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  1. Hi Ernie, There are a number of costs that will be reduced at the same time it also depends on your spending habits overall. For me an expensive set of fairly large clothes is no longer needed at all. The comparison in clothing costs alone is a fraction of larger size items 6X etc compared to 2X. For me carbonated bevs. are also not needed and due to old soda habits they were elimenated long ago. Not using as many medications is another expense that will be reduced. it was awesome and gratifying to buy size 38 shorts recently (cost was 4 dollars compared to nearly 50 for same material in a 4X). Fast food has been fairly reduced and the typical chains like burger joints are no longer frequented by me. You will save ALOT depending on your fiscal habits etc. Some new costs associated with cooking more while adding more variety is a happy trade for your improved life and health overall. It def was and is for me.
  2. Roadrunner 1

    Do you tell a new partner about loose skin?

    Hi, You need to be comfortable with you. You can easily find out if the guy or girl is ok with it or not through conversation. If they have an issue with it then you dont want to deal with that anyway. My experience is different since I dated more while at lower weights. Its easier to interact with others when you're more confident. The other side of that is you can rock someones world and not be that confident. Date to find a great match and try your best not to overthink the extra skin. I know its easier said than done. I'm somewhat proud of mine because I frame it as a sign of all of the effort that has gone into getting to my goal as well as staying healthy.
  3. Roadrunner 1

    Who will like me skinny??

    Hi, Like a few others said, you should love yourself. I saw a TED talk on PBS that comes to mind. Long story short there was a woman that went through 2 divorces and didnt figure out she needed to basically marry (love herself as well as all of her faults etc) before she could marry anyone else. You can date when you feel its right for you. To me it would be a good idea to start dating before your goal weight. It takes some time to get used to finding the kind of individual that will be a good match and good for you. I;ve lost more than likely anyone that posted so far and feel a little uncomfortable asking out women that might've seen me at higher weights or not. Ofcourse the fact that relationships are more appealing to me than dating could be more of a factor than my comfort with my weight. Everyones experience is different. Focus on meeting those that can understand you etc. So in my opinion it does not really matter who will like you skinny and its ok if you date ___ number of guys as long as you meet the match that you want to settle down with long term.
  4. Roadrunner 1

    Looking for men to date

    Hi All, Hey Ashley, I understand what you mean. I'd like to settle as well as move. Keep looking for quality and try not to interact with those you can relate to rather than anyone you're attracted to. Some guys make that mistake at times.
  5. Roadrunner 1

    Maybe I’ve been doing dating all wrong??

    Hi, Your sister is likely correct. Had that same issue when I was younger. You can also place yourself in the f zone too. My advice is to communicate more, be bold make a move here and there on a guy you're into. Work on your self esteem and, or confidence. Many of us dont really figure out dating. And many of the guys that are looking for more than one thing get labeled as nice and shoved aside for the semi charming jerk etc. Try to be patient as you look around for what is out there.
  6. Roadrunner 1

    Looking for men to date

    My advise is use diff. avenues (some in person as well as online etc) and connect with someone who genuinely wants to know you and go from there. That will likely widen the pool (of potential matches) since looking particurlary for guys that know exactly what you more or less went through narrows it quite a bit. Also many guys want to meet women so try to minimize it somewhat instead of overthinking it. Not saying you are rather making a suggestion. Last but not least it is ok to ask the guy you may be interested in and some guys actually like that because they dont risk getting rejected etc.
  7. Roadrunner 1

    Help.... gaining weight!!!! What should I do?

    Hi, I agree. Look at all intake categorically. Also fellow sleevers after 1-3 years at times use a bigger plate or increase portion size. If there are any large size plates get rid of them. Get a body composition done incase some of the increased weight is actually muscle. Your body might also be used to your new weight at the moment.
  8. To me you dont get as much negative attention. To numerous ignorant folks out there you must not mind being larger than most ppl out there and tend to get treated as such. I get looks and noticed due to increased confidence and belief in me overall. Cant tell you much on dating since not really a fan. More into the relationship itself than dating per se. I will be getting into it more soon. As a guy you will get noticed more but not usually as much as women that lose alot.
  9. Hi, Looking for any locals with a 24 Hour Fitness membership that would like to meet to work out. Feel free to reply or send me a message.
  10. It depends on what helps you the best. Different things effect us all in a variety of ways. Increases in protein through the diet phases moved my loss right along. If your NUT has said you can do more protein then try that. Get a body composition done to get the most accurate view of where youre at. Also excellent job so far and keep it up.
  11. Hi, Its more beneficial to ensure you're developing healthy habits, maintaining discipline with your lifestyle change, and shedding the lbs gradually. They'll go at their own rate. It doesnt mean each month will be the same. There was a man that dropped 200 in 2 years or less. Each individual is different and your pace will differ depending on a number of factors like your exercise, vitamins, etc. My first month was 40 lbs and the second was less. Try to shape it as it goes, and keep in mind that your overall physical and mental health are the most important not a specific number.
  12. Roadrunner 1


