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    Have been overweight only since my early 20’s and then it really ballooned.
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    Scrapbooking, DIY
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  1. tibbie10

    3 months post op

    Yes, I got your message. Thanks. I’m having a little trouble maneuvering around the app. I got liquid hydrocodone, but I haven’t taken much because most of my pain has been gas and the pain meds don’t do anything for that. My sister flew down to stay with me the first week of surgery, which has been really great. Plus, I have a close knit set of girlfriends who are just as supportive and amazing. My SW was 331.7.
  2. tibbie10

    prior auth

    My insurance didn’t pay for anything. There was an exclusion clause that says it doesn’t cover any type of Bariatric surgery. That sucked! Although, next year my insurance will cover it. That doesn’t help me now, but knowing it may someone else makes me happy.
  3. tibbie10

    3 months post op

    I would do it too. I’m 46 and had gastric bypass today!
  4. I had my surgery today I would say I feel a little ok. I do have pain in my gut, but I can figure out if it is from the gas, eating too much SF jello or popsicles, or is it just pain from where they did the surgery? I’m really struggling with this and the not knowing if I why I feel bad. Can anyone provide any insights as to what I should expect the first week? I will be using the BariatricAdvantage protein shakes - has anyone had these before? If so, how did u do with them? I’m extremely picky so I’m petrified that they are going to be so gross. Thought? Should I have other brands available just in case? If so, can anyone recommend some others? Thanks in advance! Cumming, GA
  5. tibbie10

    Emory Midtown in Atlanta

    I’m having my surgery at Emory Johns Creek on Thursday, 11/16.
  6. tibbie10

    Not finished yet.

    What do the initials stand for next to the numbers? Heaviest Weight, starting Date?
  7. tibbie10

    November 29th RNY

    What flavor jello? I was told nothing red or purple, so what kind of jello does that leave?

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