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    Am i failing ALREADY!!!???

    Hi - I"m 53 days since surgery. My weight loss really slowed down after the first 3 weeks, and twice now I've had a three or four day stall. I' am losing about 1 to 2 lbs per week now, even though I eat about 800-1000 calories and excercise every day. When I've tried to lose weight before (which I've done several times) I had to excercise like crazy and go to bed every night hungry in order to lose at about the same rate. The difference this time is that I don't feel deprived or hungry and I've been working on changing my eating habits without feeling like I"m battling cravings. Imagine that you can still keep this rate of loss going for a whole year. Say you average only 5 lbs per month. That is still 60 lb loss, which puts you where you want to be! And a steady weight loss like that is better for your skin and kidneys. Stay positive!
  2. Just get back on that liquid diet straight away! You've come too far to stop now. The main point is to shrink your liver, and of course you must not eat 12 hours or so prior to surgery. I would confess to your surgeon... but if you've lost weight since you started the liquid diet, you will most likely be fine.
  3. One month Post-OP and here is what I've accomplished:

    PROS: Lost 22 lbs. No longer on blood pressure meds. No longer require CPAP.  No snoring. Dropped from size 18 to 16. My shoes fit better.  Increased walking from about 500 steps on day 1 after surgery to 12,000 steps per day after one month. Back to resistance training after 3 weeks and nearly up to my pre-surgery routine. Back to  yoga and slow regaining abdomincal strength. Full of energy. Calorie intake has increased from about 300 per day (first week) to about 900 per day (surgeons recommendations).  Discovered new protein foods like powdered peanut butter and nutritional yeast. Discovered that low fat yogurt and ricotta and cottage cheese can be quite yummy. Discovered that i can survive quite happily without alcohol, cofffee or sugar. Discovered that its incredibly empowering to be able to decline sweets and treats because I truly have no interest in them now.

    CONS: I nearly killed myself because my feet got tangled in my too-loose pants at the top of the stairs. I pee twice a night. I don't poop nearly enough. My hips and butt kinda hurt from joint pain, I don't know why.  I do get pretty tired in the afternoon. I have some insomnia but I found that if I have a little snack before I got to bed, that I sleep better. 

    1. Apple203


      I love your post -- congrats on such a successful first month!

    2. becky12345


      Sundog .... You are awesome !! I’m almost a week out and your update inspires me 👍🏻👍🏻 Keep it up!

  4. It does go fast! I thought it was a really good idea to have that amount of time to prepare, both medically, mentally, and also just logicstially. I bought books and read about nutrition, and recipe books during the pre-op phase. I read through the forums and got an idea of what some of the post-op problems might be. I bought some new kitchen equipment and stuff I thought would be helpful. I was so psyched that when I finally had the final appointment, and then insurance approval (10 days later!) that I was actually looking forward to the pre-op diet (that was the hardest part so far, but that wasn't even that bad). I have sailed through surgery with minimum pain and was walking 10,000 steps a day after two weeks. No nausea, no regrets, no problems. I wish you the same pleasant journey! Good luck.
  5. I"m almost done my puree food stage. A "meal" can stretch for two hours, because I eat it slowly. I've used a coffee mug warmer to keep food warm. Anyhow, I have tried to move away from protein shakes. Here are some things I liked: 1/2 cup low fat ricotta cheese mixed with 1 or 2 spoons of powdered peanut butter, or else a couple of spoons of protein powder. Tastes like dessert! I've also been experimenting with gelatin (vital proteins beef gelatin). Its in in a powdered form; you can make your own gelatin from different things (milk and some pudding powder...almond milk and cinnamon, vegetable juice, etc). It has 17 g of protein in a serving, for 68 calories. And the collagen might help with skin elasticity. Nutritional yeast is another thing you can try. I know it sounds kinda gross... but my vegan friend swear by it! It sort of tastes like parmesan cheese and you can add it to savory purees for extra flavour and a protein boost (1 tbs = 20 calories and 3 g of protein). Try to get Mootopia skim milk if you can. Lactose free and 12 g of protein per cup.
  6. I just discovered nutritional yeast (2 tbsl = 60 calories & 9 g of complete protein). You can add it to all kinds of recipes. it has a kind of cheese/nutty taste). The name sounds yuk, but it is actually tasty and is another food item to play with. Also... I discovered powdered peanut butter too! Forgot how much I missed and loved peanut butter. 2 TBSp has 54 calories and 4.4 g protein. Mixed it with some banana and plain yogurt today and it was the BOMB. two more ideas for you...
  7. Hi.. I had surgery on the same date. I"m getting about 400 calories. I bought lots of different protein powders and some are too sweet and icky for me. But the Celebration Essential 4:1 is one that I can drink. Its not so sweet. 25g of protein. The orange flavour is good. I'm sick of chocolate and vanilla. I think at 200-250 calories you will find that your brain just isn't functioning too well. I feel fine but I am having a hard time getting all my words out properly. And I'm really forgetful. Feels a bit like my brain is fuzzy. My instructions are to aim for about 45-60 g protein per day. My dietician also said to try to get at least 25-40 g carb to help with the brain fuzziness. I need to function. Also, I bought Zoup! bone broth, which seemed insanely expensive at $6 per bottle, but OMG it is delicious. I mix it with some creme of mushroom soup I also got from Celebrate (powdered). Tastes nice and savoury and its about 20 g of protein. Also - i tried this. Mixed low fat pudding with 2 cups skim milk and whey protein powder and some good quality pure cocoa. Pour into ice cube tray and freeze. Take a little while to get them out. But I can eat a couple of those (well, stick them on a fork and lick them) and it has a real chocolate flavour and a decent little protein punch as well. If you don't maintain protein intake, your body will attack muscle. That's the risk. Good luck, surgery buddy
  8. sundog

