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  1. officially 227lbs down 150lbs. From original weight of 379./ 292 at surgery oct 25th 2017
  2. Ag001 I definitely understand the stall I got to 245 and have been there for weeks now. I figure it's your body adjusting.. the scale really doesn't say anything about the. Inches.
  3. Thank you! Appreciate the encouragement we all need the support sometimes.
  4. I'm at the gym working out and in about 2hrs I'm drinking 20 to 30 Fl. Oz of water is this normal of late my water and fluid intake as gotten higher easily passing 64 oz some days..
  5. Thank you I'm 245lbs and I have passed my early goals. My highest weight was 379- 381 so to be 245 is a great feeling. I do feel I will be happier at around 215/220lbs..
  6. Thank you much! Good luck with your big day sure you will do great!!
  7. Not a problem all post are welcome
  8. Thank you? It's a good feeling.. haven't been this weight since Junior high school
  9. Thank you this time I will definitely be keeping it off..
  10. Well I completely stuck to the doctor's orders and the nutritionist guidelines.. but I've always been able to lose weight pretty quickly but was never able to keep it off.. I also lost 87lbs leading up to the surgery.. that was in 4 months.
  11. October 25th sleeved. Currently 247lbs
  12. I would go to Korean spas with rooms with tempatures of 140 degrees to 204 degrees other then possible dehydration is there any other reasons to not go. As anyone gone to any of these type heated room spas after there surgery..
  13. Thank you, I had my surgery October 25th 2017. Still learning. If there is anything that will have to avoid. Glad that's one I can still do if properly hydrated..
  14. I have only been walking doctor did not give me the go ahead to workout I'm trying to follow the orders so to have no complications I'm a stage 2.. stage 3 the 16th..
  15. Had sleeve 10/26/17 Hw 379 Sw 291 Cw 258 I am curious if anyone’s started to workout yet and how strenuously can you workout after being cleared to go to the gym by the doctor. Are you limited in how much cardio you can do.. Can you workout on a bow flex. Maxclimber or jog on a treadmill??? Thank you