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  1. You should not be eating solid food at 3 weeks. You should still be on full liquid until week 4. Then soft pudding type food for 2 weeks then some very soft chewed up food.
  2. Christy P

    Muscle spasms 3 mo post op

    Drink more water and take some potassium. It helped me.
  3. Christy P

    Clavicle/shoulder pain when swallowing

    I think you are eating too much. 1/2 cup of food at a time maybe 4 months out but not 5 weeks. Your stomach is only 2 oz and you don’t want to stretch it out. This is the time you lose the most weight. Go back to quarter cup. I doubt you are hungry after eating that much.
  4. Christy P

    I hate protein shakes

    There is a creamy chicken soup called Unjury that tastes really good if you don’t like sweets
  5. Christy P

    Hair loss

    I’m five months out. My hair loss started about a month or so ago. It was horrible at first huge clumps of hair coming out. Thankfully I have a lot of hair. But it seems to have slowed way down now and I am not pulling out as much hair as I was. Thank you Lord. I purchased a bottle of hair fluence from Amazon which is full of good things for your hair skin and nails. I don’t know if the decline had anything to do with starting to take those or not But I’ll take what I can get.
  6. Christy P

    Bariatric weightloss medications

    I’m 57 years old and I have no regrets getting the sleeve. Best thing I ever did.
  7. Christy P

    15 years out

    I also suffer from PTSD and sugar can seem like a comfort. However my doctor put me on Prozac and I feel way better. The sugar is much easier to ignore. You need to get yourself to a calm state and then take care of yourself.
  8. Christy P

    5 months post op need help

    Can anyone tell me how long my hair will fall out? I’ve been losing a lot in the last month. I’m afraid I will be bald. I’m 4 months post op.
  9. Christy P

    October '17 RNY buddies

    I’m not having any pain but I’m still sleeeping in my recliner because it hurts to lay on my side. I’m still extremely week and not sure why. I’m getting my 60 grams protein in. Any ideas?
  10. I sure hope that will happen to me. I’m hot all the time.
  11. Christy P

    October '17 RNY buddies

    I’m scheduled for 10/19.
  12. Christy P

    Triple Digits, Baby!

    You look amazing.
  13. Christy P


    What’s a slider?
  14. Christy P

    Green juice

    Has this effected your weight loss?
  15. I’m pre op and scheduled for surgery on October 16. I really want to be able to incorporate juicing Into my diet. Doesn’t have to be right away but at some point I would like to be able to get in some rich dense micro nutrients. I know doing so is very good for your skin and helping the sagginess. It’s also a very good healing agent. Does anyone have any good advice or suggestions? My doctor told me no juice because it has too much sugar. But I’m talking about making my own. I do it now.
  16. Christy P

    Triple Digits, Baby!

    Oh my gosh. 26 BMI is wonderful. Good job. You should post some photos. That is no small accomplishment and you should be proud.