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  1. Hi, yes of course happy to help any way l can. I had a bypass 20+ years ago on the NHS, it was the old open type belly button to boobs cut where they left a much bigger pouch for your stomach and only took 12 inches of intestinal track out. Where as today they take out up to 1 metre. My revision was to reduce my stomach further as it has stretched over 20 years and reduce my intestinal track further to reduce the aborbsion of calories. I lost 2 stone one my run up to surgery, and a further 5. 5 after surgery. Put 5lbs on during lockdown but hoping to shed that again now we can leave the house. My parents were both Irish so l was raised on a high carb diet of potatoes and bread, and you couldn't leave food on your plate. 😋🍞🥔 Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything. But know that he is a wonderful surgeon and a lovely man. I travelled on my own, so a little lonely over my 5 days as most bought friends or family. However Dr Kaur would pop in first thing in the morning for my health check & he would pop in on his afternoon break just for a chat & a laugh. 😅 Let me know if you decide to go ahead with it l will be happy to chat to you about anything you think off.
  2. Hi, l am 10 days post op with Dr Ilmar Kaur and he is a wonderful surgeon. I did loads of reseach before my operation as l needed a revision rather than just straight forward bypass. Only two surgeons in UK do this procedure and at double the cost of Estonia. I met him pre-op for an endoscope exam (as on holiday in Riga). He gave me and my Husband great confidence and answered all my technical questions. All his team are lovely and can't do enough for you. English is spoken by all staff except the cleaner, but do you want towels is easy enough in any language. My scars are almost invisible just 10 days post surgery. 5*

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