    Bad dreams...

    I had horrible vivid dreams but it was definitely the pain meds. I can't handle any kind of opiod medication. The dreams feel like hallucinations. From what I've read, a small percent of the population has that reaction. As soon as I stopped taking medication then things were better. Since then though, I don't sleep well and wake up a lot at night. I seem to have a lot of jittery energy. Two left field ideas for you... supposedly drugs stored in body fat can be released during weight loss - so maybe you have taken something recently before you lost weight and stored it, and now it gets released. Also, poor sleep can take its toll.... and in the first month or two, we are essentially in starvation mode because we eat so little. So its no wonder the brain acts up!
  9. I has VSL surgery on October 3rd and I am recovering well, full of energy and so happy that I've done this momentous step. But I do have one problem and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I was given hydrocodone acetaminophen as a pain med. But I can't take it - it makes me wake up with face scratching and the worst nightmares I've every had. I mean, these are vivid, lucid, weird disturbing dreams that haunt me all day. Crazy dreams that I can recall with perfect clarity days later. They are so bad that I asked for a different medication. I would even go without pain meds, but my blood pressure has shot up, which may be cause by the pain. I've trying another strong pain reliever and the effects are still there, but not quite as strong. I just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. At least the good news is.. I'm pretty sure I could never get addicted to opiods because I hate the way they make me feel.
  10. I switched from hydrocodone to tramodine and things were a lot better. Now I am 6 days post op so I'm only taking liquid tylenol. But for anyone else who experiences this... apparently some people have an opioid receptor that makes them experience a lot of itching. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/defeating-pain-without-the-itch/ I must have that receptor. I guess I also am susceptible to some of the hallucination effects of opiods. Mine weren't as bad as in this story.. but I hope I can live the rest of my life without every having to take any of these drugs again. Hands down - this has been the worst part of this whole experience https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/07/22/nightmares-after-the-i-c-u/ My wish for the future - live a long, healthy life after this surgery at a normal weight, and then drop dead sometime in my nineties (on the dance floor) without every having to go to the hospital again.
  11. sundog

    Laziness, guilt, and dread

    Hi Cedybug I just had sleeve surgery on October 3. I told my husband to just come and visit me after the surgery. I got dropped off at the hospital by a friend. Personally.. I didn't feel like i wanted a lot of people around me. But a few hours of post surgery help were useful, especially for getting showered and dressed, and taking tiny walks. I was a bit short of breath and had a hard time talking to people. The pre-op diet was not as bad as I thought, although it was certainly the toughest part so far (except for pain meds for me). I got the "keto-flu" on the second day and it lasted for another two days, with headaches and a bit of grumpiness and miserableness. Just like the flu. Honestly, after two days I didn't feel hungry at all, although I seemed to think about food a lot and dream about food. But the dramatic drop in carbs does amazing things to the body! I haven't thrown up or felt nauseated once. I was bloated and did a big happy dance when I had my first post-op poo. Yay! I am not hungry at all and its an incredible feeling of freedom. I haven't had any social occasions to deal with yet, but I think I will just order some broth or skim milk. It will be enough. I know I will get some odd looks which is why I'm avoiding any socializing for as long as possible. I'm not sure if my story helps you.. but the takeaway is that the pre-op nerves and diet were worse for me that immediate post-op, and they weren't even really that bad. I'm really excited about the changes to come. If you have come this far, and taken all the right counselling steps, you are probably ready.
  12. 3 days post op for gastric sleeve. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm glad the whole hospital experience is over. I feel a bit bad that I didn't get to say goodbye to my stomach. Its been with my 52 years and has done a pretty good job. A bit too good. Still... does anyone else think about that little piece of their discarded body and wonders what happens to it?

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    2. sundog


      Thanks for the encouragement proudgrammy. When I was lying in the pre-op bed, my stomach was growling like it was a big angry dog. I think it knew what was coming :)

      Now it is mewling like a kitten, but still making a heck of a lot of noise

    3. bmxmama2


      We share our sleeve date! I would love to keep up with each other's experiences along the way. Congratulations, and wishing you a speedy recovery! :)

    4. sundog


      How are you doing? i am feeling a WHOLE lot better but I can't sleep very well. I can't believe how easily the weight is dropping off. This feels like such a miracle.