    Hi, You are doing great actually. Try not to sweat it. Almost 6 mo's post op, here. It will gradually change as far as your tolerance goes. You are still healing and it is normal. As you continue to heal ensure you keep track of your intake, especially water. Fiber may be a good idea if your docs didnt mention it yet. 64 is just suggested at the start, they know you'll increase as healing allows. Hope that helps.
  13. Gotcha, makes sense. Hopefully you'll locate one closer. My dietician told me any location that has a bariatrics dept may or should do spt groups, if that helps any.
  14. Hi, Checking to see if any locals near Margate, North Lauderdale area would like to meet or keep in contact with each other. Feel free to reply or pm.
  15. Hi, A search turned up JFK Med center for a location that has a Bariatrics dept. If you do a search on local groups up that way more more info might come up. If you've got any pre-op questions etc feel free to respond or pm. Where you're getting the procedure might have one available as well.
  16. Hello to All, Im a local guy looking to meet whenever whether its the gym, to chat about different topics, or offer support to other newbies like me. I thought I'd post because the people at the support groups I go to seem to stick to their generation more than younger ones. That is not a knock on any mature sleevers just an observation. Thanks and have a great day.
  17. Roadrunner 1

    Anyone interested in finding local pals?

    Anyone in the Broward county area or staying near Miami that likes to travel north can send me a message.
  18. Roadrunner 1

    Florida sleevers/bypassers?

    Still in Broward area. Getting compliments and weights going in the right direction.
  19. Roadrunner 1

    Favorite VSG Youtube channels?

    Mine is Fighting400.
  20. Roadrunner 1

    Sleeve Buddy need - Surgery date 12/4

    Np, its normal either way. I remember going through some of that. Then i began getting a little irritated due to alot of the ads as well as not wanting to plan meals much. Also knowing that i needed to heal and balancing being patient etc. Youll progress and that will likely change. I suggest looking at good books that guide you through recipes based on the diff phases or stages of the sleeve diet.
  21. Roadrunner 1

    Sleeve Buddy need - Surgery date 12/4

    Hi, Yes however it depends on the intensity. From what people that vary from a year to 10 yrs post op, it varies. At the same time whats ypur behavior like? Is there any cheating at all? Also not asking to judge at all, just comparing. I cheated some after my first month went awesome and above expectations. It wasnt hunger related and had to do with being tired of the same texture. Whats your protein and water intake like?
  22. Roadrunner 1

    Sleeve Buddy need - Surgery date 12/4

    Hi, I am sure you will feel better soon. As far as the scale goes, I know its easier said than done however as longer as you're doing what you're supposed to be you will get healthier. My weight is going well and there were some weeks where it was definitely tougher. I couldnt allow myself to be discouraged or make excuses to slack off etc. The scale is only part of the process while the big picture is a healthier better life. The pain will decrease over time and water consumption will improve. My first two to three weeks it was very tough to get enough water and one tip I can give is to sip all day long.
  23. Roadrunner 1

    Sleeve Buddy need - Surgery date 12/4

    Hi, Glad you're doing well. Remember to look for an accurate scale that will measure body composition etc not just pounds. I still like the shakes even though I dont prefer the cost.
  24. Roadrunner 1

    Running Shoes

    Hi, First congrats on improving your health thus far. Please dont limit yourself. If you train and get medical clearance, why not do a triathlon? Plenty of people on here have accomplished all types of incredible fitness goals and so can you. Do some research on shoes after you try a few on that they recommend. Some brands are not as well made as you would think. Certain models of shoes that used to be amazing are no longer well made due to a number of factors. Some will last you longer than others. You may want to get a second pair when its possible to rotate both.
  25. Roadrunner 1

    I'm having a hard time with my initial diet

    I second what the previous person said. I can add to that as well. The best single recipe site I find countless recipes on is pinterest. It would serve you really well to begin reducing your sugar, while increasing your protein. Also try to practice eating your protein first (which is what the dietician advises post-op). I was as low as 1800-2k calories a day fairly steadily before getting approved. The major hinderance to my weight decreasing on that plan was too much carbs and drinking with almost every meal. If it helps think of your digestive system kind of like a furnace. It is meant to burn whats put in as fuel. It cant do that well if liquids slow down that process. Carbs also affect how much you retain water. You want to stay away from refined sugars, foods with alot of sodium and/or preservatives. The more natural the better which is why plenty of ppl on hear do so much better eliminating fast food. You can still get healthy food out and about just look at the numbers on sites like myfitnesspal or sites of places you like that list their nutrition stats. Forgive me if I'm going on a bit. i want to be as helpful as possible while giving good explanation. If you have any more questions feel free to message me.