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  1. Congrats!!! I’m on day 6 of 2(ish) week preop diet...full liquids. I’d love a piece of cheese or something right now! (As I eat my popsicle) Good luck tomorrow! ❤️
  2. TexasTracy

    Tomorrow’s My Big Day

    Congrats & good luck!!
  3. TexasTracy

    Open to be a mentor

    No, my husband is just an *ss. He has cancer that he is no longer treating & he just retired and he knows full well why i need the surgery. He believes its just because i dont try. I have been eating healthy & some exercise since i was diagnosed and has had no effect. Ive tried several different diet meds & nothing. Then I almost died from pneumonia in 2015 & have struggled just to walk. He believes its because Im lazy, he doesnt take into account my lungs were shot from the pneumonia & years of smoking. I no longer smoke, but I cant walk very far still. (Im 5’1 & 272lbs) This is the worse my health has ever been & I need the help the sleeve will give me. Meanwhile, he smokes cigars (not in the house), eats whatever he wants including junk. He golfs pretty much every day and thats it. He keeps telling me that I need to get healthy then turns around & starts being a butt
  4. Im on day 2 of pre op liquid diet...my surgeon wants 2 weeks of liquids😖 Tell your boyfriend to eat his fast food at the fast food joint...that YOU are gonna be healthy!!! I’m hungry as all git out but I’m keeping it at the top of my head....this will be worth it! I’ll be healthier, hopefully my RA will ease up to where I’m not taking a bunch of meds, that I will be able to get rid of my pain meds and that Ill be here for my grandkiddo....THATS my motivations!!!
  5. TexasTracy

    Open to be a mentor

    I’m just starting. I’m scheduled for sleeve surgery Nov 30th. My husband is now being a jerk. Looks like I may be hiding in my room away from him for quite a while. I don’t need his negativity just as I’m starting this. To add to everything, I have RA so I need this surgery, I need to be healthy.
  6. Hey there! I’m scheduled for Nov 30th! Today is my first day of full liquid diet. I need a buddy too. Mainly because my husband is being a jerk. He’s actually mad because I’m making this change in my life. (Mind you, he’s 68 & weighs about 140lbs & 5’ 2) He’s never had to deal with trying desperately to lose weight. I’m going to be on an emotional roller coaster because of him. Not sure if you want a buddy with that type of baggage but I’m here if you want!
  7. Good luck to you as well!
  8. I’m Nov 30th! Start liquid diet tomorrow! Hoo boy!🙃
  9. I’m new here, was wondering if anyone is/did have sleeve surgery that also has RA. I was diagnosed with RA in 2009 & take a slew of meds. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 30th. I’ve read that there are great improvements with the disease after surgery. Mine is categorized as moderate to severe.
  10. My last meal was tonight. Shrimp Scampi, big salad & a little pasta. Then caved & went & said my final farewell to ice cream. Tomorrow I start my 2 week pre op full liquid diet. This is going to be worth it!😊