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  1. eastcoastNB


    I’ve gained 34 in 2020 (Covid) and i obviously have not gotten a handle on the emotional eating. i had only lost 100 lbs with the sleeve (which was 50%) of the total I needed to loose to get to the ideal weight my dr suggested .. then it plateaued after 1.5 - 2 Yrs and dr said that’s great and that the honeymoon was over I needed to focus on maintaining from here. The support from the clinic hère ands after 2 years and I have not found any help or know what to do to get back on track since Covid started With working from home, the added stress of an unsupportive co-parent for my special needs son, im spinning and I’m worried to put on the rest .... Sorry for the rant.. I’m scared and I’m so worried
  2. eastcoastNB


    My 11month follow up last week....as much as it went well and was excited to have reached -100 1 month early... they bummed me out by telling me that this was it!!! If I want to loose more I would need bypass .... I’m not done yet .. I still have 70 lbs more to loose . What a day .. I left so bummed. (Was sleeves October 18,2017) Any thoughts anyone??
  3. eastcoastNB

    40 something sleevers?

    Sleeved October 2017 and was on a waiting list since 2013 .., being 42 I do wish I would have been able to do it sooner ... I think if everything I missed out on .. but I can’t dwell on that now as the past is the past!! I am grateful that I got it now. With 96 down and 80 to go I’m at a plateau and hope I can get back on track .. honeymoon is over and all is back to what it was !!! The carb cravings are back , I can eat more then I should, drinking with meal doesn’t hurt barely anymore... I’m panicked a bit as I fear to gain back what I worked so hard to loose. I’m back here for accountability and support .
  4. eastcoastNB


    I’m down 97 since surgery (oct 2017) still 80 to go ... I’ve hit a stall and am able to tolerate all and any foods .. honeymoon is over ... now the real hard work begins as all the carb cravings are back !! I am glad that since October 2017 I still was able to keep off pop , coffee, and cigarettes.... I can feel my stomach stretched back out as I noticed I can eat bigger portions and able to drink water with meal with minimal pain ( not good) .. I’m catching myself snacking and making excuses. So I’m back here after being away for 6 months looking for accountability and support.
  5. eastcoastNB

    Help I can’t meet liquids

    I’m up to 32 oz of water on a good day
  6. eastcoastNB

    October '17 RNY buddies

    10/18/17 and down 62... just thought I’d check up and see how everyone is doing ... my 1st follow up was after 6 weeks and my 2nd follow up is March 31 ..hoping for good results.. I’m still struggling with getting more then 24 oz of water per day and needs to get active .. treadmill died 5 weeks post op and so has my motivation... I am glad to see everyone is doing well
  7. eastcoastNB

    October '17 RNY buddies

    How long since your surgery? Did you gradually reach that amount , if so how long did it take?
  8. eastcoastNB

    October '17 RNY buddies

    It’s your ability to drink to 80 oz I’m in awe with ... Im barely able to get 24 oz (. 6 weeks post-op) Congrats on your progress
  9. eastcoastNB

    ALL 64 ounces?

    Did you have any medical issues because you weren’t able to do the 64 oz? Prior to surgery and my whole life I was lucky to get 24oz and now at 6 weeks post-op I’m just starting to get 24oz and can’t and can’t even imagine being able drinking more like 64 oz !!! And it has me worried. How did you build up to it?
  10. eastcoastNB

    October '17 RNY buddies

    Wow 80 oz of water Congrats on your progress
  11. eastcoastNB

    ALL 64 ounces?

    Im 6 weeks out and can’t seem to get more then 24oz And the last couple days been feeling nauseous in the morning... having my first check up next week.
  12. eastcoastNB

    Morning nausea ??

    I’ve been nauseous and a bit light headed in the morning the last couple days ... because of this I can’t seem to start my water or food till later (presently on week 6 and only can get 24 oz of water per day...as I can only seem to start my water at noon or later Any suggestions?
  13. eastcoastNB

    October '17 RNY buddies

    I’ve been nauseous and a bit light headed in the morning the last couple days ... because of this I can’t seem to start my water or food till later (presently on week 6 and only can get 24 oz of water per day Any suggestions?
  14. eastcoastNB

    October '17 RNY buddies

    October 18 2017 here !!
  15. eastcoastNB

    October 18 2017

    Any issues with nausea in the morning ?? For the last couple days I’m nauseous like « morning sickness «

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