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  1. I had gastric sleeve in April of 2017. My starting weight was 316. My weight loss goal was 240 - 250. My current weight is 180. I have always been a big guy. By big, I mean NFL big. When I graduated the Army’s Basic Combat Training at age 18, I weighed 225... all skin, bone, and muscle. Something happened when I retired from the Army. I just got fat. I shot up to 316lbs and was turning diabetic. My wife and I were without children, so I saved $20,000 to do in vitro fertilization (it ended up costing $40k). After two tries, the wife got pregnant. I needed to live for another 20 years so I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. I lost all of the weight and I now have a beautiful baby boy. Then I kept losing more weight. I have no appetite. Food hurts when it is going down. I often throw up after I eat. I lost more weight. I became malnourished and anemic. I lost more weight. I am always sick now. I am losing more weight. I think I am dying.
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    I Keep Losing Weight

    My surgeon put me in the hospital for a few days and gave nutrition through an IV catheter. They did a GI study and he said that not only had my stomach narrowed, it had shrunk as well. My stomach is supposed to be the size of a banana. It is now the size of a fat earthworm. It just looked like a thin line on the barium radiology study. My surgeon is conferring with other doctors on what we should do. Normally he would inflate a balloon in my stomach to stretch it out, but my stomach might be even too small for that. I will have to see what else he can come up with, Just hope for the best.