, oh wow.... that is interesting .... yeah they word it differently so who knows what it means!!
  16. ahh I see! I hear ya though!!! yes i bet you hear something by the end of this week! BCBS seems to answer in that time frame. I am worried about one thing though , when I called today, I asked if it said anything about duodenal switch and they couldn't tell but then said it stated lap sleeve and some other medical terms. I am nervous about that! I am hoping my case manager at my surgeons office put in the right operation to be approved!!! Ughhhh .. but I worry like crazy so I hope I am wrong and thats not the issue.
  17. Mngirl1234, thank you I am excited .. still haven't heard back from doctor ... but hopefully tomorrow. Well they never told me the exact date of when everything was submitted it seems like it was anywhere between the 15th-20th of Feb... and I called them this morning. so like a week or a little more! But keep calling them! I heard of people calling everyday and checking up on it. How many days has it been since they submitted yours?
  18. Hello MNgirl1234!!! Well I believe I am approved!!! I got impatient and called my insurance company myself to inquire on the approval....I called BCBS this morning.... and low and behold they gave me approval number and approval dates! I didn't quite understand the approval dates? BCBS gave me dates within the next two weeks to get the surgery done! Have you heard this before or has anyone on this forum heard of this? If so feel free to chime in! I was a little confused since my doctor office hasn't called me yet , so I expect them to be calling me anytime now I hope! I emailed them as well letting the know! Maybe you should call your insurance and find out like I did. I was just getting so impatient that I had to find out something! lol
  19. I will probably react the same way and be on my scale the second I get home from surgery lol. I am sure the scale will start moving for you ! Best of luck!!!
  20. YES ! Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us MNgirl1234 !!

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