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  1. Glamgirl

    anyone have BCBS of NC insurance?

    yes got mine approved surgery done and now I am on my way to recovery
  2. hello all, I am new to this forum and live in North Carolina . my first consultation was in November 2017 , I am in pre-op status now... I ahve finished all the stuff on the checklist...I just have the endoscopy to do and then we submit everything to BCBS of NC for approval ... hoping I do not have to wait 12 months ... I have been working with my primary doctor for 2 plus years, trying medical diets, etc... and she has vouched for me and has provided me with her letter of recommendations and all the documentation stating my attempts of dieting. I am wondering if this can count towards the 12 months so I don't have to wait.. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Oh wow ! Yes I was so upset too! And yes you are right about the fluids and iv too. I’m hoping I lose it quickly . Thanks for the encouragement !
  4. feeling SORE! so sore! in hospital 2 nights 3 days. they did a lot to me thats for sure all the procedures were successful but when i got home from hospital yesterday, i weighed myself in the evening and the scale said i gained 12 pounds!!! i was freaking out especially when I've been on a liquid diet all week and at hospital all i drank was water for 3 days! i emailed my surgeon to let him know. But then today i weighed myself again and i dropped 5 pounds of the12 pounds i gained but I weighed much less at liquid phase. So i hope to get some answers on this. Some have said they bulk you up with so many liquids at hospital that it makes you gain weight and that i should wait a week or two and i will lose it. but I hope to feel better in the next few days . I knew i would have pain... but its all worth it , right? But Im trying my best to get all my liquids in too. All 3 procedures took about 2 hours in the operating room. So glad to be home!
  5. It will get easier.. trust me...hang in there MNgirl1234!
  6. welcome to losers bench! we made it!!! hope your pain goes away soon! im still in pain myself and I am on day 4. Ughh.
  7. Oh wow??? Really? I was so upset about it and still am after getting on scale 6 times and it reading a 12 pound gain. Thanks for putting me back at ease!
  8. Thank you for the kind words . Sorry about your pain. It will get better. Also did u weigh yourself ? I drank water only while in the hospital and I came home today and the scale reads I’ve gained 12 pounds!!! What??? I’m not happy about this. Is this normal?? How could this even be? I’m checking scale Again tomorrow and calling my surgeon! Has anyone ever experienced this?
  9. The liquid diet went great no probs. Maybe because my dad passed away and I was no way in the mood to eat anything[emoji22] bless Dad . [emoji120] All done! surgery was yesterday 4/2 had a triple surgery. Duo denal switch, gall bladder removed and hiatal hernia repaired. Woke up and felt a lot of pain in my stomach . Still pain day 2 here at hospital . They are keeping me another night . But I’m drinking my liquids and getting my walks in. Doing all three procedures was definitely no walk in the park ! But I’m glad my surgeon did it all in under 2 hours. So now I lay in the bed at hospital and takin my pain medicine every few hours . I’ll keep post updates for everyone[emoji3]
  10. Glamgirl

    Gallbladder Disease?

    Aww thank you for those kind words of encouragement logicwand!
  11. Glamgirl

    Gallbladder Disease?

    my surgery is next Monday 4/2/18 and they are doing a triple on me! Duodenal Switch , Hiatal Hernia, and Gall bladder removal. Ughhhh
  12. Glamgirl

    Got my surgery date y’all!!!

  13. THANKS!!! it sounds like it should definitely be ok... I will email surgeon as well. that coffee sounds good too!!!
  14. liquid diet starts tomorrow for one week...im wondering on the liquid diet does sugar free jello and popsicles count as liquid and do they have to be light colored ? i have to do 5 shakes a day.
  15. My liquid diet starts tomorrow.. ughh... 1 week.
  16. How is your recovery going from the Duodenal switch and the hiatus hernia repair? Naturally I am gettin very nervous only a week and a day for me... and I start my liquid diet tomorrow.
  17. Gad you are doing great!!! wow so the DS surgery was 7 hours long? yikes! why so long?
  18. Awesome! How is your recovery coming along? I have to get hernia and gall bladder with my DS

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