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    sundog got a reaction from kcvasquez in Am i failing ALREADY!!!???   
    Hi - I"m 53 days since surgery. My weight loss really slowed down after the first 3 weeks, and twice now I've had a three or four day stall. I' am losing about 1 to 2 lbs per week now, even though I eat about 800-1000 calories and excercise every day. When I've tried to lose weight before (which I've done several times) I had to excercise like crazy and go to bed every night hungry in order to lose at about the same rate. The difference this time is that I don't feel deprived or hungry and I've been working on changing my eating habits without feeling like I"m battling cravings.
    Imagine that you can still keep this rate of loss going for a whole year. Say you average only 5 lbs per month. That is still 60 lb loss, which puts you where you want to be! And a steady weight loss like that is better for your skin and kidneys. Stay positive!
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    sundog got a reaction from 50+ssallday in Need help, went off liquid diet and surgery monday!   
    Just get back on that liquid diet straight away! You've come too far to stop now. The main point is to shrink your liver, and of course you must not eat 12 hours or so prior to surgery. I would confess to your surgeon... but if you've lost weight since you started the liquid diet, you will most likely be fine.

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    sundog reacted to BostonGary in Calorie intake and How Much???   
    I'll be a year out on 11/21, I'm down 110 or so pounds. I'm loosing about 2-3 pounds a month since June, so my weight loss has slowed, But that's still "losing", and my caloric intake has increased as I've become more active and more comfortable with understanding my stomach and diet more. But here's the thing. I've tracked and I'm never above 2500 calories at one given day and I'm usually hovering around 1000-2500 a day. What I found is that I typically eat most of my calories mid-day. dinner, I try and limit that, but of course if you eat out, that's nearly impossible.
    But here's the important thing. I stop eating when I feel full. I literally stop -- had enough, and that's usually around 10 oz of food. Which is not a lot of food... calories of course can vary, what you eat can make a difference. If you eat a big piece of chocolate cake, that's going to be 1000 calories, so I stay away from sugar, deserts and things of that nature and try and load up on Proteins, grains and "fuel" foods that make me feel good (full) but also are not going to be a negative on my health.
    I'm feeling great, I'm about 30 pounds away from my "personal" goal. But if I stopped losing now and maintained this weight for the rest of my life, I'd be happy with that.
    So do calories matter, of course they do. But you should also trust your sleeve. Eat slower, eat better food. Stay with proteins like chicken, fish and lean red meat. Stay off fatty foods like fried foods (I don't eat them) and YES, eat carbs but health ones like brown rice, wheat and grains. Deserts... meh. I tent to have a couple bites to "try" and I'm fine with that.
    This surgery works if you don't have this massive obsession with food and when you get hungry, you don't binge eat or snack. So for me, it's been a terrific tool for me. If I do snack, it's something like cheese and crackers or yogurt... I haven't had a potato chip in nearly a year in a half. That doesn't mean I don't like potato chips? I've just found other things that I enjoy as much that are better options...
    Where could I do better?
    What I have not done is get enough exercise in, that's been something I've been disappointed with personally and I'm working on that by trying to find things which I enjoy vs. treadmill / walking / swimming (which I find to be a time waste and boring). So I've started Tennis and more active "sport" things which can get me a good cardio on a regular basis.
    So some pointers that I live by now:
    - Count your calories, but don't obsess. I keep within 2200 (as a male)
    - Eat healthy calories. Get into better habits, now is the time. "Soup is always better than a sandwich." Common sense.
    - Stop eating when you feel the slightest bit full - TRUST YOUR SLEEVE
    - Don't drink when you eat, you'll fill up quicker and be hungry sooner
    - Get more exercise (a struggle we all face)
    - Eat only when you're hungry, "don't social eat". Food is energy, but you only need it when you need energy. Your body will tell you when... people tend to just eat to eat for various reasons. Eat only when you feel hungry, then go to the top of this list and obey... LOL
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    sundog got a reaction from FluffyChix in Let's Play Another Round of "How I Get My Protein" post WLS   
    I just discovered nutritional yeast (2 tbsl = 60 calories & 9 g of complete protein). You can add it to all kinds of recipes. it has a kind of cheese/nutty taste). The name sounds yuk, but it is actually tasty and is another food item to play with. Also... I discovered powdered Peanut Butter too! Forgot how much I missed and loved peanut butter. 2 TBSp has 54 calories and 4.4 g Protein. Mixed it with some banana and plain yogurt today and it was the BOMB.
    two more ideas for you...

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    sundog got a reaction from temkins in Low calories and protein during first post-op weeks   
    Hi.. I had surgery on the same date. I"m getting about 400 calories. I bought lots of different Protein powders and some are too sweet and icky for me. But the Celebration Essential 4:1 is one that I can drink. Its not so sweet. 25g of protein. The orange flavour is good. I'm sick of chocolate and vanilla.
    I think at 200-250 calories you will find that your brain just isn't functioning too well. I feel fine but I am having a hard time getting all my words out properly. And I'm really forgetful. Feels a bit like my brain is fuzzy. My instructions are to aim for about 45-60 g protein per day. My dietician also said to try to get at least 25-40 g carb to help with the brain fuzziness. I need to function.
    Also, I bought Zoup! Bone Broth, which seemed insanely expensive at $6 per bottle, but OMG it is delicious. I mix it with some creme of mushroom Soup I also got from Celebrate (powdered). Tastes nice and savoury and its about 20 g of protein.
    Also - i tried this. Mixed low fat pudding with 2 cups skim milk and whey Protein Powder and some good quality pure cocoa. Pour into ice cube tray and freeze. Take a little while to get them out. But I can eat a couple of those (well, stick them on a fork and lick them) and it has a real chocolate flavour and a decent little protein punch as well.
    If you don't maintain protein intake, your body will attack muscle. That's the risk.
    Good luck, surgery buddy
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    sundog got a reaction from Mytimenow17 in Bad dreams...   
    I had horrible vivid dreams but it was definitely the pain meds. I can't handle any kind of opiod medication. The dreams feel like hallucinations. From what I've read, a small percent of the population has that reaction. As soon as I stopped taking medication then things were better. Since then though, I don't sleep well and wake up a lot at night. I seem to have a lot of jittery energy.
    Two left field ideas for you... supposedly drugs stored in body fat can be released during weight loss - so maybe you have taken something recently before you lost weight and stored it, and now it gets released.
    Also, poor sleep can take its toll.... and in the first month or two, we are essentially in starvation mode because we eat so little. So its no wonder the brain acts up!
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    sundog reacted to Rainbow_Warrior in Problems with post-op pain relief meds - weird nightmares   
    Have you told the nursing staff or doctor that the meds are affecting you this way?
    I think you need to.
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    sundog reacted to Mr Edwards in Problems with post-op pain relief meds - weird nightmares   
    yes..me as well..they are like movies..
    more previlant with Oxycodone.
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    sundog reacted to esskay77 in Problems with post-op pain relief meds - weird nightmares   
    Wow, that would be terrible! Definitely talk to your surgeon or nurse or someone to get something else. Or, if possible, go without. Everyone's pain is different. My pain meds made me nauseous. I thought I was feeling sick from having the surgery but when I got home, I stopped taking the pain meds and the nausea went away. But, as I said, everyone has different pain and different tolerances but it sounds like you should definitely ask for something different. No reason to suffer like that.