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    Don't pray for me

    I’m glad to hear that I haven’t upset you. You’re right. I have only room in my mind and heart for one way, one belief, one Savior. He’s all I need. He doesn’t control me; I choose to serve him because of everything He has done for me. That is more powerful than any controller. My relationship with Him isn’t based on religion or obligation, it’s based on perfect love, grace and a humble heart. There is no logic to explain it; it’s more powerful than that. We can go back and forth on this all day and I’m happy to research any questions you may have. What I have is the truth; I know that deep in my heart, soul and mind. I would love to share it with you. I’m sorry you had such an experience with the Catholic Church. It sounds like it hurt you deeply; if you still have those same questions, I can help answer them for you. Keep talking with me, if you want. I will only answer in love and honesty.
  2. LibbyT85

    Don't pray for me

    To answer your honest question, whatever you choose to perform in the name of Satan holds no power over me. If you choose to do that, go ahead. The only person that it will be affecting is you, and in a horrible way. He is a Master Deceiver. To answer your other comments, I hurt for you and your system of logical belief. The brain cannot understand pure, honest faith. That resides in the heart and soul. Know this: the rest of humanity is my concern, that why I share. I’m no better than anybody else, in fact, I’m the lowest of people. I’m only somebody through Jesus Christ and His grace and love. I will continue to pray for you, Matt. I’m very sorry if I upset you, I hope you can forgive me. I will not sway from the Truth.
  3. LibbyT85

    Don't pray for me

    Hi, Matt. I understand what you’re saying. What I’m telling you and the person who posted this originally, is that it is impossible for me to live and let live. I will not bother you with my beliefs but I want you all to know, who reads my replies, that believing there is no God and/or any way but the way of salvation through Jesus Christ, are sadly deceived. Even if you don’t believe me, get mad at me, hate me, make fun of me, or anything else, I know I have the Truth, I will continue to share it, pray for those who don’t have it and nothing will change that. Best of luck to you and this original poster in your weight loss journey. 😊❤️
  4. LibbyT85

    Don't pray for me

    I found this post while flipping through here. My heart goes out to you. This response prompts me to pray more for you. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are real; I speak with them daily. I will pray that you will come to know their endless, boundless love that is like no other. All these words are said in love and encouragement.
  5. Hello all! I'm a summer surgery buddy! My surgery is scheduled for June 22nd...getting super nervous about it all! The pre-surgical diet has gone well, I've lost 10 lbs in 12 days, and I'm not hungry. The "getting off sugar and carbs" detox on Day 3 was horrible, but all the days after have been great. Anyone out there having surgery on my day?? We should connect!